Monday, March 17, 2008

The Last Of Him Or Last Of UMNO ?

Hantu Laut

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he heard the people's voice in last weekend general elections and admitted it would be "the last of him" if he doesn't live up to their expectations.

Would it be the last of him or the last of UMNO if he stays on until the next elections ?

He vowed to bring changes to lessen racial tensions, inflation and rising crime rates.Going by his track records whether these promises will translate into actions would make a good guessing game.

"The majority is still with me" he added "I am in charge"

The rising racial tensions, rising crime rates and rising costs of living occurred during his term of office. With rising crude oil prices keeping domestic prices at favourable level would not be an easy task. When asked how he intends to achieve this he said "There will be some other formula" without giving any specifics. It can only mean he has not yet found the formula.

Recent events have shown that UMNO hasn't changed and is unlikely to change its political culture to bring the people back to the fold.It is still very much entrenched in its culture of intimidation, cronyism and corruption.

The recent demonstration in Penang over the NEP issue by its members was a clear sign of intimidation and double standards. Students were allowed to get involved in political talks when it is his government policy that forbids students from any involvement in politics. Its members can demonstrate, others cannot. They seem to have 'carte blance' and without any intervention from the authority.

The PM hasn't woken up to the fact that not only he has driven the people away from him,UMNO and BN, he has also distance some of the rulers.What happened in Perlis and Trengganu was a clear sign of the Sultans displeasure against him. The rejections of prime minister's choice of candidates for menteri besar by the Sultans is unprecedented under previous prime ministers.

Calling for his resignation has become a crime. Newly elected MP, Mukhriz Mahathir is going to face the music.Some sycophants in the party have called for his sacking. The PM has left the decision how to deal with Mukhriz to the keris-wielding provocateur and the abominable son-in-law.

In a civilised and politically matured society the action that Mukhriz took would just be ignored and without any retribution. In UMNO, the politics of fear and intimidation are the only weapons they know how to use to silent the critics.

The only way UMNO can restore itself to its former glory is to have radical change of its top leadership sooner than later.

Five years may not be enough time to repair the broken bridge.


SM said...


I really feel sorry for Pak Lah.
He's still asleep.
I agree, from recent events, they aer still "singing the same tune"! They blame everyone & everything (except themselves for what happened in the 12th GE). Shock?! How can they say they were shocked? Everything pointed to the fact that the people were fed-up. Old Man TDM is right. They listen to what they want to listen even if it's all lies.
Their "Yes Men" appearing daily on the TV makes me wnat to puke! Their stupid analyses say the same thing over & over again.
However, God has given one more chance to Pak Lah. He can do something about the new Cabinet! Get rid of them all, starting iwth his Deputy!
Will he do it? I doubt it.
Only God can help him now!

Hantu Laut said...

The grandstanding is not going to help them.They should know it is coming.UMNO is in a dilemma, the 1st one has serious credibility problem, so are the 2nd one.

The only way they can save UMNO is to change the leadership at the top.

Mat Salo said...

Well said, H-L!

My take is UMNO is totally irrelevant in thise day and age, and so is MIC and MCA. It's like flogging a dead horse...

For a fledging democracy like Malaysia who yearns to be on the world's stage - some sort of new political order is necessary and it should neither be race nor religious based. PKR is a step in the right direction but except for Anwar, the appeal is limited and DAP is also perceived as chauvinistic. Based on the current balance it's possible to have the Liberals / Conservatives a la UK or GOPs and Democrats like in the US.

The question is, who are the visionaries who will take our system to the next level? Personally I like both PKR and MDP (Wee) but it's too small to be anything but mainstream at the moment.

If only people like Zaid, Wee, Guan Eng, Husam Musa can sit down together and crack their heads then maybe...

But one person I do not want to see in poltical arena in the future is you-know-who. There is something sinister and vile about him that I find repulsive. Plus, he's hardly what I call a Malaysian, and as a Negeri boy, he embarrasses me.

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo,

Malaysia should work toward a two- party system which has work well in the US,Britain, Australia, etc.

DAP is certainly a chauvinistic party.It caused a furore just two days after taking office by its annoucement to scrap the NEP in Penang.Do it by all means, but why the need to glorify it so quickly.

UMNO needs a complete overhaul of its top leadership. I think they should bring back Razaleigh to head the party to regain the Malays' trust and confidence and save it from it present turmoil.There must be a change in the top two posts in order for them to survive the next battle.

They are saved by the skin of their teeth by Sabah and Sarawak.