Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Will Manik Urai Pull A Surprise?

Hantu Laut

After 20 years under PAS rule Kelantan is still underdeveloped and lagging behind other states.What has PAS or Nik Aziz, for that matter, done for Kelantan that made the Kelantanese so subservient to this wily old man at the expense of losing out to progress and development? Should the Kelantanese continue supporting this man who put more emphasis on the afterlife than the well-being of his subjects.

Islam is a religion that orders its followers to be part and parcel of a working and productive society.The Prophet Muhammad himself, who is considered a paragon of virtues in Islam, used to pray seeking God’s refuge from laziness or idleness.In his instructions to Muslims on this aspect, the Prophet Muhammad strikes a balance between worship and work.

For two decades Kelantan under PAS which should put equal amount of effort in work as in worship is still lagging behind other states.

In term of social and economic terms Kelantan is a far cry from the rest of the nation.Should the Kelantanese continue to wallow in their parochial pride and forsake progress and development?

There are many qualified and capable leaders in PAS but have not been able to come out to the forefront as a show of respect to the Tok Guru, who is revered by most Kelantanese.The recent disagreement about the unity talk between PAS and UMNO where Tok Guru prevailed in his objection is an example of his popularity in Kelantan.

It is a matter of time that the unity talk would be raised again by those who feel the Malays are losing grip of their political power after the 8 March General Elections and the continued onslaught by DAP and PKR to capture Putrajaya had made some leaders in PAS uncomfortable.With Malays divided between PAS and UMNO the biggest worry is PAS might end up playing second or third fiddle in Pakatan if they won the next general elections.

Since after March 2008 Kelantan has become a bastion for PAS.The BN was almost completely routed here.It has lost 4 out of 5 by-elections in other states.BN biggest let down was when it lost the Kuala Trengganu parliamentary seat to PAS which it won in the March 2008 elections.

Manik Urai will be a testing ground for the BN whether it can regain a better and bigger foothold in Kelantan. In 2004 elections when Malaysians were euphoric about Abdullah new and untested leadership Kelantan almost fell to the BN.PAS won by 1 seat majority.

In the March 2008 Manik Urai state seat PAS candidate Ismail Yaakob polled 5746 votes against UMNO candidate Mohamed Zulkifli Omar who got 4394 votes.PAS won by majority of 1352 votes.

UMNO has a good chance of narrowing the majority gap or even wrestle the seat from PAS if they work hard enough.Most of their losses in past by-elections were due to loss of confidence,demoralisation, bad planning and poor strategy.

UMNO has a good chance of pulling the rug from under the feet if they can put their act together. Being the accused it should adopt defensive campaigning rather than going on the attack.

With the right strategy and with Najib's popularity on the rise, Manik Urai might pull a surprise.


Anonymous said...

YOur analysis is dem stupid!

Whether any state is poor or underdeveloped vis a vis other states is a DIRECT result of the favouritism and evilness of the Federal Govt.

If you want to compare properly, then make all income taxes go back to the respective states to administer.

tehn we talk about budgets and development.

If not, Kelatan's progress is a direct indicment of the evilness of the Barisan Najis Federal govt.

Cruzeiro said...

You asked the wrong question - of course you'll get the wrong answer!
The question you should've asked is if Kelantan was given its due by the Umno Federal Govt ....
If PAS development agenda is being sabotaged by Umno ....
The problem here is what plagues Malaysia as a whole - We seek salvation by sacrificing our humanity at the altar of the "god of properity".
If you ask me - the Kelantanese are the most morally upright people - they have not givenn up their dignity for the peanuts offered by Umno!

Rusyaidi & Najlaa said...

juz wonder whether u've been in Kota Bharu or not?? and do compare with Kuala Terengganu (with oil royalties!)

Azam Jauhari said...

Kelantan is underdeveloped and lagging behind other states? What is this claim based on? Do you have the statistics?

Anonymous said...

New Zealand doesn't have many petronas-like buildings, again if petronas-like development is symbol of economy prowess ness may not be the answer for Kiwis.
For Kelanatese, yes many capable leaders resided outside Kelatan, surely some of them have thought like what was said. But they may be resetting agenda to be better that way otherwise, Malaysians can’t afford to have that every soul in the country has to kneel to UMNO, look at now...

Anonymous said...

sorry wrong posting!
can't organise it now


eddy said...

If purportedly morally upright Kelantanese wants more than peanuts from the BN Federal Government then they have to vote for UMNO lah. There is no two ways about it, you cannot eat your cake and have it too.

I think blaming all that is bad in Malaysia on BN is the last refuge of an incompetent Pakatan leadership who are bankrupt of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sea devil

You said "With Malays divided between PAS and UMNO".

You have proven that you are indeed a hantu and one who resides in the deep blue sea, and not on the land.

Otherwise you would by now have known that UMNO's membership is open to not only Malays, but also to orang asli of Peninsular Malaysia (these are not necessarily Muslims you know) , Chinese Babas, Malaysian Bhuddists of Thai origin, Christian Kadazans, Muruts, Bajaus, Christian Malaysians of Portuguese origin.

Whereas PAS direct membership is only for Muslims (Malays, Mamaks, Chinese Muslims etc). This party now has a supproters club comprising non-Muslims.

Both UMNO and PAS have evolved to reach out to people who are not Malays. Yet, you mindset is still stuck to "Malay this" and "Malay that". Your approach is really refelective of a ketinggalan zaman punya fikiran lah.

And ello devil, you also conveniently forgot the bulk of the Malays who are in PKR.

Sea water in your eyes aplenty and you cannot see this?

Bodoh punya hantu.
Better you stay in the sea and feed on the marine life - lots of fish oil supply to improve the functioning of your grey matter (if you have).

Or if you cannot feed on the marine life, just allow yourself to be fed by the sharks.

Its not nice to have such shallow thinking marine mortals on earth as they are not useful at all to society,


Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say that all your commentators are emotional!

I have been to Kelantan, and it is a nice state. A typical kelantanese is not interested in development, hence the state has been operating on a deficit based budget all the while they have been in PAS care.

To those who think that the federal government is 'stopping' development in Kelantan, think again. Foreign investors do not want to put money into Afghanistan for the fear of the Taliban. What PAS stands for is clearly on the same path.

If your dad gives you RM100 a month, naturally you will spend less than that, and probably look for your own income source too.
If you spend all your time preaching about god, and telling your voters that they will go to heaven by voting for them, where do you find time to plan for development?

Raja Paper Kutuk

chaptokam said...

Well said eddy , why should the Federal BN govt pump in money to an opposition held state ? If they do , Kelantan will forever in PAS hands .

Wonder which state in Malaysia has the highest case of HIV/AIDS infection ? And has the highest cases of incest throughout Malaysia ? Anyone ?

Anonymous said...

But Sarawak and Sabah have been under BN rule for even longer but yet to show any improvement, right? So judging by the holy Seadevil's arguments, it's time for all Sarawakians and Sabahans to start voting for other parties. And we should also include other still backward states such as Trengganu, Perak, Pahang.....damn, looks like every state still under BN!!

Cruzeiro said...

Well said eddy , why should the Federal BN govt pump in money to an opposition held state ? If they do , Kelantan will forever in PAS hands .

This is where you are warped in your thinking, ol' Chap!
It is not for BN to pick and choose - they have a democratic right to the taxes collected, just as any other constituency.
What you advocate here is nothing more than the crime of corruption- aka vote buying!
The people are supposed to vote based on principles/values/policies represented by candidates - not be blackmailed into submission by politicians.
The mind, indeed has an amazing capacity for twisted logic, when all sense of shame is lost!!

Cruzeiro said...

BTW Chaptokam,
Just like Hantu, you too have asked the wrong questions.
You should be asking why these social ills take place - and it definitely isn't Islam.
Although a cloistered community can contribute to it, economy/poverty and lack of education are the prime causes of these social illnesses.

Anonymous said...

eddy's solution is first of all, stupid and secondly shortsighted.

kelatanese should not vote Barisan Najis to get development.

We work on a better solution.

Lets all work towards getting rid of Barisan Najis at the Federal level!

Voting Barisan Najis is not the be all and end all lah.

Anonymous said...

Keep fishing, Mr Sea Shost.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe how blind people can be sometimes. your analysis(if you can call it analysis) is so unintelligent that i wish i would not read it at all. such a waste of my time. i am a kelantanese through and through, but i have spent my life outside kelantan(selangor, johor and currently newcastle, UK). To live in Johor, Selangor and Newcastle, i can safely say that i have seen my share of development, but am i happy there? the answer is no. I still crave to go back to Kelantan and live there. You can say we are underdeveloped all you want, but all my life, i have never felt i want to leave kelantan. development from BN? i can get anything in Kelantan, why bother? shopping malls, mosques, schools, hospitals, roads, even universities, we have it. I could not see what else i need from BN. Am i jealous of Selangor development? Say that to parent of Sharlinie, and other children who dissapeared literally in front of their parents' eyes. oh yeah, Sabah and Sarawak have been under BN for 52 years, and still they are lagging behind Kelantan(with all the timber and oil royalties). Yes, material development is important, tapi kalau hati tak tenang, all the riches in the world means nothing. NOTHING! this is what people with religion in thir heart believe. And to have corrupt leaders to adminsitrate my state is the biggest reason that leads to unhappiness in my heart. Your UMNo leaders cant guarantee they will not be corrupt, as they have proven it again and again how corruptible they are, but people who really believe that they will be subjected to God's questions when they die, InshaAllah they can withstand the seductions of power, money or even women. So, if you still use the same rhetoric of kelantan being underdeveloped because of PAS, you are just wasting your time and mine. Kelantanese people will not buy it. Give it up bro, it's not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

(Chaptokam) Well said eddy , why should the Federal BN govt pump in money to an opposition held state ? If they do , Kelantan will forever in PAS hands .

Well, this is the twisted mind of UMNO/BN supporter. with this level of thinking, my grandfather who spent all his life driving lorry has better intellectuality. he knows the right we posses to federal fund injections. Chaptokam, we pay the tax too, duh! Not only BN supporters.

chaptokam said...

laniaz_ and Cruzeiro

Well said eddy , why should the Federal BN govt pump in money to an opposition held state ? If they do , Kelantan will forever in PAS hands .

Don't you think this is what politics is all about ? Or is BN a welfare organisation ? wakakaka ..
Take a good look at your five fingers ..are they of they same length ?
Sorry guys but I got this feeling that whatever you say , BN is gonna win in Manik Urai ...

donplaypuks® said...

Simple answer. No. PAS will steam through.

Anonymous said...

The federal government is obligated to channel financial resources to all the states under its rule. It is stated in the consti. The money belong to the taxpayers. Charity? No wonder Malaysia is a third world country although we have KLCC and KLIA. The ministers are government SERVANTS and they should abide by the law of the land. Hidup salah guna kuasa dan rasuah!

CucuAdam said...

It is interesting that Hantu Laut felt that Kelantan remained under developed because it has been under the PAS rule for too long. Again someone asked what the benchmark used?

How developed are the states of Sarawak and Sabah though the two states have been under the BN since day 1 they joined Malaysia.

The main problem with the BN in particular is that they practice discrimination and failed to understand the concept of federalism. To them all the states must also be under their control if development were to be carried out in those states.

eddy said...

Cucuadam and like minded commentators, you guys still do not get it do you, its just politicslah, nothing personal. If you support me , I support you and thats the truth.

Forget about benchmarks or which state is more prosperous than the other. Pakatan if they win the Federal Government (and that's a BIG IF) will do exactly what BN does, you guys are just kidding yourselves if Pakatan will do anything different to states not under their control.

Anonymous said...

Helo Hantu Laut.... Kelantan is "poor" or "undeveloped" not because of being ruled by PAS.... it'is because we been robbed of our rights by UMNO/BN. We don't want feds to pump money into Kelantan (like what chaptokam said...) just give what rightly ours!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Are you trying to say that the Kelantanese are all stupid?

SM said...


Though I usually disagree with you, however, as you said they need the right strategy. But, as I've said all along...Najib may be changing things but the jokers who work for him will be his undoing (don't even get me started with his supporters!).

Some points:-

1/ UMNO (again MCA, MIC, PPP, relevant) may have learnt from past top it all...comments from Najib has been somewhat guarded & practical. This helps a lot
2/ Unfortunately Najib's recent "changes" have been geared towards the Non-Malays (he may have "converted" some of the Non-Malays back to BN BUT Manik Urai is basically Malay & so these changes would not effect them
3/ The UMNO leadership typically "storms" into a By-Election area with their fancy cars & body guards & police escort & "donations"...I'm sure they are still doing that in Manik you think the locals will appreciate that (especially Kelantanese)?
4/ Don't underestimate the Kelantanese (I have many close Malay Kelantanese friends...all working outside Kelantan & most if not all of them have proven to me that they are not only very Intelligent but also highly patriotic (to Kelantan & PAS!)
5/ As you can see from the UMNO supporters here, they believe that the Federal Govt. should only help BN friendly states...need I elaborate more...I guess they think Kelantanese don't pay Taxes?!
6/ You say Kelantan lags behind the other States. What about Sabah & Sarawak? Face it...after 50 years under BN, Sabah & Sarawak has not changed much either (this is why UMNO better be careful...the Sabahans & Sarawakians may one of these days wake up & then in the next GE...PR may pull the surprise!

Hantu Laut said...

I have never for a moment said Kelantanese are stupid as assumed by some of my commentators.My article is on the state government of Kelantan failure to bring development to the state.

I don't know about Sarawak and I can't speak for them but Sabah is not as backward as people thought it to be.Don't forget Sabah is about the size of Peninsula Malaysia and Sarawak is even bigger.

Come to Sabah and see for yourself whether Kelantan is better than us in term of infrastructure, progress and development.

The only problem we have is the huge population of illegal immigrant.

SM said...


No, I'm not saying that you think they are stupid either (it was just a comment for the benefit of some who may think that).
My comments on Sabah are from friends & strangers who I've come across (my apologies). As for Sarawak, I can see for myself. The towns like Kuching & Miri are ok, but the people in the interior are all suffering.

BrightEyes said...

Well Chaptokam, if you think the Federal Government shouldn't put money for development into "opposition held" states, then the citizens of these opposition-held states need not pay income tax, corporate tax, petrol tax, liquor tax or other federal taxes to the federal government. Fair is fair, no?

Hantu Laut said...

Some rural folks prefer to live their rustic and sedentary rural life and foresake development to avoid losing their way of life. They may be poor in outlook, from our point of view, but are probably happier than many city folks.

The Penans of Sarawak are glaring example of people who prefer to preserve their culture and prefer the jungle as their heavenly abode.