Monday, February 2, 2009

Frogs Without Ponds: Anwar Ibrahim Smarter

Hantu Laut

Malaysian politics never failed to fascinate.The buying and selling of politicians from both sides of the fence is now becoming a matter of life and death.Recent development shows Anwar Ibrahim is the better card player.

I wrote in my previous post 'We Are The Champions' about how past Sabah state governments stopped their assemblymen from defecting by asking them to sign undated letters of resignation which was later deemed illegal.

The speaker of the Perak state assembly has received letter of resignation from the two PKR assemblymen. Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mat Radzi denys he has resigned and said he was made to sign the letter last March.The speaker has accepted the resignation of both assemblymen. By-elections would have to be called after notification to the Election Commission.Is the letter legitimate and legally binding ? The question now rest with the speaker and eventually the court if the two assemblymen decide to challenge the legality of the letter.

In the meantime, the two assemblymen have two options, leave as it is and lose their seats or rush to the court and try get an injunction to stop the by-election until the case is heard and decided by the court.Injunction may or may not be granted.The decision rests with the judge.

The speaker of the assembly wasn't wrong in accepting the resignation as long as he is convinced the letter is genuine.

I believe the letter is valid and legally binding because it was a precondition and it wasn't signed under duress.This is my personal opinion, the law may have different interpretation.

Between being arrogance, cock-sure and being pragmatic Anwar Ibrahim has the edge over the politicians in UMNO. A smart politician that doesn't take things for granted, never trust anyone and cleverly bolted the doors to the stables so the horses can't flee and flee, if they have to, at their own perils.

Anwar, the big fish in a small pond is smarter, maybe, a little less democratic, but than can you blame him ?

On the other side ,UMNO with it cock-of-the-walk attitude, pathetically naive and wanting to be seen democratic did not take preventive measures against the political frogs, degenerates and mercenaries

Umno may have caught the frogs without the ponds at the moment. Going by precedents on similar cases in Sabah before, Pakatan's hold on power is precariously hanging in the balance.


SM said...


I agree with you 100%.
I may be reading too much in this "little" example of DSAI's actions, but it really shows what kind of a man he is. I believe that the "challanges" he has faced to get where he is today, has made him a "better" man. Plus, just compare him with Pak Lah or Najib & you know he will be a better "PM"!
However, let's face it, if the PR takes over by means of "Katak-ing", then those who do not support DSAI will say that he won by "foul" means (by the way, if you are a "Katak" jumping over to the Opposition, it's wrong & UMNO will ask th people to go to the streets (Rais Yatim) & protest! But, if you are a "Katak" jumping over UMNO, it's ok!).
While UMNO & BN are playing Politics, no one is taking care of our Economy!
Seriously, let's get this sorted out once & for all (at least until the next GE). HRH Yang Dipertuan Agong needs to step in, Dissovle Parliment & call for Fresh Elections.
Let's see if the people really want Najib (& Racist UMNO) or DSAI (& the possibility of "chage we can believe in"!).

Jonathan's Parody of BolehLand said...

It's terrible if the 'blackwater' returns on the second tsunami in March this year! Two or is it three by-elections will surely drain resources especially since BN has promised so much and yet to deliver on Permatang Pauh and KTerengganu. Imagine they will surely put BolehLand in debt if they again pledge millions or will it be billons on these two or three constituencies?
see for an ode heard on PKR pond

kittykat46 said...

I suppose DSAI the frogger knows too well both sides can play the game, so took appropriate steps to insure his own side.