Monday, August 24, 2009

Permatang Pasir:Plus Or Minus For PAS?

Hantu Laut

It will be a test for both PAS and UMNO as to who would grab the Permatang Pasir state seat tomorrow.PAS has the edge and is the favourite to win. UMNO is banking on the repeat of the neck to neck race at Manik Urai where PAS won by the skin of its teeth.

If PAS loses than it would be the beginning of the end of Pakatan Rakyat. No matter how much Pakatan boasting of taking over the Federal government in the next general elections losing this by-election or if the margin become uncomfortably close it will be the start of downhill slide from now on.

UMNO's candidate Rohaizat Othman shady dealings in the past had become a hot issue with the oppositions.PAS exploitation of Rohaizat's shady past may not carry much weight with the voters.Most have already made up their minds whom to vote for.

Most strange is the reaction of Rohaizat's ex-partner Yushri Ishak who denied that he was the one that ran away with the money as alleged by Rohaizat.He did not show any anger or threaten legal action to clear his name. His denial was feeble and didn't reflect the gravity of the accusation against him and the reaction that expected of an innocent man who was wrongly accused.Instead, he says he is a good friend of Rohaizat, supports him as a candidate and would even vote for him.

Wouldn't you be angry, if your friend accused you of being a thief ?

All he had to say that he was being used to demonise his good friend.

At the behest of PAS?

Will it be plus or minus for PAS this time?

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eddy said...

Well bro, the final results are in and as expected PAS won in their stronghold albeit with a reduced majority.

While BN never expected to win in this constituency, but its choice of candidate is definitely a poor one. Whatever that BN leaders want to say, fielding a lawyer who has been struck off the Bar is like placing a tank with a crippled turret at the front of the battle formation to fight a battle in enemy controlled territory. Zahid Hamidi as liaison chief responsible for recommending the BN candidate is either suicidal or have a political death wish or something.This is a good slap in the face for him to wake up to reality.

There will be many by election battles and skirmishes leading up to the final battle in the next GE, maybe BN get lucky and actually have to fight a by election in BN stronghold for a change some time in the future to actually gauge the strength and support of the Pakatan DAP,PKR and PAS. So its not really the end, fortune always favour the brave and the patient.

I think this is a good lesson and knock on the head for BN to have a thoroughly good and fool proof system to appoint a candidate. Maybe next time the candidates to be recommended for elections will have to be proposed and elected by the UMNO/BN divisions in the constituency and not proposed by the liaison chief of a state.At least this way when BN start to fight a election its machinery do not have to backpedal and defend the candidate character where precious time should have been spent to tell the constituents about the good that BN had done and will do for the constituent. TQ.

Hantu Laut said...

Deep in our heart we all know PAS will win.

So far so good, with the exception of Kuala Trengganu and Batang Ai, all by-elections were in Pakatan held constituencies, where, without any doubt, they are expected to win.

That besides the point, UMNO and the BN are in deep trouble. The leaders have not woken up to the reality that the people seriously wanted change which they have yet to provide.

Muhyiddin is beginning to show his bad politicking and incompetence.He is a disappointment.His acceptance of Zahid Hamidi recommendation of the candidate shows his poor judgement and 'tidak apa' attitude.

I agree with Tun Mahathir the BN sabotaged itself and Muhyiddin and Zahid are the culprits.

Najib had started on the right note and is doing the right things but after so many losses he should seriously consider a new team to help him implement his new policies and stop using those making hay while the sun shines.

He should consider bringing back Mahathir as minister mentor, the man has wealth of experience and is politically savvy.

SM said...


Pretty fair comments!
However, the main point here is that although everyone is asking for change in UMNO...Muhyiddin is saying that the Permatang Pasir people didn't vote for change!!! This guy will one day be PM (God help us!!!).
I am still "reserving" my opinion of Najib (Why? Because on the one hand he seems to be trying to get things changed BUT on the other hand what his "people" do on a daily basis does not show that UMNO has changed one bit! And he does not seem to be doing anything about it).
If I'm not mistaken Najib said he's going to "revise" the Cabinet later this year...that's a good time to start a "true" change. Get rid of the Kho Suu Khuns & the Sharizats (Why? The people rejected them & they lost their seats & so they do not deserve to be in the Cabinet. If they win in the next GE, by all means bring them back).
I was a staunch BN supporter once. The resaons why I stopped supporting the BN are pretty similar to why they have lost support from most Malaysians!
As the saying goes..."It's difficult to soar with the EAGLES when you work with TURKEYS". Najib should get rid of the Turkeys in the BN (not just UMNO) & just watch...the BN will start winning back it's support!

eddy said...

Agree Bro, I think the whole UMNO Management Team of the President, Deputy President and the Vice Presidents have to share the blame on the disastrous candidate selection.

Whatever it is, the percentage voting breakdown for PAS and UMNO yesterday is almost status quo, almost the same as in the March 2008 elections. Probably the majority PAS supporters have already made up their mind even before nomination day. Must remember this is Anwar's Ibrahim home ground where Anwar does no wrong.

Unlike Manek urai there are not many fence sitters also as the undi rosak is only 83. Definitely BN would not get much vote from the women fence sitters as well seeing how the model who was sentenced to be caned for drinking is being treated, there is no syariah caner even at Kajang Prison or anywhere else in Malaysia for that matter.(The Caning method under Syariah Law is not the same as caning done for Criminal Offence under the Malaysian Penal Code, under syariah it is more like caning by the headmaster on a student during the old days, so I was told).

Anyway, that is something for the PM to sort out, but the lesson remains for BN that in any election a good, strong candidate with great family support is required. Now I understand why during elections in America the candidates will more often then not have their wife and children standing on the podium with them when they give their speech or when they go round to meet their constituents. The perception is that people with good family values makes for responsible leaders.

BN live to fight another day, hopefully using more grey matter than just intuition when they choose their candidates.TQ.

eddy said...

Another thing Bro, your idea sounds interesting, but I do not think that Dr Mahathir wants to be like his nemesis Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's Minister Mentor.

I think that while the grand old man is still in good health, maybe its a good thing if the powers that be ask his advise and opinion first before they decide to make any big political decisions.

It seemed that nowadays Dr Mahathir is only briefed out of courtesy after a big decision has been made. Sigh.

bro brotherhood, said...

Bros HL & Eddy,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,..i gess its not neccessary to b Minister Mentor like Singaporah,.. why not elect him as an official Advisor to the Govt,..wat else can I say,..heheh,..(,")

bro brotherhood, said...

Bros HL & Eddy,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,..i gess its not neccessary to b Minister Mentor like Singaporah,.. why not elect him as an official Advisor to the Govt,..wat else can I say,..heheh,..(,")