Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who Stoke Racial Tension ? Ask 'Incendiary Nizar' And Malaysian Insider

Hantu Laut

The Malaysian Insider wrote that Nizar remains the man of the hour and did not disappoint the crowd.He stole the limelight from Anwar Ibrahim.Well, it's all a matter of opinion.If the guy who wrote the article thinks so, that's merely his opinion

Nizar has not failed to amaze me with his rhetoric and duplicity. His statement that “Umno tells people: ‘Our closest enemies are the Chinese’,” is clearly a tactic he invented himself to pit the Chinese against UMNO. Although, there may be some individuals in UMNO who might have gone overboard and utter such racist remarks but for Nizar to make it sounds like it is the party ideology and policy is dangerous, can cause racial tension and an unfair allegation. It's about time this sore loser act responsibly and not make statement that can stoke racial tension and disharmony among the people.He also accused UMNO of complicity in the May 13 incident.

Do we have to be reminded of this tragic date every time it comes around ? What benefits would it bring? Do we have to conduct a survey among the young unbeknownst about what they think of it as was done by Malaysian Insider? I just couldn't see the benefits of such exercise. The incident would be better left in the history book.

It makes one wonder who were actually the culprits that stoke racial tension ? There were no racial tension before the emergence of Pakatan, Sure, there must have been some unhappy Chinese and Indians but they were in the minority. You certainly can't please everyone. Most were quite happy going around minding their own business and couldn't be bothered with politics.

Polarisation of the people actually started in the pre-March 2008 General Elections and have gotten worse by the oppositions constant reminder to the Chinese and Indians that they were different and have been treated differently by the BN government.This ugly method of fishing for votes of the Chinese and Indians shows that those in Pakatan couldn't care less about the breakdown of racial and religious harmony as long as they can capture power.The end justifies the mean.

Their culture of dividing the races, act of defiance and contempt of the court of law can be seen in the recent sitting of the Perak State Assembly where the speaker refused to vacate his seat in spite of the fact that he was politely asked to do so after being voted out. They mocked and humiliate the judiciary as if the whole judicial system is rotten and refused to respect judgement handed down by the court.

Malaysian Insider ultimate accolade of Nizar here.


SM said...


Sorry but...seriously I just love crossing swords with you when it comes to the BN & PR!
Yes, you are right, why do we always keep harping on May 13th?! Well, if you check back, whenever there is a by-election or for that matter in the last GE, UMNO was the party that keeps bringing it up!
I guess the other reason is that if we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it (nut then again, the BN Government is constantly changng our history books too so our younger generation will never know what's true).
Keep in mind, if & when the PR takes over from the BN (that too if UMNO will allow it without causing wide spread chaos!), you can be sure I will be one of the first ones to "attack" the PR on policies that I find unfair & stupid!
For now.....go get em Nizar!!!!!

Francis said...

Who is judge Ramli Ali, the judge that gave Zambry an stay within 3 hours?

Well, he is a Lingam appointed judge. A former Chief Registrar of the courts. When Lingam was talking to the disgraced Fairuz on how they were to manipulate the judiciary and appoint their cronies into the bench, Lingam said that Ramli was among the three preferred to be appointed by him. The other two were Datuk Heliliah Mohd Yusuf, a former Solicitor-General and Datuk Ahmad Maarop, a former commissioner of Law Revision. They were appointed as directed by Lingam and agreed upon by Vincent Tan and Mahathir on February 1. 2002.
Dear Malaysians, that's the man who gave a ridiculous stay to Zambry within 3 hours. Oh, by the way, Mohd Nizar needs to wait for about 6 days for his appeal to be heard. 1BlackMalaysia. Performance for Umno now. Malaysia later.

P.s Refer to the Lingam tape for verification. (Also read Jeffooi's blog)

Mohd Noor said...

What you wrote is a load of hogwash. A broken heart that can't appeal to anyone but engage in fantasy and jokes. And I like how Umno has united Malaysians while Pakatan has divied. He he he! Poor toad! Nizar is a sore loser.Of course he is a loser to the extent that he has forced your petty masters(I don't belong to any party jokes aside poor boy) to retreat every moment and wonder where they are being hit. And that loser dominates the scene and forces the "righteous" Umno (don't you like it) to fear him and face him in an election. This Pakatan that divides Malaysia. I hate it. Why can't they unite us as Pendatangs and snakes under Ketuanan Melayu that was decreed by God.

Hantu, you are descending to a new level of desperation and childishness indeed. But that's laudable since it will give you a shot of consolation. Sadisic rhetoric helps its owners momentarily.

williem said...

I just can't believe you can still think the way you think, that is, the Perak Assembly chaos was caused by PR. No wonder your blog attracted only 2 and they, like me, also contradicted you. You are just a loser on this. Should be very frustrating being the only hantu here!

kittykat46 said...

"There were no racial tension before the emergence of Pakatan, ......Polarisation of the people actually started in the pre-March 2008 General Elections"

I think we must be talking about some other country, far, far away.

What existed prior to March 2008 was a kind of docility, the same sort of passive resignation over politics which you see in many, many authoritarian countries (there are plenty to choose from around the world). I'm very well aware of it, because I was one of those masses of compliant people.

Don't mistake that for unity or support for the authorities.

People chose to just go about their business, plain avoided politics because it was a dismal subject. DAP was painting itself into a shrinking corner of heavily Chinese urban constituencies, PAS was ranting away about an Islamic state, only able to succeed in deep rural seats.

March 2008 woke people up with a believable alternative to BN for the first time in this country's history. The combined PAS-DAP effort in Perak further cements this coalition.
I'm under no illusions that PR still has plenty of serious weaknesses.

My feeling is. unfortunately, PR will lose this Perak battle, but in losing, they will be well on the road to win the strategic war in GE13.

The Federal Government after GE13 will very likely NOT be from UMNO-BN.

True Malaysian said...

Poor Hantu Laut
Betul Betul kena hantam teruk teruk. I know you don't take them personally that's how you can have them all printed. Just curious to know why you write the way you did.
Have browsed your other websites, the photos are all beautiful in their natural setting. You must be a great nature lover.
Cheers, have a great evening.

donplaypuks® said...


I don't know whether you have become stupid of late or if it is congenital.

How coud there have been a floor vote when the Deputy Speaker took over while the legal Speaker'e seat was not declared vacant? And how can there be a vote which was not opened to the Opposition?

I suppose you think this illegal MB who claims closeness with Mandela, Ghandhi and Pele is whom we should all admire?

And what about 40 years of stoking racial tension by UMNO/BN? Why complain about MI when you have NST. STAR, Untusan, RTM ec on UMNO/BN's side?

God help you!!

Anonymous said...

HL, you wrote"Their culture of dividing the races, act of defiance and contempt of the court of law can be seen in the recent sitting of the Perak State Assembly where the speaker refused to vacate his seat in spite of the fact that he was politely asked to do so after being voted out. They mocked and humiliate the judiciary as if the whole judicial system is rotten and refused to respect judgement handed down by the court."BUT...BUTT...BUTTT you failed to see that the legitimate speaker Mr Sivakumar had issued an order for Zamry and other suspended ADUN's to leave the dewan for the dewan to proceed, why these goons refuse to follow law and order of the dewan? All the ruckus were started by the BN members who refuse to follow protocol, law and order....and mocked and cooked up everything...

Anonymous said...


I just can't help it, because I find it so amusing that the way you write is as though we the reader, was born yesterday ! Then again, it could be the other way around, because you really sound like you were the one born yesterday !!

Like I said before, out of so many blogs out there, you are one of those that had lost its soul and write without a conscience.

You are either at the pinacle of the BN propaganda machinery, churning out half truth or out right lies trying in futility to convince the naive/innocents
, or, you are just another broken trumpet, sounding out out of tune scores ?

Anonymous said...

HL is not entirely wrong, you know. I for one have never felt this race distinction so much until the last GE. Now you go here and there, most especially in blogsphere it's you racist this, and that.

But then, thank God, that is true only online. At least in real life, people are sill enjoying life, hanging out at malls, makan makan, clubbing.
I did an experiment recently. I tuned off SoPo blogs for 10 days and the view improved. Sometimes it gets so alarming when you read blogs. Then you go out and find people are having fun as usual. Time for another offline.

eddy said...

Actually bro, there are a lot of truth in what you say, that insolent Nizar is dangerously tempting fate, somewhere along the line the powers that be who are bending really backwards to accommodate his rantings and accusations will lose their patience with incendiary Nizar and should charge him for sedition. He has now overtaken Anwar Ibrahim as chief instigator of the Pakatan loose grouping. In many of his ceramahs there will be a pattern of sedition and incitement for the benefit of support for Pakatan. Yes, Pakatan supporters can deny as much as they like but the Pakatan propoganda machine in their eagerness to bury BN have inadvertently or with intention stoke the fire of racism in Malaysia.

If tensions get worse in Perak Nizar and Ngeh are my favourite candidates to be sent for a short cooling off period in Kamunting under the care of Jabatan Penjara Malaysia. Both of them are fathers of political sore losers in Malaysia's history.

Malaysian Insider is obviously doing their damndest best to sow the seed of hatred between Malaysians since its inception, a close look at the commentator section will show what kind of budding anarchists and racists that Malaysia have roaming in cybersphere. Why the Government is not doing anything to check the editors and owners of MI is a mystery, but the Government really should do something as MI's choice of political reporting and editorial and op-eds are so obviously designed to incite and they are not even shy anymore to disguise their devious intentions. I hope Rais Yatim will walk the talk and get cracking on MI before the situation gets out of control.

Anonymous said...

So quick to come to conclusion and assigning blame to the messenger rather than the perpetrator. Why not ask why UMNO goons can give speech with heavy racial tone and immune while non-UMNO will be quickly put under ISA?

Racial sentiment has been UMNO's main weapon all these while. But this old tune is now taking a different effect as unlike old times, not all Malays are poor and many Malays are well educated and know this is not the way forward to leech on another race.

If UMNO is not racist, it would not have given people the idea so even if PR put up whatever propaganda. Just see how the UMNO Penang did and Perak incident being the latest.

Don't under estimate the people's intelligence and power. Look at the famous last words of PakLah "Saya pantang dicabar!" and make your own conclusion.