Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Liars, damned liars.....and other short stories.

Hantu Laut

Liars, damned liars.......

"Saiful's swearing shows the allegation is serious", short of saying it's true the PM said "To me, swearing by the Quran is very serious and it is not easy for someone to swear in the name of AllahSubhanahuwataala"

The Prime Minister being an honest man(no pun intended) himself probably would not have imagined how many type of liars are there in the world. The two most common scientific terms would be pathological and congenital liars:

"If you are not concerned with the difference between truth and falsehood; you do not bother to distinguish fact from fantasy. In fact, your lying is a disease that no antibiotic can cure. A pathological liar

"If you have such a long history of persistent falsification that one can only suspect that your vice started when you were reposing in your mother's womb. In other words ... you have been lying from the moment of your birth. A congenital liar.

The above can be broken down into more specific branches:

"You are impervious to correction. Often as you may be caught in your fabrications, there is no reforming you 00 you go right on lying despite the punishment, embarrassment, or unhappiness that your distortions of truth may bring you. An incorrigible liar.

"Your ability is top-drawer -- rarely does anyone lie as convincingly or as artistically as you do. Your skill has, in short, reached the zenith of perfection. Indeed, your mastery of the art is so great that your lying is almost always crowned with success -- and you have no trouble seducing an unwary listener into believing that you are telling gospel truth. A consummate liar

"You never stop lying. While normal people lie on occasion, and often for special reasons, you lie continually -- not occasionally or even frequently, but over and over. A chronic liar

"You are completely without a conscience. No matter what misery your fabrications may cause your innocent victims, you never feel the slightest twinge of guilt. Totally unscrupulous, you are a dangerous person to get mixed up with. An unconscionable liar

"Everybody knows your propensity for avoiding facts. You have built so solid and unsavory a reputation that only a stranger is likely to be misled -- and then, not for long. A notorious liar

Last but not least:

Only Muslims,Christians and Jews ( people of the book...Ahl al-Kitab) swears by the holy book. You have no fear of divine retribution to save your own skin and are prepared to tell the untruth to harm others. A heretical liar

You would not be punished by another human being because only God would know whether you are guilty or innocent and human being should not make any form of speculation whatsoever on the status of your oaths especially those who are embroiled in your problem.

Yes! Prime Minister, you have been accused by Anwar Ibrahim of involvement in this matter, so it would be wise to stay clear.Since the matter is now in hand of the law, let it takes its own course and it is best not to make any statement.

We really don't know who is the liar, Saiful or Anwar? The truth will come.God's mill grinds slow but sure.

Note:Some(not all) of the description of liars above are taken from an American blog.

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In Kota Kinabalu Sabah the acting division head of Papar UMNO division Abdul Rahim Ismail is in a limbo on news that former disgraced Sabah Chief Minister Osu Sukam is trying to make a comeback by standing as divisional head of Papar UMNO.

Osu resigned in disgrace as Sabah Chief Minister and Papar UMNO division head in 2005 when he faced a law suit of RM7.14 milliom for gambling debts overseas.By right he should have been sacked from the party but UMNO does not have moral discipline as a condition to be a member or to hold public office.

I am not at all surpise. UMNO is quite comfortable with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Most of you would still remember double-barrelled Mohammad who tried to bring in huge sum of money into Australia a few years ago but was caught by Australian custom and pleaded that because of his poor English he failed to declare the amount. He is now back in business, a minister in Badawi's cabinet.

The People's Parliament

Haris Ibrahim who own the People's Parliament blog wrote an open letter to Anwar Ibrahim seeking his assurance that he would serve the people well as promised when he takes over the government and to forgive but not to forget the sins of those who had done harm to him.He also reminded Anwar of the time he served in the evil empire of Mahathir Mohammed and told him in no uncertain term that he doesn't trust politicians, Anwar included.

I have put Haris Ibrahim on my blogroll for many months now without telling him because I like some of his writing ....remarkably honest, perceptive and anecdotal.

In the same letter to Anwar I am surprise he boggles the mind by using superfluous words to describe the government of Mahathir as a regime that commit atrocities.His rather ambiguous description of Mahathir's reign of destruction and pillage would suffice to chill the bones of those readers who has no knowledge of Malaysian political history.

Here are some samplings of his literary work:

"My sister, I like Chopin, has asked me to tell you that she has forgiven you your 16 years of involvement, at least by association and failure to dissociate, with the autocratic, dictatorial, corrupt Mahathir administration". I have no problem with that, it's probably the most appropriate description of Mahathir's tenure.

"Yes, most of my friends and I, like my sister, have long forgiven you for your involvement in the atrocities committed by Mahathir during his reign of destruction and pillage, even if only by association and your failure to dissociate with his regime". This certainly sounds out of tune and provoke a vision of violence, brutality or even murder and death.Not exactly fair to the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, who had not only by my own admission but the world at large, given him credit for the economic growth of this nation during his tenure or reign of terror if you like it that way.

I do not wish to indulge further on this subject. Other than the above misnomer on words, I think the piece was soul-searching, heart-felt and beautifully written and if I were Anwar Ibrahim I would take heed of what Haris Ibrahim warned him to do should he become prime minister of this nation.

Anwar should paste a copy of Haris Ibrahim's letter on his PM's table as a reminder of the promises he made to the people, so as not to make the same mistake as his antagonists.

If he becomes the Prime Minister.


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Friend from Sibu, Sarawak said...

If someone spurs massive economic growth, does that mean he never committed atrocities like jailing many, many politicians under the draconian ISA? Or use public funds to bail out friends and family? So these are atrocious (meaning: very cruel) things. How come until today the rural poor are suffering? Only in the city you see glamour and glitz. What's going on? Economic growth does not mean fair treatment for everyone at all, don't forget.

China has the most impressive economic growth in the world. Didn't they kill many people in Tiananmen Square in 1989, and jail and execute many people till today?

So there is nothing inaccurate about Haris using the word atrocious.

I'm sorry if you are too sensitive about Mahathir. I was also a major Mahathir supporter when I was younger. Then I took a good hard look at both sides of the coin -- the good and the bad.

Then my mind changed.

Peace and wisdom upon you, brother/sister Hantu Laut.

Hantu Laut said...


Both sides are equally guilty of such behaviour.

It goes to show Malaysians can be violent, that's why I am against street demo.

Many think they are educated and civilised.Just read some of the blog posts and comments.Using vulgarities in jest is fine but using it as your every day language to spite others is not on mate!.

Hantu Laut said...

friend from sibu sarawak,

I don't think we need to split hair here. Many English words are versatile,carry many different meaning, depending in the context it is used.

The adjective 'atrocious'carry different connotation from 'atrocities' and Haris didn't used it in his writing.

Read the sentence "the atrocities committed by Mahathir during his reign of destruction and pillage".In this context one can only assume it connotes cruelty and violence.

I don't idol worship any politician, always take them with a pinch of salt, cause none can be trusted.

I am only giving Mahathir credit where it is due.I don't keep my eyes wide open to the negatives and conveniently shut them to the positives of those I don't like.

Where in the world is there utopian existence?

That, my friend is pure fantasy.

This is an unfair world, even God is unfair in his creation of the human race, he makes us different from each other.

Anonymous said...

hantu laut...

kalau ko tak setuju dengan perhimpunan jalanan... jadi ko juga tidak bersetuju dengan cara DSAI mendapatkan simpati sebelum ini?

adakah ko juga menyokong ISA? saya bercakap begini kerana isa adalah salah satu undang-undang yang diguna pakai oleh kerajaan untuk menghalang perhimpunan jalanan ini?

jawap sikit hantu laut...