Friday, March 20, 2009

Will The Chickens Come Home To Roost ?

Hantu Laut

The race to be deputy president of UMNO and which by tradition also carry the position of deputy prime minister has taken centre stage and once again embroiled and embattled the party.The political saga continued and the dire economy relegated to the back seat.

Embittered supporters of Ali Rustam who has been barred from contesting the deputy president post have threatened reprisal.How far this threat will go is difficult to tell.

Prime Minister-in-waiting Najib Tun Razak is worried and has deployed his men to try appease the rank and file and restore calm in the party. If Ali's supporters took their threat home than
UMNO may have the 'chickens coming home to roost' and more than what they have bargained for, a deputy president from the land of the yahoos.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has promised to meet Ali Rustam on the matter and Ali has indicated that he is appealing against the ruling made by the disciplinary board which most party members think was unfair and had made the party a laughing stock. The judgement and sentences passed had become the butt of jokes among Malaysians, a kind of 'different strokes for different folks', or same poison but given different antidote, one die and the other survive.

"Najib is destined to rule" says the wife."Let's not do anything unethical to stop it. It is his turn,".

"If God says it is his turn, it is his turn," says Rosmah.Is she in a hurry to be 'First Lady'? Maybe, she is right there must be divine intervention and in spite of his unpopularity and excess baggage it must be divine ruling that he be made to lead this nation.

With age on his side, God willing, Najib will be there for a long time if.........he didn't screw it up and let the man every young Malaysian love to have as prime minister takes over.

If Najib is going to be there for yonks why are the disciplinary board and the leadership in UMNO so worried about Ali Rustam competing for the deputy president post? Wouldn't it be better to have a three-cornered fight rather than a one-to-one head on collision? Do they think UMNO can hold the fort until 2013 and thereafter?

Mahathir had change of deputies four times before he handed over the premiership to Abdullah Badawi. Will Najib keep the same deputy all the time, or, like Mahathir, change him when the affection wears out and yet make the same mistake, as Mahathir by his own admission says he chose the wrong successor. Even if Muhyiddin won this round would he be re-elected again next round or would he become prime minister before the term end?

In politics anything can happen, just as nobody expect Ali Rustam to be the front runner in the race for the deputy president. Don't forget it was Muhyiddin who initiated the exit of Pak Lah. He is the 'Braveheart' in UMNO and probably more acceptable to the masses.

The preoccupation with politics have made the government less occupied with finding solutions to the economic crisis that beset the nation.Announcing the stimulus is one thing but if nothing goes on the ground it would be just pure academic exercise. As I have said, time and again, we have lost precious time and the catch up game may be longer and more costly.

The US started their rescue package about eight month ago and they have yet to see results. I wouldn't be surprised if our economy enter negative territory of at least -0.5 to -1.5 percent for the the year 2009 and total export shrunk by 30-40 percent by mid-year.

This is a democracy in peril and a nation that has lost its rudder and is on a perilous journey into troubled waters if the politicking doesn't stop soon.

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Anonymous said...


Sorry la Hantu. What you wish for will not happen. Ali Rustam is already throwing the weight of his supporters to the 'other' candidate....

They will NOT change....


Hantu Laut said...


Your comment makes no sense.Be specific, which candidate, Muhy or Taib ?

What is my wish?

Malaysia Tanah Air Ku said...

I'm a young Malaysian, below 30 anyway, and YES, I fervently hope for another to be the PM, not Najib, not anyone else from UMNO.

This country can only truly start to reform with UMNO out in the Opposition. The PR guys are also flawed, everyone is, but if we continue on the current path, we are going Down as a nation.

SM said...


As you commented in your answer to my comment earlier, the UMNO Disciplinary Board had a chnace to clean-up but they blew it (even Old Man [TDM] said so).
By the way, Rosmah is talking about God wanting Najib to be PM?! She better be careful...lightning may strike her one of these days!
We ALL know that she has wanted to be First Lady from the day she married Najib. Let's wait & see.
Hey, maybe DYMM will decide to elect someone else (Ku Li?) PM! Hahahaha! But we all know that won't happen (& those who are calling for it don't really know our Royalty that well).
For now, we just have to wait & watch the "sandiwara" that UMNO is playing. Unfortunatley Malaysia & Malaysians have to pay the price.

Ever Onwards said...

Ah Hantu! Just to comment on your speculation: "With age on his side, God willing, Najib will be there for a long time if.........he didn't screw it up and let the man every young Malaysian love to have as prime minister takes over."

Like you, I would rather have "the man every young Malaysian love to have as prime minister" take over soon. But will it happen? It might. But not in the way you have predicted, my dear Hantu.

Let me present to you another scenario, which I think is likely to occur, given the situation as it stands:

Right now, there are numerous disgruntled or unhappy UMNO members:

1) AAB, Khairy J & their clique

2) Ali Rustam & his clique

3) Mahathir, his son, & their clique

4) Tengku Razaleigh & his clique

5) Anwar Ibrahim & his UMNO associates (yes, Hantu, if you don't know, he's still quite influential within UMNO)

The UMNO elections will bring to the fore another disgruntled group:

6) Muhyiddin & his clique

Yes, Muhyiddin will lose the election, given the fact that the supporters of Ali (who is leading the race) now back Mat Taib. He will be unhappy. Although there is no rule saying that the UMNO second supremo will also be the DPM, this is virtually an unwritten rule now, and cannot be changed. And this means that Muhyiddin WON'T be the DPM.

What happens next is very interesting: some, most, or all of the disgruntled UMNO factions above (and some others I haven't mentioned) will gang up against Najib, and together with some of the other BN component parties and the opposition (who will give unanimous support), will call for a vote of no confidence on the Prime Ministership of Najib. The no-confidence vote will be carried, but this won't be a parliament of kataks. New elections will be called. Some UMNO members will form a new party (Semangat 46 by another name?) or join other existing ones.

To cut a long story short, who will be the PM? My bet is on either Tengku Razaleigh or Muhyiddin. How that works out remains to be seen. I have to say though, that I am more confident about my elections prediction above than I am about the next (or next after) PM. But whatever it is, I don't think Anwar will be the PM yet, although he will most likely be a member of the new government's cabinet, and may even be the DPM.

Will it happen? Well, let us sit back and relax, shall we, and see whether it will?

donplaypuks® said...

If 2M wins it will confirm Ali was sacked becoz he was not corrupt enough and did not extend his launderings to Oz and NZ for FDI's.

If Mopeydpopey wins, he wil be stuck in the DPM's post for a very, very long time given Rosemajib's youth.

But I have to ask Mopey's supporters, tell me 1 thing we can say he achieved that is truly outstanding. And despite Rosemajib's assurance to the Rakayat, Mopey is talking about extending AP Kings till 2020 and even beyond.

No, the org is rotten to the core and unless UMNO does some real blood letting, their imminent demise is truly assured!

Anonymous said...


Even though it's an assumption from me but it's easy one.

Between Mat Taib and Muhyiddin, it is illogical that you would wish for Mat Taib when you have talking about changes and reforms for UMNO.
So before you say it.... it's not putting words in your mouth, it a logical conclusion on your choice base on your articles. No reader of your blog even need to read your mind for this 'conclusion' because you wear your heart on your sleeves...obvious
Now, don't tell me that my conclusion is wrong and you are indeed illogical...

Anyway, I would wish for Muhyiddin too (although my 'preference' would be Ku Li and it's for the presidency).

Some would say I or you hantu, have no right in this so called 'democratic' process because we are not an UMNO member but in actual fact we DO have the right because who ever chosen should form the leadership of Malaysia and we are very much Malaysian like any UMNO member.

What I am telling you here, in continuation of many other comments...Don't bet on it...Looks very likely that Mat Taib will win because UMNO will not change.......until UMNO eat that humble pie which is GE defeat...

Myself, I too would be an UMNO apologist if I saw any hope. But there is none sadly. Even though I am outsider to UMNO, personally I have contributed whatever I can to give them feedback for changes [ha ha ha but I give my effort to PR too :-)]. But all the UMNO programs I have been to, all telling that UMNO will NOT change.

Best regards,

ps: and yes. of course la the 'other' is Mat Taib

Anonymous said...

And EVER ONWARDS, please la. ANWAR does NOT have any more influence in UMNO.
Surely he wishes to have some influence but it's just HOT AIR la...
He is still disillusioned by some 'pretenders' in UMNO who claimed to be friendly to him. I am not talking bull here...take Perak example la when the first frog jumped tipu to PR....malu only!

And Anwar has a track-record on this as well, so many so called 'close associates' dumped him, from Zahid Hamidi to kumpulan 12 to Ezam to kumpulan entah berapa lagi entah....Weak judgment all over...He couldn't even pick the right 'coffee boy', man...

Come la, that's not very 'prime-ministerial' like la...

The only one who will probably be loyal to him to his grave is just Azmin, and I wonder why?

Best Regards,

ps: First thing Anwar needs is a professional headhunter kut?

Nostradamus said...


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M - Mahathir? Musa? Muhyiddin? Mohd Ali? Muhammad Muhd? Money?????????
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Ever Onwards said...

Hi Jimbo,

Firstly, I agree with you that the Hantu probably meant Muhyiddin instead of Mat Taib -- that's how I read it anyway, and you and anyone reading his piece. (I said the same thing in my previous post).

Secondly, on whether Anwar has any more influence in UMNO. Perhaps 'influence' is not the appropriate word. Let me say that he has "friendly pockets" there who will work with him rather than for him? Anyway, let's see where the wind blows in the next few months, shall we?

Thirdly, about those who jumped ship. Zahid Hamidi? That arrogant and untrustworthy politician? I think if you want to include Zahid, you should also include the presumptive Perak MB, Zambry, who was, after all arrested under the ISA for his association with Anwar.

And Ezam? Opportunist extraordinaire! A person with neither morals nor principles! He is obviously trying to fish for the best advantage in UMNO, and the fools there have taken him in! The less said about this
double-headed snake, or a nasty chameleon whose tail cannot be stepped on, the better.

Anyway, you said that Anwar's "weak judgment" led to his choice of these personalities. So, why did UMNO take them back then? Isn't Ezam not a Trojan Horse who is actually working against UMNO? Even
Muhyiddin suspects that he is one
. And so what's so Prime Ministerial about Abdullah and Najib accepting them back?

Anonymous said...

First, I apologise to Hantu for making his blog’s comment section a small debate with Ever Onwards. I hope Hantu doesn’t mind me putting in some comments, irrelevant to his article, but I judge necessary in order to put my take on the subject of leadership in the response by Ever Onwards to me.

Dear Ever Onwards,

Let’s go Tun M’s style:

1. In your response to me, you put Anwar in the same league as Pak Lah and Najib for their ‘prime-ministerial’ quality. Your reasoning was, if Pak Lah and Najib can accept Anwar’s left-over supporters, then they are no better than Anwar.
I will not rebut you.
Thus, you should not have any preference either it’s Anwar, Pak Lah or Najib because you insinuated it clearly that they are of the same caliber.
To be fair, I will state my preference.
My preference given the current situation of the country is Ku Li. So, for me, it does make a difference if it’s Anwar, Pak Lah or Najib.
I do however find no convincing proof over the allegations made towards Najib. I also do not believe he’s as clean as a piece of white cloth, nobody is anyway, but the allegations thrown at him are grossly exaggerated. I would like to see what he will do when he gets his chance as PM. He should be given that chance.

2. I am not interest with Anwar’s personal life but I am interested in his public person. If he ever become PM, the only saving grace as far as Anwar is concerned for me, is that he would be a PM of compromise because of DAP & PAS.
He will not be a strong and dominant PM. The disaster he would cause can be contained, let’s say if compared to the then possible scenario that he would succeed Tun M directly.
He knows this, thus why you have the AIC. Why would a leader need a ‘fan club’ among the youth??? Answer: it’s to build a support base for the future simply because those who remember his past, there are presently too many. He needs to balance the future ‘pros & cons’ camps towards him.
This strategy has been used before in many countries by their own doubtful leaders. No difference here……

3. Too long if we debate about Zahid Hamidi’s or Ezam’s quality or defaults. As potential leaders, I prefer neither one.
So, I wouldn’t be reading the links you provided as I do know one of them personally and I have no issue of credibility or malice towards the person. Instead, as a person (not as a leader), I have quite high regards for him. I also concluded that all the personal attacks on him are not true at all.

4. Now, let’s go subjective a bit.
I want to give you a piece of advice.
You have the right to support whoever you want to support. If you admire Anwar as a leader, then you should contribute to his cause.
My advice is that you don’t do that blindly by putting pro Anwar comments everywhere base solely on your perception, on what you read on him or on what he says. Go and try to get close to him. Get to know him as a person, get to know his trusted lieutenant Azmin, get to know those who are close to him now and those who were close to him then (plenty of former associates for you to choose). See what quality they have, what defaults they possess. This will make you know Anwar the man and eventually Anwar the leader a lot better.
Gather you data and make you own conclusion. Once that is done, you can be at peace either you will support him or not. Because whatever your direction towards Anwar will be, it will be with a CONSCIENCE.
That is very important. It’s the essence of struggle…

Best regards,

Ever Onwards said...

I wouldn't like to engage in a long debate, and the best way to do that is to end on a concensual note. Apologies to the Hantu are certainly in order -- sorry for taking the space here. I do agree that Tengku Razaleigh is the best candidate for PM: so no disagreement here. Anwar is not even my second choice: it has to be Muhyiddin. I don't know where Jimbo stands on Muhyiddin, but I believe he prefers him to Anwar. So we don't radically disagree again. Anyway, thank you for your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

You sound like someone who knows/ knew Anwar intimately....kakakakaak

Hantu Laut said...

Ever Onwards,

No apology needed.That what blogs are for so we can have sensible and intelligent discourses.

UMNO need a new leader and not from the present batch.Tengku Razaleigh would be ideal but he has been out too long and have no grassroots support in the party and the warlords in UMNO will not let him in.

Najib will have great difficulty to change people's perception because of the excess baggage he carries with him and I would say even Muhyiddin would have a hard time convincing Malaysians to accept a new and changed UMNO unless all the present cabinet ministers are dropped for new and untainted faces.

If Najib or Muhy keep the same jokers than there little chance they can change people's perception that UMNO is a sinking ship and not worth saving.