Friday, December 5, 2008

Mukriz/Chua: Jibes Or Jokes?

Hantu Laut

There is a lot of hullabaloo about Mukhriz's contemplation of abolishing the vernacular schools to unify the education system and ultimately fostering national unity among the races.A good dream nonetheless, but certainly not a sure recipe for success.

As sure as the sunrise his rhetoric attracts the war drums of the oppositions and other non-Malay politicians.Although, I don't agree with him I wouldn't go overboard to take him seriously.I have seen this kind of sandiwara happened too many times before. Unless he is his father's son that call is pure histrionic.Whatever people may say about former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, he is very focus on what he does and more often than not,he gets what he wanted.I am not sure about the son.It's too early to make a judgement.

Some politicians in this country seem to have the same standard pea-sized brain implanted in their heads and their eyes above their head that make them far better stargazers (the fish not the flower) than being politicians.They just can't differentiate rhetoric from reality.Rhetoric to fish for votes is common in politics and even more common in UMNO for those who wish to climb the ladder.Than there are some who responded to show concern only for the sole purpose of trying to gain political mileage within their community.

What I find rather amusing are those who are fond of running to the nearest police station to lodge police report alleging sedition over such trivia.Likewise, when Chua Soi Lek made a statement about ketuanan Melayu and relates it as to a master and servant relationship, tempers were flying in UMNO and the same allegations of sedition and police report were made.In the case of Chua they went one step further, the police called him for interview which, surprisingly, they didn't accord the same to Mukriz.

It is common political psychology used by those who wish to climb up the ladder to be seen as champion of Malay rights and ketuanan Melayu and Mukhriz is doing exactly that and nothing more.The gusto will cease after the UMNO elections.

Those shitheads from both sides of the ethnic divide have done more to disunite rather than unite.Just like religion, a common language does not guarantee to unite people.A good moral education at home and at schools are the right recipe to racial harmony, unity and respect for each other culture and religions.

Malaysia should maintain its multiplicity whether in language or education, these are the pillars of our strength that makes us different from other nations.The obstacle to unity is not language or education.The biggest obstacle to integration and unity are politicians.They are the culprits that caused the rift and continue doing so for selfish reason.

Mukriz had not done his homework and see for himself the actual situation in government schools, what integration are there in those schools when some parents tell their children not to mix with others if not their own kind.In fact the division of the races are more visible now than 40 years ago where a Malay would not hesitate to have a cup of coffee in a Chinese coffee shop.

Education is foremost for the Chinese,rich and poor, and the wealthy would donate generously to their schools making them better schools than most government schools.

In Sabah the standard of Chinese funded schools are so high even bumiputras are clamouring to send their children to such schools.

When are they going to grow up and do something more useful for the nation rather than imploding in triviality.

Leave those vernacular schools alone they are not doing any harm.


kittykat46 said...

"It is common political psychology in UMNO used by those who wanted to climb up the ladder to be seen to champion Malay rights and ketuanan Melayu and Mukhriz is doing exactly that and nothing more.The gusto will cease after the UMNO elections."

I, too, used to think it was just harmless posturing. Then as I digged back further on how the education system has evolved over the years, I realised that its NOT "harmless".

Various aspects of UMNO rethoric does work its way into concrete Education Ministry policies over time.

I don't know if you have school-aged children, but can you honestly say the education system is being run competently, and is fair to all in the country ?

SM said...


Actually I "somewhat" agree with Mukriz (& I definately agree with Chua)!
However, before we have a "one school" system, we have to first ensure that our "Sekolah2 Kebangsaan" are up to standard! At the moment, many forward looking Malay & Indian Parents are also sending thier kids to Chinese schools. I think it has been proven time & time again that Chinese Schools have a far superior Science & Math curriculum.
If we are to achive "Bangsa Malaysia" (& I'm sure Mukriz was not thinkg of Bangsa Malaysia when he made his suggestion!) we need to start it at our schools.
As for Soi Lek, well, he should have known that his remarks would get him in trouble. Maybe he wants to show he's no UMNO stooge (unlike his MCA President boss, who at the moment is only blowing hot air!).

Hantu Laut said...

Never said they are the best.None of my children studied in this country from young.

The government should free the education system and let parents chose what type of schools they want the children to be in.

Hantu Laut said...

I agree with you on that aspect but knowing this government it would be a nightmare if you absolutely have no choice, only one lousy system.The rich can send their kids next door(S'pore ),the not so rich and the poor would be done especially those with smart kids.

Our universities are examples how fast the standard can drop due to bad policies.You probably know our medical degree are not recognised in many countries.

mycuntree said...

I agree with kittykat46 on the harmless to the not so harmless line of thinking.Infact, I am of the view that what our education system and standard are today is exactly because most of us thought that the many ultranationalist's postering of the past were just that - harmless posterings. And today's standard is what we have.

I would be the least surprise, after this latest hulaballo about the sad state of our education system is again "just coffeeshop talk" and; when it is no longer hogging the news, things will remain the same, if not worst.