Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bagan Pinang:Implacable Mahathir Hits The Wall

Hantu Laut

The race is on....Bagan Pinang will be Isa Samad's political resurrection.

Negri Sembilan is too close for comfort.UMNO can't afford to lose this one.

This one down ?... discomfiture for Najib...death throes for UMNO.

Pakatan has the dream, UMNO still has the strength.

MIC, MCA, Gerakan, gone case, should not campaign in Bagan Pinang, bad karma.

Implacable Mahathir hits the wall.

It's time he stop his vitriol and give Najib a chance to prove his worthiness.


SM said...


Mahatir should let Najib prove his worthiness? Hmmm...
Najib had no other choice but to pick Isa! Either that or the UMNO members in B Pinang would boycott the By-Election! That does not sound like a man who's in charge.
Whatever the case, the Old Man has got a "slap" in his face...he's not going to like it!
I saw Kho Suu Khun standing behind Muhyiddin on TV when the latter announced Isa as the candidate...Kho really looked "out of place"! Sharizat was there too...instead of wasting her time campaigning, she should do her job & look into the plight of the Penan girls & women who have been "allegedly" raped (but I guess UMNO ain't too bothered about what's happening in Sarawak are they?!).
I'm sure UMNO will they win the battle BUT can they win the War?!

Anonymous said...

If I am a voter there I will not vote bn just to proof a point.

Hantu Laut said...

They will win the war too.Najib has over three more years to go to break their legs.

Rape occurred everywhere.I won't deny there must have been some cases Penan girls being raped but I believe they are not organised or rampant.

I will tell you my side of the story running a logging company in my next post.You be surprised not all going-ons in timber camps are rapes.

The story was first exposed by none other than the Bruno Manser Fund.Bruno Manser, before he disappeared, apparently had a jolly good time with Penan girls.

SM said...


Whatever Bruno did does not matter now I guess as it's too late. The point is that the Rapes have been reported now & the BN lead Sarawak Government have outrightly denied it (even without checking) or have they checked & are now pretending, which is what I think is the case).
What is Sharizat for if not for theese-types of issues (I guess what do you expect from someone who could not even win in the last GS & yet is a Minister now? Like so many in Najib's Caninet!)?
Yes, Isa may win (then again many discountthe current MB of NS...he may not want Isa to win will he?...But as I said...the Ruling party in this country can't even come up with a "new" untainted think thay can win in the next GE?
Another question is...will Sabah & Sarawaak save the BN in the next GE?! Yes, you can bet Najib will wait until the very last minute to call the next GE...he needs the time BUT is 3 years enough for the BN?!

Anonymous said...

What about Anwar and Lim Guan Eng, they are ex-convict or ?

vinnan said...

'I will tell you my side of the story running a logging company in my next post.You be surprised not all going-ons in timber camps are rapes.

The story was first exposed by none other than the Bruno Manser Fund.Bruno Manser, before he disappeared, apparently had a jolly good time with Penan girls.'

A police report was made but no investigation was carried out asshole. Smearing Penan girls as sluts is arrogant and insensitive. Go to the resorts all over Malaysia and see for yourself the number of Malay girls 'kanglanging' for white Batang Ai. Does this justify the rape of Malay girls when they occur?

It is UMNO shit like you which makes many turn against the BN and yet you clowns do not learn. You people remain the arrogant, insensitive, corrupt leeches by ignoring everything except for UMNO's interest.

In the 3 years before the next GE we will get you UMNO shit. Then we will slap your arrogant heads in the 13th General Election.

eddy said...


1. Tainted candidates? I think both sides have them, its on public record and the Pakatan supporters or leaders need not be pretending that they are cleaner than clean, its not an issue anymore what is important the EC accepts the candidates to run in the by-elections based on their Constitutional rights. Definitely Najib and BN leaders would not be so politically naive as to put up a candidate which would not be strongly supported by the constituent of Bagan Pinang after the hard knock BN received at Permatang Pasir.

Further on the issue of tainted candidates, Anwar Ibrahim and Guan Eng being ex-convicts also got chosen to run in an election and won, I did not see the DAP or PKR or even PAS making noise about it, this is what you called political expediency and both sides practised it.

2. I do not know enough about the alleged Penan rapes to comment on it but I think the Police would certainly be onto it if a Police report has been made by the Penan victim(s). Certainly I think it should not be made a political issue, it is after all a crime punishable under our penal code. I think it would be interesting what Bro HL would come up with in his next post about logging activities though. TQ.



eddy said...

Bro HL and SM, latest on the allege Penan Rape issue reported by the star today 1 Oct 2009:

Penan woman: I was not raped

KUCHING: A 22-year-old Penan woman has lodged a police report claiming that she was tricked into going to Kuala Lumpur and telling the police that she had been raped by a logger.

The woman, from Long Item, said two men approached her at home last October and offered to bring her to Kuala Lumpur to seek treatment for her daughter, who was ill at the time.

“However, one of the men, a Penan, told her that the reason she was in Kuala Lumpur was not to get treatment for her child but to lodge a police report.

“Once in KL, she was forced to lodge a report saying that she had been raped,” Sarawak Deputy Commissioner of Police SAC I Datuk Hamza Taib told a press conference at the state police headquarters here yesterday.

The woman lodged another report at the Long Lama police station last Saturday claiming that she was duped into going to Kuala Lumpur to lodge the report.

“According to her, the rape did not happen,” he said, adding that police had identified the Penan man who brought her to Kuala Lumpur and would call him for questioning soon.

SAC I Hamza also said police had read the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry’s special task force’s report on the Penan sexual abuse issue and had asked for details regarding the eight cases documented in it.

“Since the report uses pseudonyms, we need verification but so far the task force has not given us the details we need to carry out investigations,” he said.

He added that since the sexual abuse of the Penans was reported by The Star last year, police had investigated cases of rape and molest in the Baram district.

He said no further action could be taken on three of the cases due to lack of evidence while the fourth was still pending as police had yet to identify the victim or witnesses.

In Miri, Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) said there was a strong possibility that some Penan women from Ulu Baram who were said to have been raped by loggers were living under tremendous pressure.

SAM field officer for Sarawak, Jok Jau Evong, said the women might have been pressured to make public statements that they have not been raped or victimised.

“The pressure would be difficult to live with.

“They can easily buckle and deny being raped or victimised under these circumstances.”

No further comments.

SM said...


Guan Eng became an ex-convict because he "dared" to make noise about what Rahim Thamby Chik did...i.e. statuatory rape of an underaged girl!
And what happened to Rahim? Nothing! UMNO justice.
Anwar? Well...if you believe the Kangaroo Court proceedings run by Augustine Paul was "kosher" then I guess you will laso believe that UMNO is capable of change.
I guess we will always be "at odds" when it comes to Politics bro...!

Hantu Laut said...


You are rude, uncouth and a blabbering fool.Where did I say Penan girls are sluts.I haven't even written the story you have already jumped to conclusion.That shows the kind of upbringing you have. Your English needs some polishing too.You seem to have limited vocabulary.

You talking about morality? just look at the kind of language you are used to....