Friday, February 27, 2009

What's Wrong With This Government ?

Hantu Laut

The government had no choice but to allow the toll hike because it was stated in the concession agreements said The Minister of Works Mohd Zin Mohammad.Wonder where this guy come from ?

He certainly doesn't have what it takes to be a minister. Completely clueless about the current state of the economy. He is probably another one of those who thinks Malaysia is not in a recession and there is no need to care for the welfare of the people.It is minister like this that makes the people hate the BN government. Sheer arrogance and no skill in dealing with the masses. Surely, we all know those things are in the agreement and we certainly don't need a dim-witted minister to tell us that was the reason.

In every business, no matter how tight the agreement is, there is always room for negotiations and in this particular case it is Mohd Zin responsibility to negotiate with the concessionaires to suspend or postpone the increase until the economic climate has improved.If such negotiation failed to bring the desired result than the government should pay the concessionaires the price increase.After all it's taxpayers' money that they are going to use.It's the government, not the people, that signed those lopsided agreements putting too much money in the concessionaire's pockets.Some are cronies of those in power.

To show how screwed up the system is.... the example of how the CEO of Tenaga Che Khalib Mohamad was chosen as 'CEO Of The Year 2008' when the company he manages posted huge losses of almost RM1 billion in 2008.The people at Business Times ought to have their heads examined.

This is the time when government must react to the people's problem and do it utmost to lessen the financial burden on the people.This is the time when government should take care of the interests of the masses not just the interests of a few towkeys or some manufactured Malay entrepreneurs who were there simply because of the goddamn policy rather than their own capability.

This is not the time to overtax the people with additional expenses which the government could well absorb itself.There is little doubt that the minister concerned lack experience and is probably too lazy to put in an effort to negotiate with the concessionaires.Of course, it is easier to say the government had no choice.

It appears that the Prime Minister either has no knowledge of this critical issue or flip-flop again, otherwise, he wouldn't call for a review. Like most of us he probably found out after reading the newspaper.Would you believe such an important issue that going to affect the livelihood of the people was not brought to the PM's attention?

This government must have the worst cabinet ministers as far back as I can remember.They are void of any talent and incapable of making intelligent decisions.
In everything they do, the BN ministers, knowingly or unknowingly, sabotaged their own government.Already in a precarious position, having lost two by-elections and with three by-elections in the offing they still can't make sensible decision.

A government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. (Abraham Lincoln)

This one might.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with them. They only know to take care of themselves and cronies. Who cares about the poor rakyat? Maybe hantu will.

kittykat46 said...

A lot of people are pinning all their hopes in Najib being able to fix the problem - by instituting "harsh measures".

I'm not holding my breath - he's very much part and parcel of the "Worst Cabinet in Malaysian History".

kluangman said...

Boleh tak kita rakyat kalau tak komen lebih lebih sebaliknya mengambil pendekatan sendiri untuk penjimatan atau sebagainya.

Anonymous said...

bodoh punya PM.. accorsing to the star today, the decision to raise the toll hike was agreed by the cabinet 3 weeks back.

Of course Pak Lah must know abt the decision because he IS THE FREAKING CABINET MINISTER.

today he said he will ask the same cabinet to review the hike. WHAT A STUPID IDIOT!


bangang punya PM. Terbodoh dalam sejarah!



kittykat46 said...

I'll give Pak Lah a break.

He's essentially on leave now, just one month before he hands over to Najib.
The whole Cabinet deserves to take the heat for this display of complete disengagement from the worries of the every day lives of ordinary Malaysians.

Anonymous said...


"A government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. (Abraham Lincoln)"

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the USA and his quotation does not fit our country.

It clearly doesn't fit even your recent articles as the above quotation omits the role of the Rulers.
In your recent articles, you have not championed "A government of the people" as you never pushed on arguments for re-election in Perak, which would give the choice back to the people.

Otherwise, excellent article this time....Ever wonder why the consession agreements are never made public? Yet the public must accept that 'toll hike is stipulated in the concession contract'...

Anonymous said...

Kittykat, no way we should give pak lah a break.. he had made us suffer for the past 5 stupid years... especially when he increased the fuel price to RM2.70!

mana ada harga barang turun sangat pun sekarang! lousy PM deserves kata cacian dari rakyat.


dont u tell me that pak lah should be forgiven..

fearless said...

Government is listening to the people, toll hike put off.

Anonymous said...

I seems Pak Lah is trying to drain the nation's coffer before he leaves for good. IJN and now this....

Anonymous said...

"Government is listening to the people, toll hike put off?"

Kakakaka..they got clobbered and bashed up by the public in the last 24 hours, that's why !

How out of touch can you get ?

SM said...


Answer to your question..."What's Wrong With This Government?"
To borrow from's time for a "Change we can believe in"!

fearless said...

Anonymous 6:44 PM,

Government want to increase toll rate you people blah.....govt put off toll rate you people also you know where such people belong?. Apes would at least appreciate the feeder.

fearless said...

The globe have suffered significantly from US bullshits, yet some fools still believe in their rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Am a fearless donkey, take away the carrot from me, am sad....Dangle back the carrot in front of me, am happy.....and you can then ride me all day long, yippee!!!

fearless said...

And the indomitable creature leap, the flimsy rider then crush to the ground.......

Hantu Laut said...

This is not the first time the government flip-flop.In view of the recession they should have not announced the increase in the first place.They are making themselves as laughing stock.

I have always tried to be fair with my writing but there are times when it is impossible to defend the government actions.

The cabinet comprises of bunch of jokers.Unless,there are major change to the cabinet members the BN government is going to evanescent into history.

Although I think Pakatan is not a good alternative the people's sentiments are going in that direction.

Anonymous said...

BN will take care of a tycoon (with gaming licence) first, a reward for helping BN to takeover Perak. Watch an announcement by the public listed company under this tycoon by June.
If I were the PR State Government, I will not renew the operating licence for all the premises and hang this tycoon dry first. Afterall, no loss coz gaming is bad. Kill 2 birds with one stone, no?
Hantu, yes my thoughts are in sync with the politicians though its bad for the economy. Politics over economics!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with today government?? The cabinet ministers all must koret,koret,koret their asses and smell it. That's what wrong with the cabinet today. You see it started from previous PM, why?? B'cos rewards given to failures and nincomputs in the government. The stupidier you're more rewards you'll earn. So the trend has been set.
The top government oficers are full of them lots. The works minister is afraid for his career. If he acted according,sensibly and smartly, he will have a short term in office. So better be stupid and get rewarded.heh hehheh..

Anonymous said...

No matter what the agreement is all about with the concessionaires, the governmnet of the day still have powers and jurisdictions over the contracts to review or amend. A contract is not a "dead thing" its "alive", so it can be added/omitted as such. If the contract is lopped sided it called blackmail, hence it can be challenged in the court of law.