Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mahathir Knows Best

Hantu Laut

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad warned Najib not to have corrupt leaders in his cabinet. He said Najib will be signing his own death warrant and will lose the next general elections if corrupt leaders become members of the cabinet. I wonder which UMNO leaders Dr.M consider clean and acceptable to the people ?

Although, I believe Dr M himself is not corrupted, whether he was aware or not, there were many unsavoury characters in his cabinet as well and most of them are still in the present cabinet.

Unless, UMNO cleans up its act the probability of losing power in the next general elections is pretty high. Sabah and Sarawak may not be the safety nets anymore. The three by-elections coming up soon will decide whether Najib has what it takes to be the prime minister.If he wins just two of the three by-elections than his credit rating would move into positive territory.Losing all or winning just one would have disastrous consequence on the tenure of his premiership. This is not just a test for him but a duel between him and Anwar Ibrahim

To show that he is serious in wanting change the first thing he must to do is to undertake a major overhaul of his cabinet. He should bring in younger, capable and untainted faces. If he bowed to the wishes of the warlords in the party than he would face the same tragic circumstances that Pak Lah faced when he gave in to the growls of the warlords.

Like Obama he comes in as leader of a nation during difficult times.If he can't turn around the economic crisis within the next 12 months than he may cause disquiet within his party and possible revolt and shift of allegiance.

Najib will have a daunting and difficult task whether to clean up corruptions and do away with political patronage and faces uprising from his party royalists or allow the status quo to continue and faces possible extinction at the next polls.He may be placed in a situation of sitting between the devil and the deep blue sea.Without his strong conviction and resolve changes may not come.

Most members of UMNO see the party as a money machine and the higher they go the bigger is the windfall.This concept is deeply entrenched in the minds of the members as can be seen by the use of money in their quest for positions in party elections.They are prepared to spend first and knew they can recoup the amount many times more when they are in position of influence.

For 22 years Mahathir was probably the only brain that was working in UMNO.

Will Najib return to Mahathirism? Dr M knows best.


Anonymous said...

The current legacy is the inheritance of Mahathir. He started the Direct appointment of contractors thru direct negotiation. Najib was his powerful Defence Minister.
Najib and all have learnt how to manipulate from sifu Mahathir. So now Mahathir can't help but watch in awe what worst can be done by his once own cabinet. The corruption, the manipulation and worst the extermination..

SM said...


Yes, Mahatir knows best.
Unfortunately the harm has already been done. It's a bit too late.
With Najib as PM (& Rosmah as First Lady) Malaysia will slowly go down hill.
God help us all!

Anonymous said...

I pity him, he should have retired but with all the guilt of what he has done , he can not retire peacefully.


Anonymous said...

why is everyone assuming that we will have general elections and that if the current ruling parties don't change themselves, that it will be the end of their hold on power?

There are many ways and reasons to justify holding on to power apart from elections.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Stated
"There are many ways and reasons to justify holding on to power apart from elections"
One reason: To ensure one still holds the power of the PDRM, MACC,the Judges, the Army etc so the skeleton of Altantuya will not continue to knock from inside the cupboard.

Anonymous said...

You really believe that the old man is not corrupt? You must be born not long ago or you were very young in the late 80’s. That was when the old man mixed business and politics, with race and religion thrown in for better control. That was when our pillars of democracy were torn down single-handedly by him. That was when hundred over innocent people, mainly opposition politicians were thrown into ISA in order for him to achieve his goal without hindrance.

You could now see the results of his handiwork. Money politics; tolled highways all over the place; IPPs; water privatization to cronies; negotiated contracts; etc, etc. I sincerely believe that God is keeping him alive today to let him see and realize the folly of his ways. May God forgive him for what he had done even though many Malaysians may not.

Angry and Sad Old Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Hey !
HL , you again !

Don't be a half-baked writer.

“When the mind withdraws into itself and dispenses with facts it makes only chaos.”

Edith Hamilton quotes (American Educator and Author. Known for popularizing classical Greek and Roman literature. 1867-1963)


Don't be a commentor without conscience.

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”

Woodrow T. Wilson quotes
(American 28th President of the United States 1856-1924)

Anonymous said...

Anybody wants to know Hantu secret. He is the Utusan Melayu newspaper managing editor who spins venon on behalf of Khir , Najib and gang.

kittykat46 said...

Mahathir is very much the Alpha and Omega for UMNO - the beginning and the end. He was UMNO's biggest asset - and also its biggest liability.

Much of what ills UMNO today are either his creations or he condoned it by neglect.

Anonymous said...

He does not know anything just senile

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 11.06 a.m,

You must still be in a daze or had a bad hangover.I take that as a compliment but to be fair to the person you mentioned I must disclaim such nonsense.I am just a simple man who loves to pen my thoughts.