Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What! PKR Using Our Kangaroo Court?

Hantu Laut

So Aminah was not lying when she spilled the beans about PKR.The culprits have now come out and admitted it was true they were with her and have tried to cover their ill intent by saying it was a meeting of jovial nature.

Supreme council member Cheah Ka Peng and special officer to a Penang PKR executive councillor Peter Lim today said the meeting, as claimed by Aminah, did take place at the latter's house on May 13. Story here.

Aminah said they came with the knowledge of Anwar Ibrahim.The two jokers denied and said they went in their personal capacity.

So, are they any better than the kettle they called black? Just keep on fooling the people that you are better than the devil you painted.

As they say "God's mill grinds slow but sure".The day will come when Malaysians will wake up and realise how they were fooled by hypocrisy and politics of lies and false pretenses.

PKR threatened Aminah to take legal action.Anwar threatened Anifah the same.

What! They are going to use our kangaroo court?


Goh Wei Liang said...

Yeah. They are like this. When things go against them, they say Kangaroo. When judgements go towards their favor, they say bagus !

Crazy people and their supporters together with the leaders at times act like thugs.

Anonymous said...


Do you think Lim Guan Eng can offer her the post of DCM in the first place? She got to ask herself first and her image like a Pasar malam seller would be a laughing stock to the voters in Penanti.

eddy said...

1. Anonymous 8:03pm, where have you been? Didn't you know that Guan Eng got no say in the DCM 1 post, didn't you know that when Fairus "resigned", Guan Eng was in Singapore and did not know about it, boy was he peeved with Anwar Ibrahim. Poor Guan Eng the Chief Minister cannot do anything though as Anwar Ibrahim chooses who becomes DCM 1, not Guan Eng. Tak percaya? Go ask Guan Eng yourself.

If anything involves Anwar Ibrahim, fiction is more true than fact. So, Kak Min the lady you crudely described as a Pasar Malam Seller could well have been enticed with the post of DCM 1. Anwar will promise anybody, that include you Anonymous, the moon just so he can become Prime Minister of Malaysia, I bet you did not know that as well. OK now you know.

2. As for the Pakatan Kangaroo Court, En Goh your comments are spot on. I have nothing further to add.TQ

Romper said...

Kalau PKR tak guna court malaysia nanti judge tak der kerja... Nanti ada lagi trip ke new zealand dengan lawyer...

Y1 said...

What alternative is there to the court system?

There might just be a chance that not all judges are corrupted or put it another way, a minority of judges do uphold justice.

chaptokam said...

And about that lawyer the one a PKR supreme council member Cheah Kah Peng , I know him for quite a long time , but I refused to be associated with him , another useless lawyer who once worked with a legal/law firm called John Khoo and associates along Hutton Lane and corner of Penang Rd . Making use of his office time to get indulged in politics until his boss John Khoo fired him . So you can guess his capability .
They of course pleaded innocence and that they were in Aminah’s home for … in lawyer’s words “a bona fide chat” which simply means “above board, no under the table kind of talk.”
Ever asked a rapist or a robber whether they committed the crime ? Want to know the standard reply ? I am not guilty , I am innocent , I did not do it , I was not there , You must have caught the wrong person , I did not rape that girl , she raped me , she asked me to do it , or I did not rob that guy , he threw away his purse or hand bag , I picked it up and I wanted to return to him/her....
I hope they (the two lawyers) can say , wa tak tau , tanya Anwar , Anwar asked us to do it . We are innocent , we are just following instructions , we do not gain anything by doing this , tanya Anwar dia tau semua , tapi we are scared Anwar will sue us 100 million if we mention him . Wakakaka..... Anwar you are really famous for Gasak dari Belakang Malaysia Boleh.

chaptokam said...

Here's a transcript of the voice recording of Kak Min for those who still don't believe her !!

Go to
to hear the recording.
This is what i heard....
Offer of position if she Aminah withdraws.
If she does'nt and win,offer of reentry to PKR and position.
Discussion of how it is easier to engineer downfall of your own party people than people from other party.
There were criticism that some party members cannot do their jobs.
DR Mansor has poor public relations attitude.
There is doubt about Dr Mansor's work ethics.
There will be manipulation so that nomination could be disqualified
Only Anwar is strong in PKR,the rest are weak.
After agreement,must proceed as if Aminah is contesting,after that all expenses will be repaid by Dr Mansor.
When asked about budget spent,Rm80000 was mentioned,this will be repaid if withdraws from election.
3 days after nomination,decision or announcement will be made to withdraw.
It was mentioned that nominating day is 10 days away.
This offer will be discussed with DR Mansor and other top guns for their agreement.
Dr Zahrin is said to be arrogant.
The presence of a Malay woman in Penang government would be good to attract Malays to the party.
Kak min was blacklisted by PKR before this.
Some PKR men 'Makan duit'
After agreement,"wayang" is to proceed.
Malik is said to be arrogant.
Again,this is what I heard.Hear it yourself for confirmation.

chaptokam said...

Wah whats this again ? every minute got new issue on PKR ? Wah lau me...the political temperature is seen rising like the global warming .

Police report against ‘pro-demonstration’ Selangor MB

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 – A police report has been lodged against Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for allegedly being in favour of illegal demonstrations.

Businessman Azwanddin Hamzah, 36, claimed that Abdul Khalid was quoted by a newspaper as saying that the Selangor government was in favour of street protests organised by certain groups including non-government organisations.