Saturday, September 20, 2008

He Who Cares For Sabah

Hantu Laut

What triggered off SAPP President Yong Teck Lee decision to pull out of the Barisan Nasional(BN) coalition?

SAPP Deputy President Raymond Tan revealed that Yong was unhappy when no additional seats were given to the party in the last general elections. Using the failure of the Federal government to look after the interests of the state were just poor excuses made up by the greed of one man.

Yong had been eyeing the Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seats for a long time of which he wanted the Kota Kinabalu Parliamentary seat for himself. He declared he would contest the seat in the 8th March General Elections thinking the PM would accede to his demand.

Those are seats that belong to other component parties that he wanted the Prime Minister to give to him.If his supporters and those who are blinded for their support of him and Anwar believe in his lies that he is fighting for the interests of Sabah and Sabahans no amount of explanation would suffice to change their mind how unreasonable the man is.Taking from what was revealed by Raymond Tan it is without any doubt he is pushing a self-serving agenda.

SAPP have 2 parliamentary and 4 state seats.The Sandakan Parliamentary seat belong to LDP which Yong's SAPP have been trying to grab since the 2004 General Elections that brought him and former LDP President Chong Kah Kiat at loggerheads. Chong accused him of sabotage in the 2004 Elections when LDP lost the seat to an independent.He was again alleged of having done the same in the last elections.

You can bet your bottom dollar SAPP would never have left the BN if Pakatan Rakyat didn't do well in the last elections and Anwar's promises of taking over the government and the premiership and if Yong didn't see Pak Lah as being weak and can be taken advantage of. You can again bet your bottom dollar that Yong and SAPP would still be in the BN contented with what they have and to hell with Sabah and Sabahans.

Anwar Ibrahim has promised to increase the oil royalty, give greater autonomy and a dozen or so other promises including the return of Labuan to Sabah to entice defections from BN lawmakers.He failed to deliver his boastful promise on 16th Sept, to takeover the premiership and the government.He has now come up with a new trick, he wanted Parliament to re-convene just for him to shout injustice and hope some broken-hearted MPs from BN would unconsciously spur of the moment reaction sympathise with him and cross the floor to give him support.

Can he be trusted to make good his promises for Sabah if he succeded ?

When time is rough for the BN it seems only Yong cares for Sabah and Sabahans.

Somebody should ask Yong what good has he done for Sabah when he was Chief Minister.
Did he make noise about the illegal immigrants problem?Did he goad the prime minister then to act or he would pull out of the BN?

Who accompanied him to Hong Kong to see Anwar Ibrahim ?

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Hi&Lo said...

Very precise. What had Yong done for Sabah when he was CM? Saham Amanah Rakyat Sabah -- now worth penny. Promise of capital guaranteed???

Illegal immigrants -- didn't he win with help from phantom voters? The last time he held Likas state seat, the Election Court nullified his win due to electoral roll.

cyclone said...


It is none other than the most infamous corporate figure Mr. Joseph Ambrose Lee! He accompanied him to Hong Kong!

Anonymous said...

Draggin' the previously holey-moley DAP though the mud.
Read Msian Insider's commentary here.

Anonymous said...

Politicians always find convenient and deluded 'reasons' to justify their actions or decisions in order to achive their hidden agenda. But once the conflicts set in, they have no moral obligation but to split and turn their guns around.
SAPP case is just one such incident.

Hi&Lo said...


Thanks for the tip.

Kit Siang had taken Yong to task over the SARS scandal on many occasions. No reason for SARS to lose $$ but was hijacked by Ambrose Lee. If my memory serves me, the fund held MISC shares but was sold off to buy stakes in Ambrose Lee's NBT.

The ordinary people were the ones who got their fingers burnt whilst the well-connected were able to cash out in time to make a pile for themselves.

Anonymous said...

What can I say? YTL is a political opportunist just like Anwar. Pity those supporters of him...


Hantu Laut said...


We don't know for sure.That could be mere speculation.

Hantu Laut said...

jed yoong,
Holey-moley no more.See what power can do to those who didn't have it before.

cyclone said...


I was reading the NST report on businessmen trying to woo BN MPs.
I have to agree with you, it could be just speculation, seeking the truth is almost impossible nowadays...