Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Nudity:No Reason To Quit

Hantu Laut

Unless there are other photos, those who have seen the rather poor quality photos would agree there is no reason for Elizabeth Wong to quit her posts.

Wonder what's the big hoo-ha made by the media of photographs that showed no nudity at all and taken by a mentally deranged low-life idiot. She was fully clad in sarong and blouse and probably was sleeping while the photo was taken. The photos are of extremely bad quality, even those who knows her well would not recognise her.

Unless she knew of other more damaging photos taken of her that the maniac may not have released to the public yet, Elizabeth Wong should reconsider her decision to resign. If your are a victim nobody will blame you.

The police should get to the bottom of this form of blackmail.

A foreign smut website has published the photos.


Anonymous said...

I'm no PR supporter but I say to Eli: Don't quit. Stay and fight. You are the victim of a most despicable person.
Politics truly is hateful. PR side already accusing Umno of engineering this. On Umno side, some like toyol, asking her to quit for moral reasons. Really?
I don't want/like to see this politicised. What I'd like to see is the person who betrayed Eli be caught and severely punished.
Must we see politics in this?
See it as case of a woman being victimised.

Y1 said...

I salute Eli. I can only admire this strongly principled tenancious lady. Her resignation can only make me feel proud that we have in our midst people of such high calibre and character. A person who do not put self above party or those whom she serves.

Sad though the circumstances for her resignation, let this be a beacon of righteousness for all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

If her resignations are accepted, would you say it was Divine interventions?
Jokes aside, this will put Malaysians maturity to test.
There was Chua Soi Lek and before that, a CM who likes 16 under..Will political needs win over moral needs?

Anonymous said...

The secret is not to get caught!

Vijandran,Rahim and Soi Lek, they all got caught so they are forced to resign by their own internal rivals not from outside.

Elizabeth will face the same fate.UMNO cannot do anything and only PKR can decide and her rivals from within are busy trying to push her out and take her place in Bukit Lanjan

Anonymous said...

Hey ! Eli,
we are still standing firmly to back you up.

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't."

Eleanor Roosevelt
US diplomat & reformer (1884 - 1962)

"We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are."

Tobias Wolff, 'In Pharaoh's Army'

Anonymous said...


I think you have background in Law. Why didn't the Yang Berbogel (YB) Elizabeth Wong just cut through the cock & bull and sue the bugger who take the photos?

Why is there such silence on such course of action? If Khir Toyo is the guy Yang Berkamera (YB) or Yang Boyfrend (YB),then it will come out in the wash ;-)

Surely she could remeber which of the boyfrens, not too many I hope!

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Anonymous said...

I am not a bn supporter. Nor a pr supporter. I love Malaysia and wants the best fir Malaysia. Looking at the current hu ha on Elizabeth's predicament, I suddenly has a sense of de ja vu. Obviously there is a case of invasion of her privacy and I do sympathize and share her outrage. HOWEVER I feel that the same outrage should poured out against the video taping of people's private telephone conversations and making it public! The end should not justify the mean and there should not be double standard.

A wrong is a wrong. So those that consider the act of video taping people's conversation to be correct, hold your horses now.

SM said...


I know you are smart enough to see what's happening here. The victim is being persecuted here.
We know who controls the MSM right?
She quits & then there is another By-election. Maybe some "Kataks" will surface & maybe Selangor will fall.
What are the PDRM doing? They should have caught the low-life who did this. I'm sure they know who he is.
By the way, where's the 2nd Autopsy report on Kugan's death?
I guess it's another case of Malaysia Boleh for the wrong reason!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hantu,

Kahwin dua tak boleh, bogel tak apa, apa ini hantu?

I do agree with you on the point that so far the pictures turned out to be nothing at all…..Either she stays or resigns because she was photographed in such manner, for me that’s not the matter as I do not want to be holier than thou in morality.

The fact for us that the photos are nothing at all may not be others’ perception. Maybe there are many horny people out there who already consider such photo as pornographic. I mean, not like she’s the only person to ever sleep in a sarong without panties, she just got photographed. But whatever, that’s their opinion.

But I do think she should resign for something else

I think she should resign because of poor judgment of characters. I am quite confident her mother did not take those photos. It’s logical to assume that the photos were taken by someone who was close to her, with access to her private life. For goodness sake, she’s an exco, a DUN leader who undertakes the oath of secrecy. I wonder if states secrets are safe with her?. I wonder if no other person of dodgy characters with access to her, someone who can easily get hold of some sacred state secrets and leak it in the same way her ‘secrecy’ was leaked. The public cannot gamble on such lack of judgment…..
But I guess, that’s the trait shared with the great leader himself?
Those who were close to him, many have abandoned him….including some who suffered and went to jail for him. And now, they are leaking out his secrets et all….
Even a personal assistant can give him such a trouble, true or untrue the allegation can be.
Poor character judgment and extremely slacking…..How to trust them with the country?

Like BN, they also need to renew their leadership…asap

Encik Nak Tahu

Hantu Laut said...

I admire people who takes responsibility for their actions.In the case of Elizabeth she need not resign because she is not the guilty party.

She is not selfish and greedy for power and status and is willing to sacrifice her political career.She is now more a celebrity than an outcast.

Hantu Laut said...


Get your facts correct.She didn't pose in front of a camera with her naked body.

If Mahathir can make poor judgment on his successor after 22 years being PM, you think getting a lover or husband is a walk in the park?

No one is infallable including you.To err is human, to forgive is divine.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for pointing the obvious with Tun M....and yes he admits his mistakes in choosing the successor and also in the case of AI. Thus why, instead of retiring in peace, he's fighting them tooth and nail. He takes the responsibility for it...
Was the country in danger because of these people Tun M wrongly choosed? You reply this one, ok?

And I never blame Eli for the photos, don't twist hantu.
She is a victim and should not resign for that reason. A victim should not take punishment...
But she should resign for the lack of jugdment of the trust she gave to the people around her (with such access to her life) because this can be a liability to the state....She's a public figure with responsibility to the public....

Encik Nak Tahu,

ps: yes I am not infallable and I pray God I will have her strength to do similarly in similar situation BUT definitely not for the wrong reason....She resigned because she was a victim, she should have resigned because her judgment can be a liability to the trust given upon her shoulder....

Hostage said...

It is cofirmed that her ex bf also from Keadilan sold the pix to Khir Toyo and in turn Khir Toyo use it to blackmail her to jump to BN and with it Khir Toyo and BN will grab for power in Selangor.

Her ex bf is paid for the pix and we should all otracise Khir Toyo and his mat rempits and stand up to their sma seng tactics for YB Eli.

Her ex bf is a leftist and thinks along the lines of a communist and did it for:

1. Money
2. Get even after YB Eli dump him to pursue her career in Politics and be married to her supporters

Bet the Police is not going to wrap up the case even it is known who is involved and that is Khir Toyo and her ex bf, Hilmi.

donplaypuks® said...

It's obvious that when push come to shove, you and BN supporters would like the Emergency Rule law to be invoked.

You know the Sultan made a bad mistake and that if the matter is put to vote in fresh elections, BN would get a severe thrashing in Perak. So, you want the back-door entry.

Since you quote provisions in the Constitution, you should be fully aware that it is the PEOPLE who confer legitimacy on the Royalty and those who form the Govt. And when in doubt, the matter should go back to the PEOPLE for final resolution.

Any other approach is dictatorship or communism and downright illegal!!