Sunday, August 23, 2009

Read This Before Burning.

Hantu Laut

Writing for the sake of writing?

A newsportal that's not sure whether it should provide deserving news to the public or just churn out any kind of crap to fill the pages.

First there was :

With battle lines drawn, Rohaizat’s disbarment not a big deal

In less than a day it became:

Permatang Pasir could be quicksand for Umno

and the IRONY is,


READ this one below:

"While Rohaizat Othman’s disbarment has dominated the headlines, it is the economy and party colours which are the main deciding factors in this Malay majority seat.

Malay voters here seemed unmoved by the scandal weighing on the BN candidate.

The incessant attacks from the PAS/Pakatan Rakyat (PR) campaign on Rohaizat’s tainted candidacy may, however, have won back key Chinese voters who had grown suspicious of the Islamist party".

Than READ this one:

"Umno’s dream of capitalising on its resurgence in Manek Urai’s narrow loss could end up a nightmare in Permatang Pasir, where its campaign is sinking in the quicksand of its choice in scandal-hit candidate Rohaizat Othman.

It is understood that local Umno members “intend to voice their anger over the choice of candidate made by the Penang Umno leadership” by voting for PAS after a more favoured and popular choice, Permatang Pauh Umno youth chief Zaidi Mohd Said was bypassed by the party’s top leadership".

Some people just can't make up their mind or they wannabe:

William Randolph Hearst

Breaking News:

Lunas rep quits as PKR member.

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eddy said...

What is PKR and what does it stands for?

Six PKR YBs have resigned so far since March 2008 namely:

First was Wan Azizah the PKR President who resign to allow her husband Anwar to repace her as MP Permatang Pauh, followed by 2 PKR Aduns in Perak Mohd Osman and Jamaludin followed by a PKR Adun in Kedah V Arumugam, then followed by Penang Deputy CM Fairus who wanted to further his studies(wink-wink) and now the PKR exco from Kedah, Mohd Radzi.

I suppose a party with the sole aim to make one person a Prime Minister would not last very long or would it?.