Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Hantu Laut

Dedicated to Anwar Ibrahim and Georgie .....?


Anonymous said...

Good one - it is looking like its all smoke screen and mirrors.

Publish list by c.o.b. today or disappear into sunset until next GE.

AAB has now issued you a challenge, ball is in DSAI court!!!

Why noy have a press conference with all the 30+ MPs' you purport to have !!! This talk of secirty, repercussion etc etc - all excuses.

SM said...


Going from history, we all know that SSB is a "LIAR". How many times has he told us one thing & the next day or next week do another thing?
Well, let's see if DSAI is in the same "mold".
Don't be too quick to "discount" him!

SM said...


By the way, you should have added AAB's name to your list most of all as he has lied too many times to us!

Anonymous said...

If DSAI claim on the 'magic number' was just a lie, why don't AAB just meet him and asked him to show the list since it was a lie in the 1st place?

Wouldn't it be a disadvantage for DSAI if he refused to show the list since he was the one that wanted to meet AAB?

If AAB believes that DSAI is just bluffing, call him to the office, ask for the list, and if DSAI can't or won't produced it, then AAB can say that DSAI is just a joke. Or is it?


Gulam Robani said...
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Hantu Laut said...

It's a mind game Anwar playing.If he has sufficient numbers he would already be storming Badawi's office calling for the PM resignation.

That's Anwar style, he wouldn't wait a minute to oust Badawi and go to the Agong to get his blessing to go to Parliament to get the vote of no confidence against Badawi and install himself as PM.

There is no need for Anwar to meet Badawi and there is no need for Badawi to meet him.

It just too bad Anwar seems to think all Malaysians are gullible and are not be able to read him.

Hantu Laut said...


I don't think Badawi is a liar, he is just a flip-flop.

Today he exchanged ministry with Najib.I cannot see what good will that bring.

SM said...


Although I see your point...think about it for a moment...Why should he be playing "Mind Games"? It does not help him any. If he is playing games, sooner than later he will be "found out" & then...thta will be the end of his career, for surely Malaysians will not forget it!
He may be lots of things but don't tell me he is stupid.
Then you have his partners, PAS & DAP. There is no way PAS & DAP would agree to be a part of this "scam", if it is a "mind games".

crocodylus said...

its seems that only DAP that totally agree with anwar "scam" though. PAS is still argue with the "Backdoor" idea which end up split them up int 2 different mazhab..