Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Permatang Pauh In Videos

Hantu Laut

Would the incautious and incendiary remarks and incidence of affray at Permatang Pauh by-election open the doors to becoming the norm in future elections.

Here are some of the new and worrying trends of politicking in Malaysia:

Buses carrying suspected phantom voters caught.
PKR's Indian MP telling off a Malay police officer and said because of corruption the Malays are prepared to sell their country including their wife and their children.

Not a pretty language coming from a member of parliament.To provoke the police with unsavoury language and racist outburst is most shocking and should not be tolerated especially coming from a lawmaker.Anwar as the chief of PKR now should censure and warn this racist MP, if the police have not yet taken action against him.`

Voter told he is dead.Another screw-up by the BN government.
PKR's MP Jeff Ooi trying to explain to election officer that the boy is not dead and have lodged a police report.

PKR supporters taunting the ladies, probably Puteri UMNO.

Both sides are equally guilty of this audacious and unruly behaviour.


anak menakan anwar said...

haha...dah tau situ semua penyokong keadilan... buat apa lalu situ... tu namanya saja cari pasal... senang cakap... BODOH!!!

Anonymous said...

palui juga ini hujah anak menakan anwar ni.... budaya PKR ke tu?


Anonymous said...

Wow, the last action hero... rotfl.
and watch the lady at 0:59 lmao. Why so drama minggu ini one? You know, this mp whatshisname. He really shd learn to calm down. He should seriously think about signing up for anger management courses.
haha, wonder if the commentators at Malaysia Today are going "our saviour..." "Our hero"... Long live..." kakaka

Sorry, HL,
just couldnt resist. Ok. Enough ribbing.
Yes, what was uttered by the parliamentarian is really uncalled for. You know, beside this, I've watched other video footages and I must say the police showed a lot of cool. Just look at the video above. The cop never retaliated despite all that haranguing.In fact he is cool and patient.
I think the ppl owe the police many thanks for keeping the peace in that highly-charged atmosphere that was permatang pauh.
Kudos to the police. If no one else is going to say thank you. I will.
Thank you PDRM.
My neighbour's younger brother is a cop. And he says his bro working longer hours and leave also cancelled.