Thursday, September 3, 2009

Delusion Of Grandeur ?

Hantu Laut

A recalcitrant that hangs on to his whimsical belief that he is still the legitimate speaker of the assembly and that Pakatan is still the government in Perak. He continues to mock the Sultan's constitutional decision
.This kind of 'wayang kulit' has become a trademark of Pakatan Rakyat.

Perak is literally under the control of DAP.

Former Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS was an accidental menteri besar because of requirement under the state constitution that a menteri besar must be a Malay and must be of the Islamic faith. DAP, initiallly, protested but relented after they realised that their coalition partners were both Malay dominated parties and if they don't back down there wouldn't be any DAP government in Perak.However, due to majority members they have in the house they virtually control the menteri besar and the speaker. Without the provision in the constitution no where would the DAP have allowed Nizar to be menteri besar.

His 'tilting at windmills' are not only amusing but is becoming a torn in the flesh. His behaviour has reached quixotic proportion making even the man from La Mancha seems less delusional.

After being disallowed to enter the assembly by the police he decided to go to a hotel for the assembly sitting that he had called for earlier.A quixotic decision was made.

Pakatan assembly orders Ganesan, Hee jailed and fined over May 7 fracas

First, under the tree, than in a hotel.Where next ? Mr Speaker?

With 23 other recalcitrants he tries to show the world that he is still the boss and the fate of all the assemblymen are in his hands.

I believe the only civilised way out of this problem is for Pakatan to wait until the next general election to prove that they have the full support of the people of Perak.

I am sure two years from now the people would have grown tired of their 'wayang kulit' and realised what power crazy maniacs they are.


eddy said...

The illegal assembly played out yesterday at the Ipoh Heritage Hotel by Sivakumar and the other DAP,PKR and PAS Adun stooges really remind me of the kindergarden where small children main pondok-pondok. However, it was a bad joke which turned into full fledged comedy theater when they sentenced Hee and Ganesan to jail and continued to suspend MB Zambry and his Excos. If they think that the people can be bamboozled to have sympathy on them, I think this time they failed miserably.Unless you are a hard core Pakatan groupie, which many are not, orang perak sudah jelak dan muak with these antics.

I think collectively the DAP.PAS and PKR Aduns are not only suffering from Delusions of Grandeur, they are also suffering from accute delusional disorder of the Persecutory type.

Symptoms are:

+Patients believe that they are being persecuted and harmed (Fennig, 2005).

+In contrast to persecutory delusions of schizophrenia, the delusions are systematized, coherent, and defended with clear logic. No deterioration in social functioning and personality is observed (Manschreck, 2000).

+Patients are often involved in formal litigation against their perceived persecutors. Munro (1999) refers to an article by Freckelton who identifies the following characteristics of deluded litigants: determination to succeed against all odds, tendency to identify the barriers as conspiracies, endless drive to right a wrong, quarrelsome behaviors, and "saturating the field" with multiple complaints and suspiciousness (Munro, 1999).

+Patients often experience some degree of emotional distress such as irritability, anger, and resentment (Fennig, 2005).

+In extreme situations, they may resort to violence against those who they believe are hurting them (APA, 2000)

+The distinction between normality, overvalued ideas, and delusions is difficult to make in some of the cases (Fennig, 2005).

Treatment of delusional disorder often involves both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. Given the chronic nature of this condition, treatment strategies should be tailored to the individual needs of the patients and focus on maintaining social function and improving quality of life. Establishing a therapeutic alliance, establishing acceptable symptomatic treatment goals, and educating the patient's family are of paramount importance. Avoiding direct confrontation of the delusional symptoms enhances the possibility of treatment compliance and response. Hospitalization should be considered if a potential for harm or violence exists. Otherwise, outpatient treatment is here for more:

I would seriously recommend Unker Kit and Bro Anwar to advise the Pakatan Aduns particularly Sivakumar, Nizar, Ngeh and Nga to seek immediate treatment at the nearest Government Hospital.

I think Perak have a good psychiatric facility at Tanjung Rambutan Hospital. Please seek help before its too late as in extreme situations, people with delusional disorder may resort to violence against those who they believe are hurting them (APA, 2000).God forbid.

SM said...


My apologies for changing the topic, but I would like your views on what Khartini Khalid said in her short write up about being a Singaporean Malay.
Especially of interest is her statement wanting a system that is based on equality as compared to a system which is discriminatory could be "poison".

What happened recently to the Japanese LDP party is going to happen to UMNO & BN. I hope the "PR" start "talking" to the Japanese Opposition who whipped the LDP because the PR will need help in setting up the new Federal Govt. when they whip BN in the next GE!

Hantu Laut said...

I think it's a good write-up.When a person feels comfortable everything is seen in good light.

Whoever this Malay lady is she admitted she now lives in the US, whether she stays there as a student or as permanent residence, she did not say.

SM, I used to live in Singapore for 10 years and I know of many Singaporeans who left the counrty to migrate to the West because they are disenchanted with the political system and the regimented system they live in.

Malaysia is not alone in the migration of the disillusioned.Even Western nations have their citizens leaving to lesser part of the world because they are fed up with the system.

I have always admired Lee Kuan Yew in his nation building and what he has done for S'pore is the envy of many other world leaders.

But as the lady says 'one man's meat is another man's poison', you can't please everybody.

eddy said...

Touche Bro, in this case one woman's meat is another man's poison.

Anonymous said...

HL dan eddy ponyok...apa yang you merepek ni...mana ada penyakit yang you cakap tu sekarang..H1N1 adalah palau ka..dah NGIRUP TUAK..hahaha..padan muka..