Monday, September 29, 2008

Sex ,China Dolls and Satan

Hantu Laut

Zul Hassan had reportedly told pressmen: “What is important is we did not ask for the women. He (Mohammad Imran) supplied them to us.

“If people sedekah (donate), don’t you want to accept it?” he had supposedly said.

Goodness me! Immoral act of having sex with a prostitute is a sedekah(alms) ?

Sex paid for by someone else, how low can you get? Lodged a report against the same person who supplied sex F.O.C, how stupid can you get?

Can't you differentiate between what is halal and what is haram?

Zul Hassan a PKR member and appointed councillor and businessman Fairul Azrim Ismail lodged a report with the state religious department against Mohd Imran Abdullah(Satan) for encouraging them to commit a sinful act with a woman from China.

Mohd Imran lodged a corruption report with the ACA against Zul and 4 others earlier.

This rookies should learn from the seasoned politicians how to be corrupted and not get caught.

It seems there is little chance of Malaysians getting a clean government, one that will be free of corruption as promised by Anwar Ibrahim if he took over the government.Even now he can't control his men what more if PKR took over the national coffer.

We may get rid of one and bring in another group of monsters.


SM said...


Hey bro..."Rezeki jangan ditolak lah"!

Anonymous said...

"We may get rid of one and bring in another group of monsters."

My thots exactly.
Some fellas are already acting like Barisan but minus the power. Yup, delusion. Like Teresa Kok, in an interview with Guang Ming, threatened the police officer while in ISA that when Pakatan seizes (federal) power, she will be his "boss".
Then press freedom? Check out this vile post on Anwar Ibrahim's blog on Baradan Kuppussamy simply for writing articles that dun praise their Messiah Anwar.
I am so sure about a new dawn, Hantu. Looks like same old story, different gang.

Anonymous said...

One devil out, another takes over.

I think that, whoever seizes the throne of Premiership will have to become some sort of a Devil, sad as that might sound.

I mean, which country in this world that has an Angel leading their country?

Fazrul Shahril said...

Salam TUAN,

Rezeki...dan sedekah? fikir2kan lah sendiri...

Salam dan selamat menyambut hari raya buat semua...

Anonymous said...

Hantu, Jed Yoong

well, I guess you are saying we
should stay with the corrupt BN.
One question, Hantu/Jed, does one person represent the coalition?
I tell you the big difference. This fella is caught with his pants down, albeit it was a set-up by the ACA. PR is gonna sacked him coz he cant live up to the set standards. What does BN do in similar circumstances?
Remember "Close One Eye", "Port Klang Free Trade Zone"..etc the perpetrators continue to roam free and plunder and some were even "promoter". Thats the bloody difference, ok. Dont malign PR just because of a couple of "loose" individuals.

Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

I wonder if he did kicked himself after giving that kind of 'honest' answer.

Ah well, nice to know that he's shown his true colour. This left one to wonder whether DSAI can really control his men.

Anonymous said...

What can I say.... hahahahahaha


Hantu Laut said...


Some people are just lucky, isn't it.Stupendous stupidity !

Hantu Laut said...

Delusion of grandeur! The intolerance and impatience not only showing in the leadership, the grassroots even worse, they wanted the government yesterday, by hook or by crook.

I must say, although not my cup of tea,PAS has more finesse then PKR leaders and supporters, probably because they have more experience in governing.

Hantu Laut said...

We don't need an angel nor do we want a thief.

Hantu Laut said...

fazrul shahril,


Selamat Hari Raya to you too.Rezeki membawa bala dan memalukan.

Hantu Laut said...

Don't forget the saying "One bad appple can spoil the rest of the basket".Can you imagine if they were the government.

How about the Kulim wonder they haven't penalised him.You see,they also pick and chose their victim.

Don't bet on it that we will get anything different from the one we have now.

Hantu Laut said...

poh kam'
The guy is a moron.Better keep his mouth than making such stupid excuses.

Hantu Laut said...

Saying nothing is better than saying something stupid, like the guy.

Hantu Laut said...

correction!.. better keep his mouth shut...

balan said...

It's surprise that Anwar has never came out strongly on this issue, far worse than all allegations against Najib and other, since it is proven.


Anonymous said...


if i take your rationale, then BN be forever. guess C4, deletion of immigration records to cover C4, selective application of laws, wanton abuse of ISA, Port Klang Fleece Trade Zone, Close one eye Jack and the list of corrupt behaviour which is no less than Great Wall of China in length is acceptable to you coz the alternative is and will be tainted by some individuals.
I rest my case, Hantu but I will still look forward to the day of BN demise.