Saturday, June 6, 2009

Husam Musa For PM: What Say You Anwar?

Hantu Laut

What say you Anwar Ibrahim now that PAS wants the PM (prime minister) post if Pakatan wins the next general elections.Husam Musa said the post should be given to PAS.

That's Husam Musa master's stroke to win the deputy president post of the party and he certainly has the right quality to be prime minister.

You promised to abolish the NEP and PAS knew you are just playing to the gallery of the non-Malays to get their support.Now, PAS wants the NEP to be retained because they hope to be the leading party( in the same mould as UMNO) in the next GE and the premiership for Husam Musa.

PAS, next to UMNO, is the party that will truly safeguard Malays interests.


Anonymous said...

DAP will definitely not agree !

But even then, at least even if PAS gets PM post, there will be more fairer distribution, maybe DAP gets the important Finance Minister post and maybe PKR gets the important Home Minister post.

You think like UMNO now currently? rebut all the important posts and leave the shit and the bones to the chinese and indians.

Chinese and Indians got to be dem kaw stupid and blind to vote MCA and MIC now.

At least with Pakatan, DAP will likely get Finance Minister and also prob one DPM post!!!

eddy said...

Sometimes its good to dream but sometimes a good dream could become a real life nightmare. I thought the Ministry of Transport is a great post to have as its all about Ports, Airports, Airlines, multibillion double rail tracking project and vehicle licensing..So lucky Ong Tee Keat some people would give an arm and a leg to be at that post. Must remember also our Sabahan and Sarawak brothers when we distribute the cabinet posts.

In Penang Pakatan cannot even agree on a simple matter of the Yang diPertua of a Council let alone a National Cabinet:

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s chief of staff Jeff Ooi yesterday gave eight PKR councillors a 24-hour ultimatum to resign following their boycott of the swearing-in ceremony of former North Seberang Prai district officer Mokhtar Mohd Jait as council president".

How to even to begin to dream to run Malaysia as alternative Government to BN when simple matters also cannot settle and must issue threats as well? Now PAS wants to be PM I am sure Brother Anwar Ibrahim's PKR would be less than pleased, DAP would not be pleased as well as PAS have its Islamic agenda and Karpal Singh say over his dead body....hmm,its good to dream as if you have dream you have hope and hope is what makes the world go round.

pencak_silat said...

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me said...

Disagreements are the seeds of innovation and also the natural state of humanity. Put two individuals in the same room and you are bound to end up with disagreements.

We Malaysians are far too accustomed to a patrician government that wants us to manja them. We are used to having a strict order imposed from the top.

That is why the whole concept of disagreement is alien to us. That is why we divide ourselves into party and vote according to them. And that is also why we are stagnant in ideas.

We yearn forr strong leaders and follow them faithfully, not realising that allowing the monopoly of ideas is like putting all our eggs into a single basket.

I do not condemn PR's internal disagreements, rather, I commend them for fostering them. For, how else are we to provide fertile grounds for innovation?