Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anwar Running Out Of Silver Bullets

Hantu Laut

A miss is as good as a mile they say and it looks like with Najib at the helm the distance between Anwar and the coveted title may have stretched far apart. An infinite journey for Anwar unless the bomb he planned to drop tonight has something to do with him staging another coup.

In his usual tongue in cheek style he ridiculed Najib releasing of the 13 ISA detainees quoting inconsistency.

Certainly, I don't expect Anwar to be jumping with joy and showers Najib with accolades. His strong advocate against the ISA and his negative response against Najib's recent actions shows his own inconsistency.Does he expect those people to be locked up for life? They must be a time when they have to be released from detention. Depending on the severity of their crime some may have to stay longer.

He said "Pakatan Rakyat still protests against this draconian law. They can still detain, then release, detain and release. Where is the justice? What kind of government is this?"

When he was in UMNO and was deputy prime minister he didn't talked like this.He was quite happy helping to lock up those who criticised the government with his eyes wide open and his conscience locked. What kind of politician is he?

He said UMNO is a party of flip-flops and in his usual demagogic rendering said "When we said the RM7 billion economic stimulus package was not enough, they said, no, this is enough. Then Najib announced a new RM60 billion plan and they said we support it. When the government called the detainees terrorists, they supported. Now it says they are suddenly innocent and they also support."

Anwar Ibrahim appears to have run out of silver bullets and is taking potshots at Najib.


Hamba said...

What silver bullet??? Ordinary citizen can't have weapon or ammo! Only those in power and Gomen have that privilege... Silver bullet??? We don't even have BB gun let alone C4.... What are you 'talkong' about??? Hantu don't need guns and bullet, do they? Bet you can get some C4 from Pee EM.

xyz said...

I don't know why, but hamba's comment is somewhat funny..hehe could it be he doesn't know what 'silver bullet' is? I think HL wasn't talking about silver bullet as in literally..

But, yeah, Anwar is running out of silver bullets.

SM said...


Najib thinks that we are monkeys? Give the Malaysian Public Monkeys some Peanuts (in this case a few ISA detainees & "unsuspend" the 2 Opposition Newspapers) & they will grovel & kiss your feet (not to mention the real PM, i.e. Rosmah!
If he's going to free the ISA detainees, then free them all! think Najib's going to stop the ISA? It's one of the best tools of the BN (& especially now that Mahatir is back giving Najib advice?)!
The 2 Opposition Newspapers were suspended so that Najib can oh so considerately & bravely do this "great" service to Malaysians (One Malaysia? Ya rite! When will UMNO ever give up their Racist "Ketuanan Melayu" agenda?).
Sorry, only the UMNO supporting monkeys will take the bait!
Yup, DSAI may be running out of Silver Bullets, BUT he's got lots more of "Silver-tipped" Arrows!

Ulan Bator said...

Umm...I think BN just kissed goodbye to Bukit Selambau.
Read the news tomorrow morning

2 more to go...after that Najib Mongolia

Hantu Laut said...


Silver bullet is a metaphor meaning you have a straighforward solution that can be used effectively.

A good example is the myth that only silver bullet can kill vampire,werewolf and other folklore beasts.

My article - Anwar running out of ideas how to stop Najib becoming PM.

Hantu Laut said...

Bro,chill out.Don't take it too seriously.Give the guy a chance.He has been there only 2 days.

Anonymous said...

Your and UMNO idiots reasoning of DSAI flip flopping is ridiculous.

Has it never occured to you that UMNO policies is failed?

Should a man not be congratulated that he nows recognises its wronga dn evil polciies and choose to criticise it rather than stay in UMNO the shit party and live with it?

There is NOTHING wrong in changing one's mind and working for the greater good.

You should be raining hell on Najis and all thise idiots in UMNO and those running dogs in MCA and MIC that support corrutption, that suppport ISA, that support restrictions on Printing etc and all of those divisive and corrupt polciies.

You mean one can never change , even for the greater good?

What a warped commentary.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 10.14,
It is someone who has a septic brain like yours and incapable of logical argument that simply called others idiots.

For someone who doesn't bother to write in a proper language, I am surprised you can spell the word 'shit' correctly or was it the only clever rendition you are good at?

Anwar is a public figure, he is the same as Najib and the rest.He has no immunity against public scrutiny as much as Najib is.

Anwar is not spotless.He is not working for the greater good, he is working for his own self to further his cause to be PM of this nation and to avenge those who put him in the slammer.

He is the biggest hypocrite as far as I am concerned, there is nothing genuine about him.

Ulan Bator said...

"He is the biggest hypocrite as far as I am concerned, there is nothing genuine about him"

Such a precise, accurate description of Najib Mongolia.

Hantu Laut,
Thank you, Thank you.

Sans said...

"Depending on the severity of their crime some may have to stay longer."

Err, Hantu,if a crime has been committed than there are quite a lot of laws they can charged under including sedition.

If the state uses the ISA, then there is no "crime" per say as you are not charged in court and there is no reason given for your detention. The government can keep you as long as they want (with extensions every 2 years a formality).

If you are charged with a "crime" you go through the court system and if guilty you know your length of incarneration.

No such thing under the ISA, so saying"Depending on the severity of their crime some may have to stay longer." is not correct. There has been no case or judgement. Just a Home Minister arbitraly making a decision. In essence he can do anything under the ISA. So saying those charged under the ISA are criminal (which you did not) is is also incorrect since they have not been charged and judged in open court.

P.S - PR should focus on the underpinnings of BN rather than personal attacks on Najib. That will simply not work.

I hope that BN and PR will really contest for our voes

Anonymous said...

Come on, HL. Don't you have any better article than this? Ya, Anwar is not a perfect human. So does you. But he offer us a change that we can beleive in. We already been rule under a damn regime for so many years. I hope you could offer some better article rather than this kind of junk

Anonymous said...

Helo Penyokong Umno,

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Pasal DSAI tak payah cerita--tanya budak pun tahu ada conspiracy untuk bunuh karier politiknya. Sukma dan Munawar tidak pun buat laporan polis bahawa mereka telah di liwat--tetapi polis telah tangkap mereka dibawah ISA dan seksa mereka untuk menuduh DSAI liwat mereka. Azizan pula tidak diperiksa oleh doktor tetapi masih boleh dihukum oleh makhamah yang korup itu. Saiful pula telah diperiksa oleh doktor tetapi tidak ada kesan liwat--tetapi berani sumpah atas Al-Quran kerana duit. Ikut bos dia yang sumpah tak kenal Altantuya--tetapi baru baru ini telah tersebar di seanataro dunia berita Altantuya. Kalau beliau tidak terlibat kenapa ADCnya Musa Safri arah Azila dan Sirul jumpa Razak Baginda. Kalau makhamah impartial--kenapa tidak panggil Musa Safri untuk beri keterangan. Apa motif Azila dan Sirul bunuh Altantuya--kalau bukan wang. Dan siapa yang janji wang itu. Jadi apa nilainya bersumpah atas Al-Quran.Dalam kes Saiful--mereka kata ada bukti kukuh--tetapi tak berani bicara di hadapan Hakim Komathi--seorang hakim yang impartial--takut kalah. Tetapi konspirator mati mati mahu dengar kes tersebut di makhamah tinggi--supaya mereka boleh lantik seorang hakim yang korup seperti Augustine Paul. Kehakiman yang korup telah dibongkar dalam video Lingam. Jadi apa lagi hendak di kata. Pakai otak dan fikir secara rasional.

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