Sunday, May 24, 2009

Apathy The Mother Of All Crimes

Hantu Laut

This country is showing a worrying trend of social ills and regressive behaviour of our youths. Rapes, robbery to murder, not a single day without these heinous crimes being reported in the media. Even more alarming the rapists and victims are getting younger. As disgustingly as it can get even babies and toddlers have been raped.

Incestuous rapes, where young girls became victims of their father's lust are becoming the rule rather than the exception.Some have been raped over many years and were not reported due to fear of the father's wrath.Some cases were only reported after the girl had become more matured and understand what the father has been doing to her is wrong. Such men have reduced themselves to living in the animal kingdom where sex is instinctively a cause for propagation of the specie.What was reported could just be the tip of the iceberg.

These days how many young men would give up their seats to a lady, the elderly or the handicap? It is becoming a rare commodity.Go on any public buses or trains and see for yourself the appalling behaviour of the younger generation.Incivility and rudeness take front seat where ever you go, from government offices to schools to the cab drivers, you'll get a fair share of discomfiture. Our capital city has one of the worst taxi drivers in the world, rude,intimidating and dishonest.Some are known to have raped their female passengers.

Take the recent report of a poor lady who apparently was in a hurry and jumped queue at a bus stop, manhandled and punched in the face by a man. Instead of just giving her a telling off he resorted to summary judgement and meted out his own brand of justice.

Much of today's younger generation failed in civility and good manners.Good manners had become the exception rather than the rule.

It is the flaw and flavour at home that should carry bigger share of the blame.Parents apathy were major causes of  juvenile delinquent and bad upbringing. Some of our schools, the second front after parenting, are as broken as the broken homes the wayward child came from.Apathetic teachers who take no pride in their job.There for the money only.When I went to school teachers were highly respected and looked upon as mentors. 

Like many other things in this country the problem starts at the source. Bad drivers come from bad driving schools, bad students come from bad schools and bad teachers come from bad teachers training colleges.

The increase in crime is related to law-enforcement, the lack of which is evident in most areas in this country.Again, apathy contributed to the increase in crime rate.When criminals think they can get away with it they will continue their crime spree.Kuala Lumpur is fast becoming hotbed for criminals and crime capital of the world.

Although, the police can't be omnipresence to combat crime, it is evident they are not giving it their best shot.


Anonymous said...

Can we say it is because of our education system failed big time? All these years of thousands & thousands of 15A's & 16A's etc are all bull? Who were the past education ministers for the last 20years? During our time we had less than 5 students scoring more than 7or 8A's each year but our peers definitely have more decency, respect the system etc etc etc

sunwayopal said...

Of course the PDRM is not omnipresence.

They are dem beezee doing in Perak lah, stopping peaceful vigils lah, arresting lawyers lah etc etc etc.

PDRM dem kaw hardworking man!!!!

donplaypuks® said...

You nailed it on this one.

The debacle we commonly face is a combination of public and police apathy.

Law & order is the next most important thing for us after the Economy.

And those at the top must plan better to ensure acceptable police:population ratios are maintained as well as proper selection, training and rewarding of our enforcers.

The perceptible lack of presence of police is itself a major contributory factor to rising crime.

SM said...


I don't think we can put this one "fully" at the PDRM's feet. After all they are just minions of UMNO!
UMNO tells them to go "jaga" the Perak State Assembly building, UMNO tells them to "storm" DAP HQ (without a warrant), UMNO tells them to arrest Citizens who hold peaceful Candle light vigils, UMNO tells them to arrest citizens who wear black t-shirts (you can't simply wear black you know!), UMNO tells them to arrest Lawyers who try to see their clients!
I'm sure you can see the similarities here with the Gestapo & the South African Secret Police (I know you are an UMNO supporter but I consider you to have a little more grey matter than most mentally challenged UMNO supporters).
In the mean time, the Mat Rempit, the snatch thieves, the murderers & repists & child molesters (wher are those kidnepped & missing children?!).
The PDRM can't be "attacking" crime while they are harassing law-abiding citizens & opposition Politicians!

Hantu Laut said...

It is bad parenting that come first not the education system.Bad schools could be the other factor.

Hantu Laut said...

Fully agree with you.The public lack of confidence in the police is adding to the problem.I know of people who don't bother to report minor crime to the police because of the hassle you get doing so.

Anonymous said...

Dear All

can we solely blame to bad parenting? I come from a single parent family and never know who my father is, my mum cant really speak english but i worked hard and now i am working and living a decent life in Australia.

i can be rude but i choose not to.

my school has lots of appalling teachers who doesnt give a damn to their students welfare. i remembered I had this physics teacher who is an idiot, whenever i asked him questions he told me that i am asking stupid questions and i should not be in his class.

my point is that whilst having good family and teachers are great no doubt but at the end of the day its the person that has to be responsible for their life. we make choices everyday......

Anonymous said...

As jared diamond identified, the rule of law was a prerequiste for economic development. If our government is really serious about stimulating the economy, an allocation of part of the stimulus package must go to making the police effecive and the streets safe for us.