Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changing Of The Guard:The City Slicker And The Kampong Boy

Hantu Laut

So much and so many have been written about the Perak crisis. Maybe, we should now go back to more pressing problem and one that seems to take the back seat of the government's list of priorities, the ECONOMY !

Before I get there, let's ponder for a while and see what the government has been up to all this while.

At the apex of this list of priorities sits the UMNO elections due in March. The lobbying and jockeying for positions have intensified big time.The amount of cash changing hand is said to be reaching epidemic proportion, so much so, even the MACC had given up trying to nap the runners for the warlords.The MACC has now shifted its interest to the oppositions and is busy looking into the opposition's shenanigans.

Other than the president post there is no safe seat in this battle for supremacy.Unlike MCA where money may not get the respect of the rank and file as much as smut is, those in UMNO have not resorted to the smutty business yet.

If you are holding high public office and happened to be happily married but need to spice up you sex life, just be careful, the next time you have a tryst with your lover make sure you comb the entire room for bugs. You never know who is watching you.You can buy bugs detector, they are not expensive. Don't sting, buy the better ones.Chua Soi Lek could probably give you an advice or two after his dreadful experience of being caught on candid camera.The past has come back to haunt him.Maybe, he should change his middle name.

The only man that need not spend a single cent is Najib, the rest seem to have no choice, spend money or die! Muhyiddin is torn between the devil and the deep blue sea.If money speaks louder than word than Muhyiddin may have a chink in his armour.

Will Abdullah Badawi step down as prime minister ? The doyen of Malaysian politics former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad doesn't think so.This fiercest critic of Abdullah with his never ending admonition of him thinks Abdullah would just relinquish his post of President of UMNO and continue as PM.Is the former premier trying to rattle Najib's bones for him to stage a coup if Abdullah refused to step down? We have to wait and see how it will be staged in a few weeks time.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, even shit hot politician like Anwar Ibrahim wanted him to stay.This is the man who run the gauntlet on Abdullah just a few months back and attempted a vote of no confidence against him. After the failed attempt to throw Abdullah out it looks like Anwar contemplates Abdullah a weaker opponent and less dangerous to the oppositions. His fear of Najib seems greater than the man who sent him to the slammer about a decade ago. Najib's opening salvo has sent fear reverberating in the Pakatan's camp.The loss of Perak may be just the beginning.

Joining in the cry for the 'Save Abdullah' campaign is Nik Aziz of PAS. This religiously staunch and incorruptible Muslims leader is an enigma.His messages are equally enigmatic.The contradictions may have come with age.He seems to share Anwar's fear and dislike for Najib.Remembering old wounds could be another reason he was dead against PAS joining UMNO as coalition partner. Anwar against Najib, I can understand, but why is the Tok Guru worried of Najib becoming prime minister? Is he privy to something we don't know ?

Politicians can't get to where they wanted to go without sycophants, hangers-on and opportunists circling around them. Some are ridiculously out of sync just to curry favour with the bosses, without looking at the merit of their proposals.A government backbencher, one Mohd Aziz(BN-Sri Gading) proposed that Abdullah be made a senior minister after he stepped down as PM. Is Abdullah, who served only one full term as PM more deserving than Mahathir who had more than 22 years of premiership and a track record to go with it? It is not that Abdullah is less worthy but it would look absurd if he accepts the appointment after being forced out of office.

I am glad Abdullah has more sense than the balls carrier who made the proposal. He has affirmed his intention of not getting involve in government after he stepped down. He said he is basically a kampong boy and wish to go back to planting vegetables and fruits and play more golf. Unlike Mahathir, he says he wouldn't do anything to embarrass the government.

I believe Abdullah will keep his word.

You see, just like the government, I got carried away, I forgot about the economy.

I'll save it for another day.


guong said...

I got carried away too. I start reading with 'economy' in my mind, lost it through your post and realize it only when you said you got carried away in the end. Politic..politic...

kittykat46 said...

Yes, the No. 1 priority should be the economy. But I don't see the Federal government doing anything concrete. The recession is coming almost for sure, don't let anybody bluff you into thinking otherwise.

Remember someone said "We are insulated from the crisis in the US ?"
1st Stimulus package ? Bayang pun belum nampak
2nd Stimulus Package ? Apa Tu ?

Seriously, sincerely, if this was a test with just two choices for my preferred next PM :-
(a) Dollah
(b) Najib

I choose (a).
Najib gives me the creeps, I can't explain why.

Hantu Darat said...

You shouldn't save the economy for another day. When that day comes, there might not be anything left to save.

fearless said...

Since the last general election, the country's economy deteriorate substantially which PR silly act is one of the main root cause. The people vote them in to get real works done, instead they become a nuisance. Anwar's plot to topple the government cause instability in our economy and financial marker with huge costs, impact on Bursa was enormous and many people wealth went down the drain. Their drama of giving dateline after dateline, threat after threat that government will fall was done in bad taste. Instability of the government will not bring confident but other way round, it was their aims to bring the economy down so that in public opinion BN flop. In such situation, how much can BN do when other strong force is doing other wise.

Without any doubt, the country cannot afford this deadlock and settle it only the next general election which is four years away is a very long, long time. The longer we wait, the longer the pain. As such a quick, decisive and drastic measures is necessary to turn the country around. And I believe Najib will take these paths, since the royalties, army, police and MACC are all behind him, he will fearlessly silent all his opponents and critics behind lock, crush all uprising. With this obstacle remove he then move swiftly to tackle the economy. When confident come back and the economy boom probably next year then only go to the people for their mandate. The people of course give Najib a landslide win as they do not want to exchange comfort with pain and replace peace and stability with disruption and destruction.

PR have a choice mellow down and cooperate with BN who clearly have the resources, priority is the people welfare and not who sit there. Otherwise the drastic actions will be sure thing.

Anonymous said...

Nice fictional story fearless, your probably some young person. No 1, it was a sizable amount of the people who voted in PR and thats because the BN govt lost their support. You claim that Pakatan was the sole cause of this meltdown, ok explain to me the role of Anwar Ibrahim in TNB losing billions or Maybank doing a stupid purchase of an Indonesian bank at an inflated price just before bank stocks globally are being hammered.

But lets get back to the point you raised about Najib silencing his critics, perhaps by the use of the ISA. Indeed he may, but then Malaysia will be heavily censored by the EU and the US, 2 major trading powers; you know whats the end result - Sanctions.

Try and recall who spoke out when the Govt went an incarcerated the Sin Chew journo - it was the US. Same thing will happen here.

Stupidity is now Malaysias biggest export. The answer is simple - stamp out the corruption. Every single country which scores higher than Malaysia in the corruption index, on average does better for its citizens. Perhaps that maybe a better way than using the ISA, but once again, asking our leaders to use common sense, may be aiming for the moon.

Hantu Laut said...


Anwar and the PR may be responsible for causing political instability but certainly not responsible for problems with the economy, it is a global problem.The BN government must find their own solutions.

Anonymous said...

Wenger J Khairy,

If this young man opinions is a " nice fictional story ", why bother to anxiously refute defensively? Your respond tell me that my reflections hit your nerve.

Yet, your defensive riposte are nothing but crap, tailor to make you people look good only. You do better to sell local products instead of choosing western value to suit your sermon, but conveniently forgotten that they are in greater mess.

fearless said...


Take a look at the second and third quarters of 2008 GDP growth and Bursa index....Those people are very offensive during that period

kittykat46 said...

What kind of bullshit government do we have that must silence and crush all its critics and opponents before it can act on the economy ?

I don't agree with katakcracy whether its PR or BN promoting it. But criticism of government actions and policies is legitimate - and any government in a democracy has to learn to function in the middle of all the noise.

Hantu Darat said...

Fearless: hahahahaha! What a joke! If all BN people think like you, I'm sure they'll be resoundingly defeated in the next election.

Anyway, thanks for making me laugh!

fearless said...


Every things which does not sound sweet to you is a bullshit, that PR trademark.

If you know Lee Kuan Yew well, this is the same strategy he use to silent his opponents and is a gift to do that. You people are just lucky that AAB is in commands that you able to openly call to overthrow his government, but not Najib, he will play balls

Anyway many criticism and actions of those detractors are destructive, further more been overboard to insult HRH and insinuating for a republic to such an extent that drastic means are necessary to clear the path for a meaningful stability for the country.

fearless said...

Hantu Darat,

Better laugh as much as you can now, they will be no other opportunity. You lie, you pay, warns Najib.

SM said...


Nobody listens to Pak Lah now. Even if he decided to "interfer" with the BN when he's retired, who do you think will listen to him?!
Pak Lah will go down in Malaysian History as the worst PM (but then again I strongly believe that Najib would very soon take that title!