Thursday, May 28, 2009

Perempuan Ronggeng ?

Hantu Laut

Are they any better than the devil they painted of UMNO and the BN.They showed utter disgust and threw tantrums when BN lawmakers made sexist remark in Parliament.

This double standard hypocritical bunch of political stragglers are worse than the BN undesirables.

PKR's VP Azmin Ali resorted to unrefined language when he called Aminah Abdullah 'Minah Ronggeng'

My wife is half Javanese and half Chinese and according to her it is an insult to call a lady a ronggeng girl.'Ronggeng' is a Javanese word for a dance and in the old days the dancers who get paid to dance with men are called 'perempuan ronggeng' .It also connotes low social status and loose moral.

Where are the ladies in PKR and UMNO, aren't they going to scream for blood or just let it be because Aminah is not from their camps or maybe she is not so good looking so it is alright for her to be insulted by this no school PKR vermin.

The ronggeng are now modernised with Bollywood influence into a very saucy and sexy dance called 'dangdut' .I understand banned in Malaysia.

Enjoy the video.


SM said...


You are right!
No excuse for him to call her that. He should apologize immediately!
My thoughts on all this is that she's trying to gain some publicity (which she has due to the MSM & UMNO support) but I bet you she will lose badly (maybe even lose her deposit or was it the deposit that UMNO gave her to contest?!) and then crawl back into the hole from where she came (or maybe she will join Wanita UMNO & try to get a better posting)

eddy said...

Bro, Azmin is a typical PKR/Pakatan leader. When they run out of ideas to counter someone who are opposed or not sympathetic to them, they would invariably give a derogatory label to the individual like the latest label "minah ronggeng" designed to put down Kak Min's allegations against PKR dirty tactics which was caught on tape by the way.

I am not at all surprised by Azmin and his holier than thou, cakap tak serupa bikin, attitude.