Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hell In Gaza

Hantu Laut

The atrocities continue.More women, children and the innocents would have to die in this one-sided and cruel war.The rest of the world could do nothing to stop it.The one that could is in it with the Jews.The UN is a toothless tiger, controlled by the big powers that would like to see more Palestinians killed before they intervene.


Anonymous said...

"one-sided and cruel war"

most wars are "one-sided" and "cruel".
romans conquering weaker states.
US against Japs in WW2.
germans against europe.

Hantu Laut said...

Agree,when humans behave like animals.At least animals kill for food, we kill for joy.Killing defenceless women and children or any human being is genocide and the bloody American allowed it.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

yes, it is cruel and very one sided.
But why lay the blame on the USA?
When the rest of the world stood still doin nothing.

Our ISA is cruel and one sided too , how about that?

Hantu Laut said...

Khun Pana,

Only the American can put pressure on Israel.The Jews would listen to them if they threaten sanctions against Israel.

With total sanctions Israel will be choked to dead.

But the American are not prepared to do it

SM said...


Yes, it's painful to watch the children dying & suffering daily in Gaza. You feel helpless & worthless as all you can do is pray that there will be peace! The sight of Fathers & Mothers crying over their dead children is gut wrenching!
It's convenient to blame the US too (it's like blaming God since He could also stop Israel too can't He?!).
However, everyone has convientlly forgotten that Hamas started it when they broke the ceasefire (however, that does not "nullify" Israel from what they are doing in Gaza!). Hamas knew what they were doing when they broke the ceasefire.
Then there is Al Qaeda! They are as usual shooting out threats at Israel (they really can only bomb themselves & innocents. Faced with a real army like Israel, they are just shooting their mouths off! Go into Gaza & fight the Israelites lah).
Then you have the Arabs who are really not too bothered with this conflict as all they want is the Price of Petrol to rise!
Oh, we muct not forget UMNO (especially Pak Lah who having failed miserably at being a Malaysian PM, is now the defender & protector of the Palestenian people!) too!