Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PKR's Thugs And Goons

Hantu Laut

They have not formed the government yet and they have already behaved like they own the country, resorting to violence, the same as those supporters of him in cyberspace using profanities when they are not happy with bloggers who wrote anything not to their taste about their revered leader who behaved likewise when he is on his campaign trail. He can called BN leaders all sort of names, Najib Mongolia lah, pencuri lah,hantu lah. Now you know where his supporters learned their unsavoury languages from. 

Is this the man you want to be your future Prime Minister ? 

Read what his supporters did here.

There will be more of this during the campaign period for the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Unpleasant experience: Loh showing a copy of the police report she made as she demonstrates how someone had held her neck during a press conference at her office in Bukit Mertajam Monday.

PKR's burly men attacking a female reporter ?

Don't be surprise if some of them come to this blog and say those were planted by UMNO.


Anonymous said...

Of course one can always make it lager than real. They have infrastructure ready made. What about in UMNO gatherings or BN gatherings, they can create something out of nothing-or masuk lockup for nothing! I think PKR will charge you for sodomising your buddy just by peeping over a key hole!

kittykat46 said...

Yes, I think what passes as the "security detail" at Anwar rallies needs a big change and injection of professionalism.

Yesterday, there was a report in the Star of a similar incident where Police beat up a disabled driver who accidentally grazed their patrol car.

Look, I'm not going to blindly defend anyone here, but your prejudice really shines throughout your blog. Because the government's "Gajah" in front of you eyes often fails to get your attention

Hantu Darat said...

Kittykat says: 'Yes, I think what passes as the "security detail" at Anwar rallies needs a big change and injection of professionalism.'

That settles the matter, as far as I am concerned, and I'm sure the bigwigs of the PKR have got the message already, even without kittykat telling them.

matrimn2 said...

Basically, those ppl are unprofessional bodyguards or thugs, haphazardly hired by the organiser(s). We should blame the organiser(s).

Professional bodyguards know when to be tough and only resort to such tough tactics when there is clear and present danger to their client.

Anonymous said...


you are a cyber thugs yourself, can't you recognise that as well ?

enough said ....you are just pathetic.

PKR realises their mistakes, whether the incident is directly or indirectly due to them...and apologised subsequently, but have you ? and the goons that you so wantonly support in your blog ? have they ever realises and admit to their mistakes ?

you cant fanthom your own weaknesses , do you ?

enough said ....you are just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.56am,

bila pulak pkr mintak maaf?


Anonymous said...

Wan Azizah apologises to Guan Ming photographer over rally incident


SM said...


Wan Azizah apologised personally to the Journalist.

She also said that PKR does not deny those idiots were dressed as PKR Security Personnel however, she did say that they probably weren't PKR personnel as the security guys were briefed before the function.

Let's face it, if it was a BN or UMNO function & this happened, the BN will say that they were opposition personnel planted by the PR!