Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bigamist

Hantu Laut

Bigamy is unlawful if you are not a Muslim.In fact Muslims are allowed by religion to have maximum of four wives at the same time, if you can afford it or can survive the hell and fury of a polygamous marriage.

There are pre-conditions for Muslim men taking more than one wife.First you mush have the means to support them.More important, you must be fair to all and can provide same equity in material comfort, love and sex.That's what Prophet Mohammad and the Koran prescribed a Muslim man must observe and practise if he chose polygamy.Sound very simple, but this is where it becomes very messy, 99.9% of Muslims men do not adhere to those conditions and knowing human nature is such it is almost humanly impossible for most men to comply.

By right, most Muslims man should not be allowed to take more than one wife.In fact, there were many cases where the men can hardly afford to bring up one family and yet the imam solemnised the second marriage.Polygamy is more popular among Muslims in Peninsula than those in Sabah and Sarawak.

The PKR assemblyman for Bukit Selambau V.Arumugam is a bigamist according to his wife who lodged a report against him.Not only he had broken the law, he had also embarrassed the Kedah government and the palace by flaunting his younger second wife at official functions. Arumugam should have converted to Islam if he wanted to keep two wives at the same time.He would have overcome the problem. Arumugam won the Bukit Selambu state seat as an independent backed by PKR when its candidate was disqualified during nomination.

Anwar Ibrahim and other PKR leaders claim that Arumugam resigned because of undue pressure exerted on him by the BN to defect to their side and threatened to expose his problematic status if he refused.

Why did PKR and Pakatan leaders keep him and hide the fact from the public....or was it they don't know the background of their man and never bother to check in the first place to ensure he has a clean bill of health, which is what required of anyone before he can become a public figure ?

The Menteri Besar of Kedah Azizan Abdul Razak reportedly said there was a misunderstanding, actually Arumugam married the other woman about nine years ago.So, PKR and Pakatan knew about his status and in spite of that took him in as a matter of convenience, to fill the numbers.He has been a bigamist for nine years, is there a question of morality here?

The pressure from BN may be true, but than if your assemblyman has a clean bill he wouldn't be in such a mess. Blaming the BN may not be all that appropriate.You make the condition conducive for them to politicise it.That's what politics are all about, Pakatan should know it, they do it all the times to BN leaders, expose the ills of your enemies. Pakatan should look in their own backyard first before assigning blame to others.

I mentioned in my previous post that the people were so disillusioned with the BN even a dog could have won in the swing areas of the March 2008 general elections.

Bukit Selambau was one such area, Arumugam was an unknown, yet he could garner over 5000 majority.


Anonymous said...

You absolutely sum up the sentiment of the people with your last paragraph .

But, try not to paint a rotten pictures out of the issue. Arumugam is a bigamist, no two way about that, He is guilty and he had resigned (voluntarily or involuntarily is no more an issue , and if the law makers want to charge him for his deeds, I am all for it. You can find loads of them in BN party members too, except they have been into this game so long, they are smarter to cover their tracks or even when exposed, got away scott free.

Recently, you seem to be using a fine comb to look for dirts in Pakatan's camp. I assure you, when you are using magnifying glass, you will find flaws everywhere. Your heart and mind included. Just try not to make a big HOO-HA out of it. The people at the moment just want to right the bigger picture first...what's the point when the small longkang is clean whence the monsoon drain is stucked with all the dead carcasses of political misdeeds ?

Anonymous said...

w0men is maker of all trouble in the world.

start from EVE!

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused.

A - If this Aru have 2 wives, then it connotes that he has "married", then the tittle of a "bigamist" would apply.

B - If it is just a matter of flaunting, the it would be a matter of Husband Aru with One wife flaunting a Mistress publicly. Then the title of "Bigamist" need not apply; "Randy" would be more appropriate.

So, HL, which is it? Enlightenment appreciated.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Trigger said...

Correction! Arumugam won by 2,362 majority, not 5000

Keep the high spirits and keep writing!

Anonymous said...

On March 8, if they had put up a monkey as a candidate vs. Barisan Nasional , I would have voted for the monkey.

I have news for you.

Come the Bukit Selambau by-election, I don't care who they put up vs. BN, I will not vote BN

Hantu Laut said...

Please don't jump to conclusion.If you go into my archives you will find I have also written against BN/UMNO and their leaders.I never say they are perfect.

Going after politicians is like the hunting season, you have to wait for them to make mistakes and than raise the issue and write about them.

I am writing about Anwar and Pakatan at the moment because he contradicted himself on the issue of defections.

I am a political writer and analyst, I have nothing personal against Anwar or Pakatan.

In a democratic system we are free to choose the political party we like, if I choose BN and you choose Pakatan that doesn't mean we shouldn't be civil to each other.

I notice Pakatan supporters are over-zealous and failed to see that Anwar and all Pakatan leaders are public figures just like Najib and other BN leaders, they are subject to public scrutiny and criticism.

I hope that clears the air and you all always welcome to express your opinion.

Hantu Laut said...

"No woman no cry" Bob Marley

Hantu Laut said...

I understand his first one was a civil marriage and the second one he used customary rites.That's what was reported.

If she is a mistress than he has not broken any law and only seen bad from moral point of view.

Hantu Laut said...

Many thanks.I must have mixed him up with another guy.

Hantu Laut said...

You are absolutely right, that's your choice,nobody can force you to do otherwise.

veena said...

BN has more scoundrels, murderous,bigamists,cheats and so on. As you said even a dog would have won is absolutely true.
If again they put donkeys there the people will still vote for the opposition.
People are sick of the UMNO govt.

SM said...


No matter what Arumugam is, he did resign. Give him that at least. Let him retire in peace & sort out his problems!
If it was a BN MP, he would have made all dorts of denials, all sorts of excuses & at the ned of the day he would never resign. Be sure of that!

Hantu Laut said...

Agree,they had 50 years of merrymaking, so naturally they have more skeletons in the closets.

Hantu Laut said...

True,it was even proven.Remember Thamby Chik?

Anonymous said...


cant beat chua soi lek coz MCA members elected him to the Deputy President.

just wonder Chua the Wonder would dare to speak out against Aru on morality.

Apart from Mahatir and Badawi, my sense is that none of the current ministers is just as guilty as Chua. The difference is that they are not caught with their pants down and even if they are, a cover-up can be arranged. Remember the Port Dickson episode?

Hantu, sure agree that we should learn to agree to disagree with our civility intact. Thumbs up on that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hantu,

Quoting you:
By right, most Muslims man should not be allowed to take more than one wife.In fact, there were many cases where the men can hardly afford to bring up one family and yet the imam solemnised the second marriage.

A muslim is required to pray 5 times a day. If a muslim doesn't always pray 5 times a day, would that person is no longer allowed to be a muslim?
A poligamist is required to be just with his wives. If a potential polygamist doesn't seem to fulfill the obligation of being just, would that that person not longer allowed to practice polygamy?

Who else to judge on the ability to be just or not just but God? He said it is allowed for a man to marry up until 4 wives at a time under the condition of being just and fair to the wives. If a man feels he can fulfill this obligation, go ahead and try. It is then for God to judge the effort in being just and fair....So am not sure about the quote/unquote part of your article....

Maybe somebody more knowledgeable can explain this.....

Encik ingin tahu

Hantu Laut said...


You are splitting hairs.

It is not my opinion, it is what Islam says.You don't need an expert to explain it, you just need common sense.You mean if you don't marry 4 wives you are not a Muslim?

You fail to understand in Islam there are two things, sunat and wajib.Marrying 4 wives is not wajib, praying 5 times is.

I am a Muslim man, I am against polygamy,does that make me un-Islamic.

Where in the Koran it says that?

Anonymous said...


Quoting you again:
By right, most Muslims man should not be allowed to take more than one wife.In fact, there were many cases where the men can hardly afford to bring up one family and yet the imam solemnised the second marriage.

It was what you said and I am seeking clarification if really in Islam by right, most Muslims man should not be allowed to take more than one wife.

And now you mentioned 'sunat' it contradicts directly your 'not allowed' argument. If a man wants, he thinks he can marry more than one then sunat for him to do so is the new argument now?. Sunat is NOT equal to NOT ALLOWED as sunat is 'ENCOURAGED'.

Either this is splitting hair or glueing back the split hair, that's not the matter. What matters is still about what's wrong or right.....

When a non muslim adopt some muslim practices, say like being hygenic, heck he deserves a praise. Now this non muslim practice polygamy which is 'sunat' as you mentioned, you slam him?

Encik ingin tahu