Friday, July 17, 2009

DAP Leaders Playing With Fire

Hantu Laut

Pakatan leaders are most reckless and acted irresponsibly when confronted with a problem.Their first reaction is to simply lay blame on BN leaders to gain political mileage with the people.Making incendiary statement to rile up the people is totally irresponsible and dangerous.Below is the crowd's reaction after listening to provocative statements made by various DAP leaders on the death of Teo Beng Hock, political secretary to DAP assemblyman Ean Yong Hian.

"A crowd of 500 people had gathered at the scene for a candlelight vigil in his memory, which soon grew into a protest with angry chants of “Najib pembunuh, BNzalim, BN jahanam” (murderer Najib, cruel BN, go to hell, BN)and “Reformasi!”

In this kind of situation everyone should keep a cool head and let thorough investigation be carried out first before making any conclusion.I do agree the MACC may be indirectly responsible for detaining and interrogating him beyond the normal hours but I see no plausible explanation for the MACC to be made responsible for his dead.

If foul play is suspected than DAP may have to look inside its own nest instead of pointing finger at the MACC.Who would want him dead? Certainly, not the MACC. As a witness he is better alive than dead.Maybe, Wee Choo Keong wasn't lying about the underworld connection of some lawmakers.

If foul play is suspected and as in any criminal investigation the first suspect would be those link to the crime under investigation.The police must not leave any stone unturned, they must investigate the case from all angles to be fair to the deceased family, the government and the Prime Minister.

Even if there was no foul play, to be fair to MACC and the government, the police should still investigate whether it was suicide or unfortunate accident.

My advice to Pakatan leaders, don't politicise something that can get dangerously out of hand.What you conveying to the public is malicious, unfounded and dangerous.

My deepest condolence to the family of Teo Beng Hock.May his soul rest in peace.

Breaking News:
The Marrriott and Ritz Carlton in Jakarta bombed.Death and destruction.

Police stand guard in front of the damaged Ritz-Carlton hotel ...

In this image taken from a footage shot by METRO TV and distributed ...

Terrorist's attack, suicide bomber, 6 deaths and 18 injured so far.


Anonymous said...


Hantu Laut said...

What do I expect from a faceless moron with no name and a brain in the arse.

Go away.I don't need pea-brained scum like you.

eddy said...

Bro, it is indeed a sad and tragic event. My condolences to the family of the late Mr Teoh Beng Hock and may his soul rest in peace.

However, i am not at all surprised by the reaction from pakatan and DAP true to form is going into town and attempting very hard to maliciously make it a race and political issue. Just confirms my view that DAP regards itself as the Pakatan Sacred Cow, cannot be touched.

Common sense should prevail. Let the Police handle the matter and nobody should make any assumptions on how and why this tragedy happened. The telephone conversation/sms records made by, and to Teoh will give the police a lot of pointers I hope. Bottom line is the police must be given the space and time to investigate. Let the Rule of Law be upheld.

But you ain't seen nothing yet Bro. The DAP and Pakatan will milk this tragic event like you have never seen before and watch for the funeral prosession of the late Mr.Teoh. I hope that the police and the Kementerian Dalam negeri is fully prepared to ensure law and order as the funeral possession wherever it may be, could get ugly if it is not controlled properly by the Police.

Anonymous said...

".....but I see no plausible explanation for the MACC to be made responsible for his dead." (sic)

Holy Hantus!!!
You must be stupid at best!!!!

Cruzeiro said...

Wait Hantu ...I have something better -
BH probably jumped cos he tore his pants in the crapper, after accepting MACC's hospitality and having a cool snooze.
Mebbe he was terrified of his marriage today .... and so decided to jump off a skyscraper (despite all safety measures at these locations) - specifically targeting MACC's HQ.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 2.06
Now, you faceless prick.State your name, your i/c and your address and say what you think otherwise. Go to the police station, lodge a report and tell the police what you know or who bump him off, than give me a copy of that report, I will put it up on my blog.That's what you call a man with balls.A hero.Not someone like you, hiding in the bushes and taking pot shots.

I bet you are the same prick who came in earlier.

eddy said...

Cruzeiro I think your attempt at sarcasm is in bad taste considering the tragic circumstances. Shameless.

Anonymous said...

dai badawah hantu. you are hiding and posting these articles like a coward. nobody knows who you are. have balls and reveal who you are you dumb dumber arse shi.

Anonymous said...

We do not know what cause the death as of now. May God help us know so that action can be taken.

One thing for sure, MACC is selective for sure. Investigating on a general assumption yet we are still waiting for 'your' Golden boy KJ to be called by MACC...Majlis Disiplin UMNO itself has found him guilty of corrupt practices... Dah berjanggut dah tunggu.....

SM said...

HL / Eddy,

HL wrote...If foul play is suspected and as in any criminal investigation the first suspect would be those link to the crime under investigation.The police must not leave any stone unturned, they must investigate the case from all angles to be fair to the deceased family, the government and the Prime Minister.
Can I ask you guys...where have you guys been hiding these last few years? The Malaysian Police investigate impartially? Hahhahahahahaha! Look at the Kugan case...yup...Kugan stuffed his lungs with water & died?! & now this poor chap leaped to his death for no reason what so ever (I heard he was going to get married this weekend!).
I can tell you what the Police will say bah..."no foul play...he accidently or otherwise took his own life"! Want to make a wager?! No I don't think so!
The BN Govt seems to want to try to out-do the Nazis, the South African Apartheid Regime, the Myanmar Junta & the North Korean Secret Police.
Wake up & smell the coffee!!!!!
I want very much to say...may his ghost haunt those who did this to him BUT no point lah...they are already devils.
Instead "May his soul rest in peace & may Allah punish those involved because the BN Govt wont!"
Go on blame the DAP & PR...but WE ALL know the truth!

Ahmad A. R. said...

The Hantulaut seems to want to hide the transgressions committed by the MACC over the years, and amazingly, is trying to shift the blame on the DAP for politicising the event! Good God! Unbelievable! I am not in favour of the father-and-son political party, and there are many other good politicians, from Sim Kwang Yang to Wee Choo Keong, who are no longer part of the party, but please, for goodness sake, leave the DAP out of this! It is the MACC who are guilty as hell!!

If the Hantu doesn't know about the MACC, Nathaniel Tan has provided a good summary. Also, one must not forget that the MACC chairman has a son who was arrested for child pornography at Adelaide. With this death, the MACC's credibility (or whatever of it is left) is now completely destroyed, and it cannot recover, unless there is a change of personnel over there.

What the government should do is to distance itself from the actions of the MACC, and get some folks over there arrested for abuse of authority and (physical) power. Culpable homicide not amounting to murder cannot be ruled out, and if Najib is smart enough and honest enough, he should nail this down to some folks at the MACC. This move should help Najib to wiggle out of this unfortunate event, and not be mired with the destructive actions of the MACC, which have severely dented the government's image. It may also help him to regain some of the lost political ground after last year's general elections.

But will he do it? I seriously doubt. And this is where the DAP and its Pakatan allies will get as much political mileage from the event as they can. Unlike the Hantu, I don't blame them for doing this!

eddy said...

Well I think as far as the MACC is concerned one should not be too emotional about it lets wait for the autopsy report on the deceased shall we:

1. we do not know whether he jumped on his own free will or somebody pushed him.
2. we do not know whether he was murdered first then thrown down.
3. we do not know whether he was murdered then the body dumped at the place where he was found.

There are so much unknowns and even the Police classified it as "sudden death" as any body with a little bit of common sense would agree.

No need to conduct a trial on cyberspace based on innuendoes and emotional outbursts and assumptions lah. Let us be rational.

Just because somebody died in the vicinity of the MACC so the MACC is to be blamed? Wah lau like that kind of logic susahlah kawan, if somebody got shot in a park, he ran away then stumbled and died in front of a clinic so the Clinic is responsible if the poor guy died?

I believe this demonising of the MACC and the Police is a despicable attempt to milk the death of a poor young man to suit DAP and Pakatan's political agenda.

Anonymous said...

WTF you poke ur ass & head in here.....?????

Anonymous said...

Since you charge others of being a "faceless prick" and "faceless moron", why don't you put your face to this blog, together with your ID - or is this a confession of sorts from you?
Yeah .. it figures ......

vinnan said...

The MACC which is part of the police force in Malaysia is going after the 7 DAP ADUNs in the hope of finding the flimsiest of evidence to get the ADUNs out of the state legislature. They can then initiate a no-confidence motion against the Khalid administration and kick PR out of power in Selangor. It just goes to show how weak Najib is in UMNO for him to resort to another power grab to shore up his position within the party. My feeling is the Mahathirites are waiting to slaughter Najib. This would explain Najib's desperate act of trying to topple the PR government in Selangor. We know what these UMNO bastards are up to.

As for people like eddy, the DAP is not exploiting the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock. It is UMNO bastards like Nazri and Khir Toyol who are seizing upon this tragedy to absolve UMNO of using the MACC to go after the PR government. Just because Malaysians in general do not carry out violence and suicide bombings against the government do not make them cowards. Malaysians still believe a system of justice is possible in Malaysia. I hope UMNO is clear on this matter before this hope for justice disappears among Malaysians. Remember Iraq? 2/3 of the population with the support of 140,000 American troops could not prevent the country from turning into hell on earth because 1/3 of the population refuse to submit to being ruled by the Shiites. I pray UMNO is not as stupid as Saddam Hussein who thought that he could divide and rule Iraq without tragic consequences for himself, his family and most importantly his country.

Anonymous said...

lge and lks have sixth senses

they know the facts of the case immediately after the incident

must be superheroes

eddy said...

Vinnan, you have got serious issues with UMNO and the Malays dude.

The MACC is not the same as the Police dude as both were formed under different Acts.

Cruzeiro said...

Yes Eddy - they were formed under different acts .... and that's where the difference ends and the similarities begin. Their job is to be running dogs of Umno!!

You, Eddy, are a bigot - you whack others and call them shameless by twisting the message in their words. You say others have issues.
You cannot come out and demand that MACC be accountable for a death in their own "house".

While others may have a serious case off "issues" with Umno and Malays, just like Hantu, you seem to have a serious case of stupidity.

You, Eddy, are a hypocrite and a liar!!! And you lie while you feign innocence and ignorance!

Anonymous said...

Okay - I'm the same anon above.
I must hand it to you about one thing though.....
I'm impressed that you allow postings whacking you on this blog. But I suggest that you polish up your response a little - foul language when you reply wouldn't get you any brownie points.

Anonymous said...

"Okay - I'm the same anon above"
= July 17, 2009 8:46 PM

vinnan said...


You a'''''' racist. You cannot even find the word Malay in my posting on the July 17, 2009 9:42 PM. Condemning UMNO is NOT equivalent to condemning the Malays. What make you arrogant UMNO b[;'[;., think you represent all the Malays in Malaysia.
If you UMNO a====== do not like to be called racist then rule this country without your racist shit. We will then stop calling UMNO racist.
A 'Ketuanan' racist like Zahid Hamidi meeting another 'Ketuanan' racist bastard like the PM of Israel says everything about the racist nature of UMNO. Only a f''''''' racist supremacist can get along with a Zionist from the land of Israel, killer of millions of Muslims without puking. Mahathir is right, 'Melayu mudah lupa'

eddy said...

vinnan and cruzeiro probably drink together in the same pub and get drunk together while whining about their rotten luck being born in an alien place called Malaysia. You are both pathethic souls, get a life lah, try skinny dip at Pulau Rawa.