Monday, November 24, 2008

The Lady Is A Shrew

Hantu Laut

In my earlier article "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned" I said I place my bet on Shahrizat winning the race against Rafidah.I still do and the ground swell is moving in favour of Shahrizat.

Rafidah has burned almost all her bridges to the top leadership in UMNO including former PM Tun Mahathir Mohammad and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.She only respect those who wield power and have no qualms about running them down once they ceased to be of any use to her.The many years of being in one of the most important ministries has made her lost her balance and made her arrogant,abrasive and completely inconsiderate.She has no finesse and social grace in dealing with her colleagues and the public.She and Azalina both need to go to finishing school.You can be tough yet graceful but unfortunately both of them are not.

During his tenure as prime minister Mahathir ignored the many allegations of abuse of power and corruptions against her and closed his eyes and ears to such talk.When Mahathir announced his resignation she was one of the first on stage, cried and pleaded to him not to resign.Her recent tussle with Mahathir on the issue of AP(Approved Permit) is a lingering reminder of her imperious,ungrateful and opportunistic nature.

Her biggest undoing maybe her recent barbs at Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.She told him he was so unpopular that he wouldn't be able to get enough nominations to contest the presidency and asked him to cut short the transition plan .This is the man who defended her from Tun Mahathir attacks during the AP controversy.Gratitude is not in her lexicon.

Isn't she "The pot calling the kettle black" by asking Abdullah to cut short the transition period.What is she doing contesting the Wanita Chief post and hand it over three months later.Isn't there element of insincerity in that promise.Since she going to forgo the position why not just let Shahrizat contest it and be done with it.

I believe majority of members of Wanita UMNO had already decided who they want as their leader.


Anonymous said...

"She and Azalina both need to go to finishing school.You can be tough yet graceful but unfortunately both of them are not."

Erm..Double standards here.
How can she be graceful to the ROARING, CLAWING LEOPARDS in the United Malay National Organisation.

mamasita said...


Hantu Laut said...

Jed Yoong,
I am not making a sexist remark, it's true both have no grace.Maggie Thatcher was tough but gracious.

Hantu Laut said...

Belum tahu kosong.Jangan sangah air tenang tak ada buaya.

afd said...

Its high time for her to go gracefully and with what ever dignity remains if any . See how shameless and pretentious she is on TV. Don’t deserve another term . Will drag UMNO with her.