Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Panggong Wayang India.

Hantu Laut

The placard should read "Samy Velu, President For Life".

Samy should have declared himself perpetual dictator of MIC and change the party constitution to make himself the glorious and till death do us part leader of the Indian community in Malaysia. He should cast himself in the mould of Kin Il-sung of North Korea or Fidel Castro of Cuba.

This is the same sycophant that used to carry Mahathir's balls (excuse my language) when Mahathir was the great giver.He now thinks the members of UMNO are fools not to know who instigated the delegate to insult Mahathir by garlanding him with the dirtiest human footwear.A garland befits the harijans.

Wait a minute! Can he claimed to be the glorious leader of the Indians in this country? Didn't he lose in the last election and his party badly trashed?

Mahathir wasn't wrong to say that MIC will not get the supports of the Indians if Samy is still allowed to helm the party.

The near decimation of the party at the last general elections was a clear sign that the Indians do not want Samy leadership any more.They have had enough of his political antics and his misguided notion that the Indians still hunger for his leadership.The Indians wanted him out yesterday but Samy is not getting the message.Even after Hindraf's massive display of Indian's support for the oppositions, he still implacably thinks he is irreplaceable.

Getting voted in as party president doesn't necessary reflect popularity with the masses.Malaysian politics are also known to be riddled with money politics, the higher the position the bigger the money, and the top leadership are no exception to this dirty and demeaning way of getting elected.

With Samy still as President of MIC and MCA in turmoil Mahathir's prophecy might come true. The BN will have a tough job ahead unless it can find alternatives to replace these two fallen angels of Malaysian politics.

A garland of slippers for Mahathir proposed by a delegate at MIC meeting is an excoriation of the former prime minister by his former protege. An affront for Mahathir.UMNO members have taken umbrage to what they see as an insult against a Malay leader, more so against Mahathir, the longest serving prime minister.

It is nothing but the usual wayang kulit which the Indians have a propensity to display with great exaggeration.

Does Samy Velu know before hand what the delegate is going to say? Were they coaxed into making the proposal to shame Mahathir and send a message to him not to interfere in MIC internal politics and that he was wrong about Subramaniam and even more wrong about Samy.

Samy has proven Mahathir wrong, he won, but can MIC win the next general elections?

The end of MIC is foreboding.

It has now become Najib's dilemma, two lame ducks in the BN stable.


donplaypuks® said...

These people cheered when that Arab journalist threw his shoes at Bush, an act that was totally unprofessional and against the code of conduct of the free Press!

Now they froth at the lips over Dr.M being insulted in mere non-violent and non-physical suggestion when he poked his nose where it should not go!

How would UMNO members react if Samy or some other retired MIC member were to tell them not to field Najib for UMNO Presidency because all sorts of allegations, including murder, have been made against him?

In any event, it was not the whole party, but apparently 1 MIC member, Sugumaran, who uttered those words which Samy stopped then and there. What more could anyone ask for other than for Sugumaran to apologise. Why the call for Samy and MIC to apologise.

Did they ask Nazri and Rafidah to apologise when they ultra vires Dr.M?

The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

eddy said...

Bro, Dr Mahathir as a retired Prime Minister and ex-Chairman of Barisan Nasional for many years has the right to criticise where he thinks that things are wrong with a party under BN especially now that the GE is about three years away. Samy Vellu should have taken the advise in confidence without making insulting public statements about Dr Mahathir designed to provoke the MIC delegates. I am very sure that with the kind of iron grip that Samy holds on the MIC delegates, that guy Peter Sugumaran would not have dared to utter such offensive words on Dr Mahathir without permission. So if anybody needs to apologise then Peter and Samy should go together and apologise to Dr Mahathir personally.

After that the MIC should sack Peter Sugumaran and then Samy can lead MIC out of the BN to prove that Dr Mahathir is wrong and that the Malaysian Indians still love and trust God's gift to the Indians; Dato' Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu and his Malaysian Indian Congress Party.

With the kind of politics Samy plays in MIC, I think even Hj Hadi, Kit Siang or even Anwar will be very wary of him. So I do not think MIC will be following Chua Jui Meng anytime soon.

Let us see if the MIC on their own can win any state or parliamentary seats in the next GE without the support of Barisan. Last time they only won three(3) parliamentary seats with Samy booted out in his Sg Siput stronghold. The fish(MIC) rots from its head(Samy).

SM said...


2 lame ducks? I beg to differ! More than 2 bah...MCA, MIC, PPP & Gerakan...that makes 4 lame ducks.
However, as Ali Rustam (that paragon of virtue who has asked that Sugumaran be expelled from the the way I agree...he should be expelled & while they are doing that expell Rustam also for Money Politics!) told the PPP GA (before the last GE) where he was the guest of honour mind you..."if you don't like it here you can go back to India...after all UMNO does not need anyone else to win the next GE!"
Even the PR people would not do such a hideous thing as throw a slipper at a picture of a BN leader or ex-leader (we know BN does that...remember the fiasco where the UMNO members in Penang tore pictures of Kho Suu Khoon)?
Actually all the PR has to do is "keep quiet" (like it's doing now...just "try" to do their job...I know it's difficult when you have the MACC & PDRM on your backs...but what to do bah...this is should know that being in the opposition does not pay well!) & let the BN "self-implode"!

Hantu Laut said...


I agree with Mahathir, Samy is a liability to the BN, he should have realised this earlier and not contest the presidency of the party.

Hantu Laut said...


The MIC is now a liability to the BN.Samy is a spanner in the works.The BN should consider sacking the MIC and even MCA if they can't put their houses in order.

Hantu Laut said...

I consider the rest already dead.

eddy said...

SM, BN is not self implosion lah, this is spring cleaning time to get rid of the deadwood. By the time its finished BN will be slimmer but fitter to take on the electoral pact of DAP,PKR and PAS.

SM said...


I sincerely hope you are correct. Having been a staunch supporter of the BN I hope they do clean-out the deadwood, just as I hope the PR starts making a list of the deadwood in their ranks so that we are given "proper" choices in the next GE.
We need TWO strong parties...even TDM said ensure that there is a "check & balance".

eddy said...

SM, couldn't agree more with you. TQ.