Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar's Arrest: We Need An Explanation ?

Hantu Laut

It's very puzzling why the police arrested Anwar Ibrahim before the dateline.I thought he was supposed to present himself before 2 p.m. today.They took him in before the prescribed time.Maybe the police have better explanation that the public should know.

In this July 1, 2008 photo, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim gestures as he speaks in Shah Alam, outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysian police issued an arrest warrant for Anwar in connection with a sodomy accusation by a former male aide, his lawyer said


Anwar bin Ibrahim (born August 10, 1947 in Cherok Tok Kun, Penang, Malaysia) is a former deputy prime minister and finance minister of Malaysia. Early in his career, he became a protégé of the former prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohamad, but subsequently emerged as the most prominent critic of Mahathir's administration.

In 1999, he was sentenced in a highly controversial trial to six years in prison for corruption, and in 2000, to another nine years for alleged homosexual acts. However, in 2004, Malaysia's highest court, the Federal Court reversed the second conviction and he was released.

Anwar is the only Malaysian to ever make it into Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world. He is also one of the signatories of A Common Word Between Us and You, an open letter by Islamic scholars to Christian leaders, calling for peace and understanding.

From 1968 to 1971, as a student, Anwar was the president of a Muslim students organisation, Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM). He was one of the protem committee of Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) or Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia which was founded in 1971. He was also elected President of the Malaysian Youth Council or Majlis Belia Malaysia (MBM). In 1974, Anwar was arrested during student protests against rural poverty and hunger. He was imprisoned under the Internal Security Act, which allows for detention without trial, and spent twenty months in the Kamunting Detention Center for political prisoners.

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