Saturday, January 3, 2009

Having A Good Time: Sex Party ?

Hantu Laut

The Year 2008 was a momentous year which many of us would be glad to leave behind.The year ended with even more tragedies, the bombing of Gaza by Israel that killed hundreds of innocent civilians and a tragedy that took the lives of about 60 New Year's Eve revellers in a nightclub fire in Bangkok.A night of merry making that ended in tragic consequence.The nightclub owner should rot in jail for a long time.

I feel for the parents and loved ones of those who perished in the fire.Danger do not forewarn us and we accept acts of God as something beyond our control but when human failings were the cause of our grief, the pain, the anger and the desire to hit back persist for a long time.The pain of losing someone you love, those of your own flesh and blood is a torment that not many can endure.It's a stab in the heart that reposes in silence.For some of us time is a great healer but for some the wound would never healed.

New Year's Eve has always been a traditional and universal display of joy to usher in the New Year with resolutions and expectations.Alcohol is the spirit for those who needs it to trigger their adrenaline rush to meet this joyous occasion. The police have always warned revellers not to drink and drive.Good advice not many of us took seriously.

As we live far from where we are going for the evening and being law abiding citizens my wife and I checked into a hotel at 6.30 p.m.The first stage of our evening was dinner at a friend's house, a doctor by profession and a gourmet cook with a passion when he is not dissecting patients.Sumptuous food, good wine, good spirits and enduring conversations with doses of intellectual intercourse and unintelligible talks that went on till the wee hours of the morning.There were so much talking among friends and families, the drone of conversation actually drown the sound of music played in the background which finally died by itself and forgotten.There were so much to talk about even 'Auld Lang Syne' was forgotten at the stroke of midnight.

We left our friend's house at about 2 a.m. and both truly at 60 and still full of energy decided to go to our regular watering hole, our favourite club, and what a pleasant surprise most of our friends and people we know were still there.It was a jolly good New Year's morning.Went back to the hotel as the cock was crowing.We have never spent New Year's Eve this late, it must be a good omen.Checked out of the hotel 8 a.m.Slept only three hours, old people don't need much sleep, and we are old by any measure and poorer by about RM400.00 for a room that we only used for four hours but happy and glad to be alive.

Don't drink and drive ? Yes ! If you have too much,take it seriously, killing yourself may not be as painful as you killing others.

Well let me get to the real gist of the story. Most Malaysians would probably have read this hot item in the news.I could not but feel apprehensive about the whole thing.Was it really a sex party or just a group of friends getting together for a New Year bash and where alcohol would be consumed and the danger of drink driving was taken seriously hence the renting of the service apartment for the party.As usual Malaysia's main stream media including the worst of the lot, Bernama, can never publish a complete story. This kind of reporting print a pretty picture of the standard of journalism in this country.

How did the police stumble on the private party,was there a tip-off, were they caught red-handed having sex orgies, were there complaint from the public of them being public nuisance and disturbing the peace? How can you called a party a sex party when there were no actual fucking and screwing and the people were found fully clothed.

The worst is the media reporting of personalities involved which can be narrowed down to identifying the persons concerned.Other than the drug taking which I am against, the police has no business busting a private party.Don't we Malaysians have anymore personal liberty?

Where their effort are much needed in crime prevention and solving crimes they pay little attention, so much so, the rape and murder of so many young girls were still unsolved.The thieves and robbers are getting bolder, violent crime is on the rise, organised crime are getting more organised and the police are more organised catching people who were having a good time, probably on a tip-off from a spurned lover or from someone out of envy and jealousy.

In Pahang, over-zealous enforcers from the Islamic Religious Council, who had nothing better to do other than raiding budget hotels hoping to get a hard on catching unwary couple in bed and hoping to make video of it and post it on the Internet.Around 56 people were detained in early morning raid.I wonder how many were forced to strip to face the camera as evidence they were screwing each other.There have been reported incidents of such appalling behaviour of these enforcers of God's laws.

In another news, Malaysiakini reported a man was tortured by police by pouring boiling water over him.He was badly scalded.Bukit Aman is investigating.We have to wait what Bukit Aman have to say about this gruesome action of the police if the allegation is found true.


Anonymous said...

dont always agree with you on issues but this is the season of warm greetings.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and a BLESSED 2009 to you and your family.

Bangsa Malaysia

Anonymous said...

glad you had a nice time

SM said...


How can you paint such a BAD picture of our fearless (but not in the Chow Kit area though as there are just too many dangerous criminals there) Police?! Shame on you!
They have been known to "attack" those undesirable, anti-establishment, anti-ISA & candle-wielding protestors.
They are always looking out to STOP these sex-orgies & guard our moralities!
They just don't have time to STOP sex-crimes against women & innocent children! They just don't have time to catch these sex-depraved criminals who PREY upon innocent children!
And didn't our fearless PM in waiting Najib say that we do not have a high crime rates? It's just a perception lah according to him. And haven't they (the UMNO Govt.) decided to hire some consultant to "educate" us stupid & ignorant Malaysians that we have wrong perceptions?!
HL, you just have the wrong perception lah!

Hantu Laut said...

Thanks.It's alright to disagree,I have no problem with that.

Among the many bloggers in this country I think I have made many correct predictions of events before it comes.

I predicted the BN won't get 2/3, I was correct, I predicted the price of crude oil would fall below $50 per barrel before the end of 2008 I was correct, I predicted recession would come to Malaysia, in spite of repeated government denial, I was correct.It is here now.

I have predicted that Pakatan Rakyat(PR) would break up, believe me, they are going to break up.

I wrongly predicted that the KLCI would fall below 800 before Christmas, it would have if government funds were not used to prop up the market.You can see how thin the trading has been on the KLSE, very low volume.

Hope you enjoy the New Year.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 5.59,
Thanks.I hope you did the same.

Hantu Laut said...

I like your sarcasm.I know you agree with me.

The police job is to maintain law and order,investigate crimes and catch criminals.They are not moral policemen.Who fuck who behind closed doors is not their business.

If there were drugs I agree they should act.

I think we have a very confused and incompetent institution here.