Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anwar Accused Of New Sex Charges

Hantu Laut

I really don't know what to make of this report.Hope this is not a sequel to what Mahathir did.

Was the police report given voluntarily and not coerced ?

A thorough and fair investigation must be conducted by the police to ensure it is fair to both Anwar and the government.Undoubtedly, Anwar's supporters think of it as another conspiracy to checkmate Anwar political advancement. 

Would the government be that stupid to re-invent something that have been demolished by the court  before ?

The Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is to be investigated over allegations of sodomy, police say.


Malaysia's Anwar to be investigated on sex charges

Updated 2 hours 12 minutes ago

Police in Malaysia say opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will be investigated over new allegations of sodomy.

It's the same charge that saw him jailed a decade ago.

Mr Anwar's Keadilan party says one of his aides was arrested and "forced" to make a statement saying he was sodomised by the opposition leader. 

The party says the charges are an attempt by the government to curb his rise to power.

In March he led an alliance of opposition parties to unprecedented gains, wresting a third of parliamentary seats and five states from the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Keadilan officials say that Mr Anwar and other top members of the party are holding crisis talks and fear that he could be arrested soon

Source:ABC Australia

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SM said...


Looks like the PM & his DPM are getting desperate.
Both see their "grasp" on the No.1 spot slowly withering away!
Too much heat on both of them...& the possibility of the PR taking over probably seems very real, what to do? Use the BN's time honoured tactic of getting rid of its opponents!
God help Malaysia & Malaysians because our Government sure is getting from bad to worse & no one seems to be able to do anything about it!

Hantu Laut said...


If those evil hands were really involved in this appalling tactic than it wouldn't be long before the people's power will deal with them.

It could just be one man word against him.Let's wait and see what happen next and hope for the sake of this nation, what we all believe in, isn't true.

SM said...


The Police, the Judiciary, the AG's Chambers, the ACA...who can we trust?!
To ask for a fair Investigation here is like asking Pak Lah to stay awake or stop lying or stop flip-flopping!!!!!

kittykat46 said...

I don't think Pak Lelah has anything to do with this.
But there are people to whom Anwar's activities are an existential threat to their position. Its not just about losing political power. Its billions and billions and the possibility of past misdeeds coming out.

There are those would like to trigger another period of National Operations Council rule.

So I urge everyone, especially PKR supporters to stay calm, no matter what happens. The ballot box is what we use to kick the Bastards out the next round.

SM said...

DSAI is seeking refuge at the Turkish Embassy! Wan Azizah is saying her husband is under another Death Threat & she will be making a Police Report against the IGP & AG (is there any doubt that he is REALLY under a death threat?!).
Seems like we are following in Mugabe's example!
God protect Malaysia, Malaysians & DSAI!

Anonymous said...

maybe altanaj not pak lah

im sick of msia's politic...pi mai pi mai tang tu

Hantu Laut said...

I believe it is not the work of Pak Lah, he is just too god-fearing to be that wicked.

Anonymous said...

Let's go back to when Anwar was menteri pelajaran. I was a young woman and I had to deal with a student who was failing. He said if the professor did not change his grade, he would file a complain with Anwar. He failed and Anwar came(to shake some professors in their boots)to the place where I worked with the kid's brother, an "extra graceful" young man. Thank God I was out but he managed to catch the glimpse of me and I still remembered the way he looked at me. Liking man, I am not sure but he definitely likes women, what men do not. When Anwar was arrested,one of the professors who was gay left the country with only clothes on his body. He died of aids several years later. Ezam said about Anwar's character. When he attended functions, Anwar always strayed to women side. During the election I read that Anwar always came in a "black maria" instead of his mercedes. During his heyday as a powerful politician in the government Anwar rode in an old car when he wanted to go partying so no one could recognize him but taxi drivers always did. When I was at school, my school mates always wanted to listen to Anwar Ibrahim, the president of ABIM. I stopped listening and respecting him when he joined Mahathir's government. In other words, he could be swayed when there was power to be obtained.