Saturday, July 25, 2009

Analysing Kim Quek

Hantu Laut

This is the man who called himself a political analyst.What is he analysing ? His knowledge of the law sucks. A conceited analysis to apple polish the master's balls.A pathetic attempt to cloud the people's mind and poke more fire of discontent.

Now that Nik Aziz is softening and cuddling up to UMNO more intense propaganda to ridicule Najib and his government is in the pipeline from PKR and DAP.

Not only his analysis sucks, he is also armed and dangerous. He says.

"On the second point. Gani’s narrow interpretation of the phrase “for the public welfare” is laughable. When the nation has been so incensed by the heinous injustice of this tragedy that it is almost on the point of revolt, appointing an RCI to probe into this death is not only legally and politically appropriate but the very minimum the government must do if it still wants to retain a remote semblance of rule of law in this country"

"And yet, our attorney general is telling us that making such a move is incompatible with “public welfare.” Then what will constitute “public welfare”? Waiting for violence to erupt in the streets – knowing fully well that public confidence in the existing law enforcement bodies including the courts is already non-existent? Even when an RCI is commissioned to probe into the death, there is no assurance of justice done, judging from the government’s habit of ignoring recommendations of RCIs in recent times; but at least it will calm the highly strung nerves of the nation by showing that the government is finally taking steps in the right direction. And I can’t imagine any decent person will dispute by saying that taking such a course does not fulfil national interests as implied by Gani’s narrow interpretation"

I quote....."the nation has been so incensed by the heinous injustice of this tragedy that it is almost on the point of revolt"

Mr Kim Quek who incensed,incited,inveigled and bamboozled the people.It's people like you.It's people like you who makes all kinds of ill-conceived analysis so that this peaceful nation can degenerate into chaos and anarchy.How did you conclude that injustice has been done by the government when it is sparing no effort to get to the bottom of this tragedy and it hasn't even started.Are you telling me if your brother is a murderer you are guilty by association and should be equally punished?

How could you be impartial in your analysis when you are a hyperactive member of PKR? Who you trying to fool?

Honestly, you need to be analysed first.

Kim Quek full article here.Take it with plenty of salt. I believe he is not competent in law.


DAP ball licker said...

I only know of one called KIM QUAKE who is a quake , so called political analyst , more like a political anal tryst .

eddy said...

Bro, when old man Quek wrote "On the second point. Gani’s narrow interpretation of the phrase “for the public welfare” is laughable. When the nation has been so incensed by the heinous injustice of this tragedy that it is almost on the point of revolt" I almost fell on the floor laughing.

Quek needs to go round the country and count how many people in Malaysia are almost on the point of revolt lah.

The Government and the Attorney General have made the right decision. Old man Quek is just rear guard action of the Pakatan waning campaign to politicise the tragic death of a young man and the rakyat are frankly tired of this shameless DAP and PKR political maneuverings. Stop it lah, give the RCI and the inquest a chance to uncover the truth.

Anonymous said...

You have ranted beyond imagination on Kim Quek's 'Doomsday Theory', now do refute his views applying legal statutes. You have failed miserably to address the cause yet foaming in the mouth, you attacked the symptoms. It just reflects how much an analyst you are yet have the audicity to condemn others. Enough said over rotten milk!

desiderata said...

You anon blogger:

You don't need to be a lawyer to write on "legal matters" -- a well-informed and analytical mind like Kim Quek's is equally entotled, if not more son, to his right of analysis.

2. Being a PKR activist -- I'm a proud one too -- does not detract from a Writer's role; at least he's gone public, with his full identity,which is better than many ANON bloggers (like you -- I stand corrected IF your ID is disclosed somewhere...)YL, Desi

donplaypuks® said...

Play the ball, not the man!

Anonymous said...

Desiderata, you ought to address the message, not the messenger young man! Likewise engage the cause not the symptoms.

Anon 4:44

SM said...


I think the most important point to note about this whole fisaco is that the "rakyat" are asking why not "expand" the RCI to look into Teoh's death (even BN MP's has asked for this before Najib came back & then suddenly "silence")?
An Inquest is actually pretty redundant as it eventually uses the Police Investigation for it's deductions (i.e. the Police have already done thier Investigations).
Again, Teoh's family has asked for a RCI also. If Najib is saying he wants to give an answer to Teoh's family, then he sould "be seen" to do something "concrete" about it.
At the moment, it looks pretty much like the Govt. is "covering up" something!

Hantu Laut said...

DAP ball licker,
No need for such language.Only goes to show your shallowness.

Purple Haze said...

The sad part is that the Malaysian Judiciary has, over the decades, made some dubious judgements, in my partially legal trained view.

Hence, analysts (or pseudo-analysts, if you like) have to take up the gauntlet to express views which have provided the rakyat with a more balanced point of view, which does not necessarily sync with the current administration.

Nothing wrong with that, except that when certain wrongs have been laid bare such as the Lingamgate case at the RCI, no action was taken.

Now with this sad case of Teoh Beng Hock dying as a witness within the premises of the MACC under curious circumstances, the rakyat is wondering whether this will also be "no action" taken.

A son, brother, fiance and father's life has been taken away. We need to put politics aside to ascertain who is at fault. Did he really commit suicide or are cybertroopers planting seeds of confusion to camouflage the facts ?

HL, do you care about your fellow Malaysians ?