Sunday, September 21, 2008

PM Wanted Yong Arrested

Hantu Laut

The Borneo Post's headline today reported that SAPP Deputy President Raymond Tan dropped a bombshell by revealing that PM Abdullah Badawi wanted Yong Teck Lee arrested by the ACA but he pleaded to the PM not to take this unpopular decision.

Raymond said he may have differences with Yong but will do anything to defend him if the government decided to arrest him.

Although I have written articles not in Yong's favour I don't agree with this kind of intimidation and coercion tactics used by the government.Not right.This is a democracy, you just don't arrest people because they don't agree with you or wanted to throw you out as a leader.The ACA should be used only for its intended purpose not as a weapon to coerce those who oppose you.

This kind of tactic will only anger the people even more against the BN government.

Note: At the time of this posting Borneo Post Online was not accessible for me to do a link.


Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is smart and very sly. He is not going to give up the PM to Najib while under pressure. It is a known fact he does not like Najib and only tolerates him . He chose Najib as a DPM because he has dirt on Najib. Do not spend to much time reading into PaK Lah but watch Khairy's wheeling and dealing with Anwar. Khairy is throwing the support behind Anwar and to stay relevant. He will not show his hand but have his people support Anwar. In the mean time as soon as Umno is out of power he will consolidate his power in UMNO by instigating a witch hunt. Najib and the others who plotted against Pak Lah will be surrendered to Anwar with evidence to proscute them in court. These senior UMNO plotters when convicted and will be bar from political office. He will rebuild UMNO and will have UMNO allied with PR has a stragetic partner. MCA/MIC/Gerakan and other BN parties will be left high and dry if by this time they have not gone over to PR. Khairy knows once he has made UMNO strong and he can bid for power in PR as a stragetic partner. This is the only way for Khairy to survive. Do not write off Khairy. Read the Anwar's PR staements that the BN MPs do not necessary need to cross over to support the PR government. This way Khairy keeps UMNO intact and mold into a progressive party in the mold of PKR. UMNO will remain a Bumiputra party but the UMNO constitution will be change to bar racial politics and statements by UMNO members. In 2 or 3 years Khairy will made a bid for PM with the blessing of PR.He wil prove that UMNO without the racist will be a assest to PR and the people.

Pak Lah in next fews days is going to get the King to call Anwar to show prove that he has the backing of the majority of the MPs. What Pak Lah is saying in the media is a wayang kulit to keep his enemies in UMNO off balance. This is the only way to say his legacy and history will judge him as a man who place the country before himself.

Anonymous said...

The story or you can call the script continues as I left it with the parting words “More to Come”

As the days get neared to the suppose target day, the haze suddenly stars to clear as the plot / script becomes clearer.

Anwar Ibrahim as say very famously “why wouldn’t Abdullah Badawi want to meet me, He is my friend”. This statement is to assure Abdullah Badawai the he Anwar has not ditched the plan agreed by both of them.

Abdullah Badawi when he says something but means the opposite. He says no Emergency session of Parliament is planed but what he is try to say is that there will be a emergency session of Parliament in the next few days. Abdullah knows that for UMNO to survive, it has to be reformed, getting rid of the self serving UMNO warlords and be in the opposition and reflect on it self. When UMNO is in the opposition, it will be easy to rid the party of the Warlords. Simple reason is to hand them over to the PR government with evidence for prosecution.

Khairy is the Middle and point man between Anwar and Abdullah. Remember when he returned Anwar’s passport personally to Anwar on his release from prison. Khairy knows if he wants to succeed, he must get rid of the obstacles in UMNO. Down the line after 2 to 3 years UMNO in the opposition, UMNO been reformed will be invited by PR to be a partner. Anwar will be PM for another 9 years and when he reaches 70, Khairy will be the PM by virtue of the largest party in PR. These 9 years Khairy will work to polish his image and the public will be grateful that he was instrumental in placing Anwar in power and getting rid of racial politics. He will prove to be an even better PM that Anwar.

Najib , ooh Poor Najib. He has already got a smell on the plot (But too late) and had to call of his visit to the Middle East. Najib knows that Anwar with Abdullah’s backing have sent the letter to the King to seek an audience with the King. Najib is trying to foil the plan. Once Anwar has the audience, Abdullah will have Parliament in session. Najib is no longer the Defense Minister (Abdullah’s master stoke) and can not call on the Armed Forces to effect a coup d-eta. Najib is working hard now to marshal the BN MPs and trying to prevent the defections. All is lost now for Najib. It is too late for him as he has already been checkmate by Khairy . Najib must be wondering about his fate either in exile, prison or in the hangman’s noose.

Syed Hamid has played the dumb Interior minister to the hilt and deserves an Oscar. He has as per plan made UMNO and the government unpopular with the tactic approval of Abdullah / Khairy. When the BN government falls, no pity will be felt for UMNO. Khairy knows he needs to get rid of the 40 to 60 years old warlord if he wants to be PM in 9 years time.

Mahathir, poor Mahathir, he was sucked into the plan unknowingly by Abdullah and Khairy. He made the Government very unpopular when he criticized the Government. Including washing the dirty laundry in the public. He is a has been and would not be of any use now to anybody. He is an old man past his glory days.

Muyuddin is just a stooge of Najib to force Abdullah out as a PM. This is only role and he has no more value except spending time in Prison.

For the other warlords I will come back to them in regards to their fate in my follow up which will be soon and also the role of the bloggers in the rise of Anwar and the defeat on Najib.

NEIL said...

Well said,This is exactly the story that have been circulating around the town.Now with what I read here in detail,I must say this is the best script.A 10 to you sir for this wonderful topic.Great!

Anonymous said...

Pak lah is not smart but his SIL is the cunning one.

CK said...

if Yong arrested, it will make him some sort of hero, which i seriously is not some credit he deserved to be associated with.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry I have to skip the write up on the fate of the UMNO (Busy) Warlords and the Bloggers factor in the rise of Anwar and the downfall of Najib.

The intense infighting in UMNO for the Premiership is one of the most telling factors as of why Taib Mahmud Chief Minister has swung his support behind Anwar. You have may or may have not notice that Taib Mahmud is been silent. He is very much pissed off at the attitude of UMNO warlords. He state and Sabah (UMNO) hold the balance of power. He has not been consulted as who will succeed Abdullah. As a senior BN leader and the second biggest party fraction in BN, he is not getting the due respect from UMNO. Taib have already sounded Anwar that he will have the support of PBB MPs and some of the other Sarawak BN MPs. It is too late for Najib now to reconcile Taib to his side. Remember it is also important to keep you friends and partners informed on important decisions. Taib knows that his days are getting fewer and fewer as he will not live long enough. His family influence is Sarawak may die with him and PBB and its allies will be wiped of in the next Sarawak state elections. His son’s and relatives political fortunes and their riches and wealth must be safe guarded. Hence the alliances with Anwar will safe guard his legacy and empire in Sarawak.

Majority of MCA MPs are in a dilemma and state of shock. They have been told point blank by Anwar that he does not need their MPs to have a majority in parliament. Anwar has offered them a place in PR, provide DAP approves it and no special favors. MCA as a party will not be accepted in PR because DAP is already championing the Chinese rights. A few MPs will join DAP and PKR as not to miss out on their political careers.

MIC is a no no and have not been offered a place in PR nor their MPs. MIC will die a natural death and no CPR can help them to live.

Gerakan is already a has been party and the party will die and natural death once the MPs join PKR

UMNO is in a very serious coma state. It will remain so until the end of the year and will come out of coma once Khairy is the leader.

Najib is having his people camping day and night out at the istana and having the King followed. Can not do much as Syed Hamid has told the police to stand down and make sure the security of the King.

The King has already informed the fellow brother Sultans of Anwar’s letter. The is going to be an emergency meeting tonight or tomorrow of the sultans and Agung. This could be a Video conference meeting or a formal meeting to discuss Anwar’s letter. Abdullah will attend the meeting to lend his support to Anwar’s letter.

Abdullah is a good and sincere man and tried to make the country better. The UMNO warlords did not let him. His legacy for Malaysia was to be reforms of the police, judiciary, economy, Education, racial and religious rights of all races and religions.

Anwar is not on a standby mode and within an earshot once the King summons him. He is very heavily protected as talk in the streets is that his life is in danger. Knowing Anwar he will laugh out this threat.

More and more MPs are getting into the Anwar band wagon. They all know it is credible that he has the numbers.

Tonight is going to be a long night and tomorrow is going to be even longer.

Khairy is busy as a beaver and fine tuning the necessary details and arrangements to have a smooth change over from Abdullah to Anwar as a PM.

The police and immigration has been given a list of people who are bared from leaving the country and Bank Negara has a list to inform the banks to freeze the accounts of the names mentioned.


Watch for the fall of the UMNO warlords and the Bloggers influence in the rise of Anwar and the fall of BN

Anonymous said...

The Royalty and deciding factor in the battle between Najib’s UMNO –BN (I did not mention Abdullah Badawi as it is not his fight but Najib’s fight with Anwar) and Anwar’s PR

The flexing of the Royalty powers in Terengganu, Perlis, Perak and Selangor

Perlis – the Raja of Perlis has been a career military man until he was made a Raja Muda and then Raja of Perlis. He has known the excess of the pervious MB. He knew Abdullah after the near defeat of BN in the 13th General elections has not stomach for any fight. He has given up in the face of the massive reversal of his political fortunes. Sharidan was the guinea pig which the Malaysian royalty was to experiment one to see if they still have the powers. Abdullah was unknowingly dragged into the experience. The plot (Experiment) was agreed by the brother Sultans to test the resolve of Abdullah Badawi. Raja of Perlis started the ball rolling when he refused Sharidan to take the oath of MB of Perlis. The success of this experiment spread like wild fire to the royal states. This in effect was payback to BN for humiliation in public and curbing of their powers.

Terengganu was a small experiment for a later much larger stage (which is now been played out in KL – The play is called the testing of the Agung’s constitutional powers in appointing the PM. We all know how it is going to turn out now. Again is Terengganu the excess of the pervious state government was noted and the MB was shown the way out. Another successful experiment and not a whimper from Abdullah Badawi. All systems go and Anwar was encouraged to make a go for the PM post.

Selangor and Perak another set of experiment to see if PR will respect, all successful. Now is the eyes of the public the royalty has been redeemed.

Najib was not promoted to Finance ministry but moved out as a request from the King. The King feared chaos with Najib as the defense minister during these trouble times. Najib does not think twice when it comes to a violent decision as in the case of the Mongolian girl.

The Royalty in effect hijacked some of the constitutional powers of the PM who meekly surrender it to the Royalty. The Agung and Sultans will act on the advice of the PM, but this is no more the case now.

If Mahathir has not curbed the Royalty powers and humiliate them in Public, the royalty will not be taking the side of Abdullah’s BN. Milk is spilled and no point crying years later. The seed of this chaos was planted by Mahathir 20 years ago and now it has grown into a monster. The people are all behind the Agung now and that is where the power is “THE PEOPLE”

I will take a break for now until tomorrow evening to my 2 cents of input. UMNO warlords and
Bloggers role in rise of Anwar will be after the PR Take over.

jam said...

I wonder who this anonymous is. The story sounds so much like RPK's style. He must be a good novelist too, I guess. Anyway, It sounds quite logic and the possibility of this happening cannot be ruled out at all. But all will come back to a square one as communal politics will still exist and it is just like shifting to new house where as the occupants are almost the same ones. Not a good news indeed.

rahman332 said...

Salam Ramadhan again Saudata HL,

Thanks again for publishing my article the other day. This time i write in BM. Hope you can give me some space here and make this yours. Been wanting to get your email so i can push articles (Im a mainstream author and cant write what i really think). Thanks and selamat my friend.

Mengapa Peralihan Kuasa 2010 Pilihan Terbaik Untuk UMNO

Desas desus politik kini seakan-akan mengikut rentak lautan yang bergelora di musim tengkujuh. Tiada tujuan, tiada destinasi. Di dalam era komunikasi alaf baru ini, begitu banyak sumber yang menggambarkan situasi sama dengan nada yang begitu berbeda. Bermacam-macam jenis analisis yang diberikan selepas penukaran portfolio Menteri Kewangan – Menteri Pertahanan dan Mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO.

Namun, jika kita ikut norma-norma lazim, lantas memisahkan emosi politik, hanya satu hakikat yang boleh digunapakai oleh UMNO. Penetapan peralihan kuasa 2010 dan bukannya 'peralihan kuasa paksa' yang diuar-uarkan oleh mereka yang dahagakan kuasa.

Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi membuktikan beliau akur dengan suara akar umbi dan demi survival UMNO telahpun mengumumkan pelan peralihan kuasa pada tahun 2010 yang dipersetujui oleh Timbalannya dan telah mendapat persetujuan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO. Entah semena-mena, suara-suara yang berhasrat melanggar perjanjian pelan peralihan kuasa ini demi kepentingan peribadi mula mengorak langkah politik mereka.

Hakikatnya, demi UMNO dan nasib anak bangsa, Dato' Seri Abdullah perlu melakukan beberapa perubahan peri sukar sebelum beliau dapat mewariskan tampuk pemerintahan kepada Dato Sri Najib. Jika Dato' Sri Najib melakukan perubahan ini, beliau akan kehilangan banyak dana politiknya. Disebabkan ini, Dato' Seri Abdullah memerlukan tempoh sehingga 2010. Malahan beliau telah mengatakan bahawa jika kerjanya selesai, beliau sanggup melepaskan jawatannya kepada Timbalannya sebelum 2010.

Niat sebenar Dato Seri Abdullah terbukti dengan pemindahan portfolio Kewangan. Jelas beliau mahu memberi Dato Sri Najib persiapan yang terbaik untuk menjadi pemimpin Malaysia dan UMNO setelah pemergiannya dari tampuk pemerintahan kelak.

Dari segi politik UMNO, kaedah memaksa Dato' Seri Abdullah untuk pergi sebelum pencalonan bulan Oktober hanya akan menguntungkan segelintir pihak. Jika dilihat dengan kanta politik, pihak tersebut bukanlah Dato Sri' Najib. Untuk UMNO kekal kuat, pucuk pimpinannya mestilah dapat bekerjasama. Jika 'pelan peralihan kuasa paksa' yang dicanangkan oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin ini menjadi, maka dialah yang akan menjadi Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

Semua di dalam UMNO tahu Dato Sri Najib kurang selesa dengan corak kepimpinan Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Tambahan pula, dengan menunjukkan taringnya baru-baru ini, ternyatalah bahawa kesetiaan kepada pemimpin bukanlah kekuatan Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Sejarah persaingan mereka berdua sudah lama diketahui oleh warga UMNO. Tidak mungkin mereka akan dapat bekerjasama demi kepentingan UMNO. Dato' Seri Najb akan dipaksa melihat gerak geri Timbalannya yang sudah pasti mengidamkan jawatannya selaku Perdana Meneteri. Bagi menghadapi cabaran politik dari Pakatan Rakyat yang semakin meruncing ini, Dato' Sri Najib memerlukan Timbalan yang setia dan mampu bekerjasama dengan kepimpinannya.

Suara akar umbi sebenarnya sudah menetapkan Barisan kepimpinan Naib Presiden yang mampu memastikan UMNO terus releven. Nama Tan Sri Muhyiddin tidak terkandung di dalam barisan kepimpinan ini. Nama-nama Naib Presiden yang disebut-sebut ialah Dato' Zahid Hamidi, Dato' Shafie Apdal dan wakil dari Johor pula samaada Dato' Khaled Nordin ataupun Dato' Seri Hishammuddin.

Ramai penganalisa politik berpendapat bahawa pilihan sebenar Dato Sri Najib untuk menjadi Timbalannya ialah bekas Setiausaha Politiknya, Dato' Zahid Hamidi. Antara nama-nama lain yang dipercayai oleh Dato Sri Najib ialah Dato' Seri Hishammuddin, Dato' Shafie Apdal dan Dato' Khaled Nordin.

Jadi terang lagi bersuluh, taktik 'peralihan kuasa paksa' ini merupakan taktik terakhir yang dapat dijana oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin untuk menentukan survival politiknya.

Dari segi politik negara pula, Dato Sri Najib memerlukan peralihan kuasa 2010, kerana beliau sedar bayangan Anwar Ibrahim akan sentiasa menghantuinya. Sejak pembebasannya dari tahanan, Anwar Ibrahim meletakkan Dato Sri Najib sebagai musuh utama Pakatan Rakyat. Dari Ijok hingga ke Permatang Pauh, nama Dato' Sri Najib yang selalu disebut oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

Namun, jika Anwar disabit kesalahan di dalam kes liwat pada tahun depan, ataupun dakwaan Anwar yang menjanjikan perubahan Kerajaan Pusat tidak menjadi kenyataan ketika Dato Seri Abdullah masih kekal Perdana Menteri, maka Dato Sri Najib akan terlindung dari sebarang dakwaan konspirasi politik yang sudah pasti akan dilontar oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan konco-konconya.

Justeru, untuk UMNO dan Malaysia, peralihan kuasa 2010 merupakan pilihan yang terbaik kerana ia peralihan yang mementingkan kesemua ahli UMNO dan bukannya segelintir pihak yang rakus kuasa.

Anonymous said...

This anonymous really makes Dan Brown pale in comparison. His story is so riveting and intriguing, full of twisted plots, which makes it so un-believable !

See how the story un-folds itself in the next few weeks ye.

Another Anonymous

Hantu Laut said...

Too many anonymous don't know which is which.Great if you guys just register a nick name with Google.It's simple and easy and nobody knows who you are.I think I'll call you anon 1.10pm.

Great piece of conspiracy theory, far-fetched but than in politics anything can happen

Hantu Laut said...

anon 9 pm,

You are very innovative writer but you have to try harder to convince others of your story.

Hantu Laut said...

anon 10.20 pm,

By now I can figure out you are one and the same person.Appreciate if you can come up with something more plausible.I would put it on the front page.Thanks.

Hantu Laut said...


Yes,you are right, indeed like RPK,highly risky business.

Hantu Laut said...

Thanks.Let me go through it, my spoken Bahasa is ok but my written Malay is not great.

My email is can send any article as long as they are not defamatory. I would try my best to post it.Appreciate you indicate whether it is yours,so I can give the credit to you, or if it is from other source than the name of the source.

Don't want to be accused of plagiarising other people works.

Hantu Laut said...

anon 1.08,

Yes, he should write something like the 'De Vinci Code'.He certainly has imagination.Should make a good story teller.

Anonymous said...

Final part on how it is and told as it is of the countdown the end of the old empire and rise of the new empire .All great empires are built on the ashes of great empires. Heil Cesar

Start of the new empire building.

The seeds for the lineage of the new empire was sowed the moment Abdullah became the New Cesar of Malaysia.

1. Khairy with the tactic approval of Abdullah met with Wan Azizah (wife of Anwar) to help obtain Anwar’s release from prison for a price. Not too many details were discussed during the first meeting.
2. Wan Azizah on her first meeting with Anwar after meeting up with Khairy, informed Anwar the general outline of the discussions and a request from Khairy for a four eye meeting.
3. Anwar gave the go ahead and Wan Azizah thru emissaries pass the message to Khairy the meeting is acceptable but must not take place in Sungai Buloh prison but somewhere else. The meeting was finally arranged in a place acceptable to both Khairy and Anwar. Guess where, The Sungai Buloh prison warden’s home. This was done as not to raise suspicion. All involved were sworn to secrecy.
4. The four eye meeting got under way and it was not one meeting but several meetings to formulate the plan and understanding.
5. Terms and conditions were discussed. Some details of the meeting were that

a) Anwar will be freed and cleared of the sodomy charges but not of the corruption of power charges. This is done as not to raise suspicion and also to make sure that Anwar does not bid for power for the next five years.
b) Khairy discussed with Anwar of an orderly succession as PM.
c) Abdullah Badawi will be PM for 5 years, Anwar for 9 years and the Khairy. Anwar was shock and amassed at Khairy’s confidence.
d) Khairy will provide Anwar damaging material on the UMNO warlords who will need to be disgraced via corruption charges , racial insensitivity
e) Anwar will thru his network will feed this info to the bloggers. The bloggers for involuntary became part of the plan and the spin. The bloggers were looking for hot stories to popularize their blogs. The more you keep on repeating a story; the story sooner or later will take a life of it own. Raja Petra Kamarudin fitted the bill because he was the King of the bloggers. All the bloggers will belief was he writes on his blog. Raja Petra is in a sense a blogger with a romantic sense of life that is the man to save Malaysia. What a pity that he belief in own spin. He was made to look as the fall guy and help push the Anwar Khairy agenda.
6. The alienating of the Indians in Selangor thru Temple demolishing and the holding of UMNO general assembly was the plan to turn the Indians off from BN. Plan succeeded because Hindraf where unknowingly sucked to this web of deceit. Organizations need men to boys to lead and sorry for the case of Hindraf it was the other way round. Detention of the Hindraf 5 was a god given opportunity to future alienate the Indians from BN. Poor Samy Vellu was not a party to the plan and did not know if it was bicycle or a train which hit him. He is still clueless as to what he is doing. What do you expect from a man who taught only for himself and his family and not of his fellow Indians?
7. Chinese alienation from MCA. This is interesting as there were too many anti-Chinese statements by the UMNO members and also by Khairy to further alienate the Chinese and the meek or now response from MCA and Gerakan. DAP, PKR and even PAS came out to condemn the remarks and support the Chinese.
8. Who were Khairy stooges in UMNO? This is a closely guarded secret and even Anwar will be surprised.
9. Why was the General election called before the expiry of Anwar’s 5 years ban? First it was to make sure Anwar can milk the sympathy votes and to make sure that Anwar is not distracted by his own election. This way he can spend his energy to help the opposition to deny BN a 2/3 majority.
10. Najib was left to his own doing by Abdullah and that is the reason for some of the bizarre decisions taken to prosecute Anwar and knowing his IQ level it was self destruction the moment he pressed the panic button.
11. Now is the time Khairy and Anwar must make sure their plan has to succeed.
12. The King (Agung) has taken an oath to be the King for all Malaysians and to reign and not rule. Let see the advice given by his fellow Sultans on the next course of action. I am inclined to belief that the final interpretation of the law on the royalty side will come from Sultan Azlan Shah.

I am also curious to the ending of the chaos and waiting for the new DAWN. Heil Cesar.

As for the Umno warlords, these were suckers taken for a ride and now await their vacation in prison. As of the bloggers thanks for the naïve approach to the politics of Malaysia.

As for me I have said my piece and I will reveal myself in due time.

Mr Anon

Anonymous said...

Check out

for more comments and analysis.

Mr anon