Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Betulkah Rakyat Bagan Pinang Bodoh?

Hantu Laut

They have muddied all and sundry in BN.That's not enough.Now, they are after the voters.

Voting for Isa Samad is immoral.Most of the people in Bagan Pinang are immoral.Most Malaysians are immoral for choosing BN as the Federal government in the last general elections.

Only those who voted for Pakatan's candidates were of high moral.

Why not abolish the constitution, remove the voting rights of BN immoral voters and make Anwar or Lim Kit Siang as prime minister for life

Surely, our morality index would soars to high heaven.

Read Rocky's Bru's brew here.


SM said...


Brilliant! I second your "motion" to make DSAI or LKS PM!
Hahahahahaha! Correct! Correct Correct!

Y1 said...

Haha, HL, congrats to BN wining at BP. Don't be so geram lah.

I would still like to see a strong opposition to prevent abuse of power of any single party.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the answer to your question is a big YES, they are immoral, for the short term benefits, they pawn away their children future in this country.

And, the same goes to you HL.

Your failure to distinguish black from white, wrong from right due to your political affinity has discredited yourself personally !

eddy said...

PR electoral pacts leaders and supporters are so full of hypocrisy Bro. I hope they keep on thinking this way and brand the voters who voted for BN with all the derogatory words that they can muster.

Next general election they will be buried under tonnes of votes, Bagan Pinang is only the beginning of what is in store for them with their intolerant, holier than thou attitude blaming all and sundry even the voters but never looking at themselves in the mirror to see what kind of hypocritical political monster they've become.