Thursday, October 15, 2009

Insulting Sabahans,The PKR Way

Hantu Laut

When a Sabahan says "Buli bah, kalau kau!", he means you are not trusted.As a Sabahan you know you are fucked, your friend was just being superficially polite.Unfortunately, the clueless West Malaysian politicians in PKR takes it as a compliment.

When Anwar decided to take over the PKR's Sabah Chief position, the Sabah PKR boys must have told him "Datuk, buli bah, kalau kau" and when he handed the post to another West Malaysian, the polite but unhappy Sabahans must have felt offended and said the same thing but deep down in their heart must have said to themselves that they will teach these clueless and arrogant West Malaysians a lesson.Which they did, PKR has not made any progress in Sabah.

Unfortunately, Anwar and his top dogs in PKR translate politeness as a weakness and stupidity.Sabahans, with the exception of Bung Mokhtar, are, by nature, not aggressive or openly rude.They can take insults in their stride but when they hit back it would be fatal.The downfall of Mustapha Harun and Harris Salleh were testimonials of Sabahan's rage, not the half-filled bottle the wimps of Peninsula Malaysia gave Pakatan Rakyat.When Sabahans decided, the bottle would be either empty or full.

There are rumours that Jeffery Kitingan and Ansari Abdullah may quit the party after being sidelined by Anwar in favour of Azmin Ali. Sabahans have taken the appointment of Azmin as an insult that Sabahans are not good enough.So, who is more arrogant and looked down on Sabahans, UMNO or PKR? Anwar or Najib?

Sabahans would be looking even more stupid if they think this man will look after their welfare after he becomes prime minister.'Every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost' sounds more like is his policy and he surely would be a disappointment again, the same as what he did to Jeffery and Ansari, he would do again to all Sabahans.

UMNO didn't appoint West Malaysian to head UMNO in Sabah since the first day it sets foot here.UMNO in Sabah has always been led by Sabahan, a job usually given to the Chief Minister, if he is from UMNO.

Anwar Ibrahim, if the Kadazans (whom he is tying to woo to his side now) still remember, was the one that brought down the legally elected PBS government by enticing PBS elected members to leave the party, some were eventually given positions in the new government of BN, engineered by the very same man who talked about morality and accused Najib and UMNO of complicity in the downfall of the Perak's DAP government and accused Najib's administration of massive corruptions.

Weren't there corruptions during his time when he was the second most powerful man in the country? Did he not practised the same expediency of power, without giving any due respect to the Sabah state constitution? The same that Pakatan leaders are now accusing Najib of doing, Anwar has done before and tried to do it again a second time on 16th Sept 2008 but failed miserably, and made him a laughting stock.The earthquake that he promised that would have toppled the BN did not come.Would you want someone to lead the nation who openly lied to the people?

DAP and its head honcho Lim Kit Siang is still raving mad that they have lost Perak.That mad as a hatter Sivakumar again will be calling his own state assembly seating on 28th October here.
He is not only mad but absolutely arrogant and only making himself looking like a fool for being used by DAP to denigrate the Sultan and show disrespect for his decision.

What people like Lim Kit Siang and his Internet cohorts wrote here makes Anwar looks like a prophet and Najib a Satan.I don't know Najib personally but I do subscribe to the BN's policy, it's still the best formula for this nation. His '1 Malaysia' definitely sounds more practical than that ....Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Satu Bangsa Satu Negara crap.

What's wrong being Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians and Malaysian Malays, if you like.The Americans don't feel offended being called African American, American Chinese and so forth. Isn't it just another propaganda and meaningless slogan of Pakatan to hoodwink stupid Malaysians of something they don't believe in and have no desire to carry out if or when they come to power.

That slogan would die a natural death as nobody in their right senses would put his race as 'anak bangsa Malaysia' because there is no such race and it is big taboo, particularly for Chinese and Indians, to call themselves by any other race other than what their parents told them. Race is more sacred than religion, you can change religion(except Muslims) but you can't change your race.

Thanks to Najib, a man who respects performance and royalty and knows how to show gratitude, at least we now have more Sabahans in the Federal cabinet and other federal posts.When Anwar was in the federal cabinet before what has he done for Sabah? One, that is still very fresh in Sabahans minds were the mushrooming of slot machines all over the state, courtesy of the Federal Ministry of Finance.The inherited legacy has become permanent fixtures in Sabah bringing hardship to many families.

During his time in UMNO all Sabahans got was constant bullying, arm-twisting and political manuevaring.All he was interested in was to spread his influence among UMNO members here so he can galvanise support to topple Mahathir, the hand that brought him into UMNO and the hand that he wanted to bite.As the Malay saying "Hutang emas boleh dibayar hutang budi dibawah mati" doesn't seem to exist in Anwar's vocabulary.It's very telling of the man. How many of his close friends have left him and turned against him?

What a fucking joke. 'Anak Bangsa Malaysia', 'Satu Bangsa Satu Negara', you can't even trust a Sabahan to lead your party in the state.


SM said...


I agree with you! DSAI should choose who he gets his advice from carefully, especially when it comes to Sabah & Sarawak. I don't think it was "arrogance", I suspect it's more "ignorance" at play here. If it is arrogance, then they donn't deserve any support from East Malaysians (hahahaha...I'm sure UMNO & BN can continue to keep screwing the East Malaysians & offering them Peanuts now & then!).
RPK has just written an article (yesterday if I'm not mistaken) chiding DSAI & PR for thier stupidity, when it comes to Sabah & Sarawak.
Next, what's wrong with being called Anak Bangsa Malaysia? I'm one...& I find it disturbing that you used some pretty "offensive" language to refer to Anak Bangsa Malaysia (I guess it's your article so you can use what ever language you want?). What about 1 Malaysia? Most people still don't know what the heck it's all about...after everything is 1 Malaysia. It's becoame just a stupid slogan!
As for the Americans, yes, they do not mind being called Aisan American or African American...after all they are ALL treated equally...the difference with Malaysia is that if you are a Chinese or Indian Malaysian you are a second class citizen as compared to Malay Malayaisn (i.e. Bumiputra)! And please don't tell me that's not true...I have been putting up with it my whole life & my children will also need to put up with it (unless there is a REAL change or we leave just like many Malaysians are doing & have done).

The Unspinners said...

Sabahan should vote PKR or risk being called stupid by Anwar and Azmin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, HL, for this perspective. Many things here that you mentioned that I didn't know.
You are one of the blogs on politics that I follow whenever I get the time to go online.
And what I like most about your writing is that it is easy to understand. Happy blogging


eddy said...

1. Bro HL, I agree with you, there is no such thing as a Bangsa Malaysia, Rakyat Malaysia definitely. Unfotunately Bangsa Malaysia is a misplaced meaningless slogan by Pakatan which is as useless as a citizen of the United States call themselves of USA race or a UK citizen calls themselves of British race.

There is no wrong and we should not feel guilty about identifying ourselves as a Malay, Indian, Chinese, Punjabi or Eurasian, we Rakyat Malaysia should celebrate the diversity of our cultures, traditions and religions which what I do believe 1Malaysia is all about.

PKR in Sabah? Bro PKR is never a democratic party it is ruled dictator style by its non card carrying advisor Anwar Ibrahim who approved all PKR important party officials. Too bad for Sabah PKR members who thinks Anwar trust them. The PKR party is just like an incendiary bomb just waiting for the right amount of spark to explode by itself. So I am waiting for the fireworks display when PKR explode.

2. Bro SM, On the subject of second class citizens.... blogger Sakmongkol AK47 wrote : "Many years ago, the late Lee Yan Lian lamented in public that he feels like a 3rd class citizen. This here was a Malaysian Chinese many times a millionaire making public his discomfort for feeling 3rd class (in Malaysia) and that prompted the PM then, Hussein Onn to say, if a millionaire like Yan Lian feels like a 3rd class citizen, a Malay would rather choose to be one". Enough said Bro.

Anonymous said...

The correct way to say the colloquial here in Sabah is "Buli ba, kalau kau".

Anonymous said...

Malaysia need a war to sort itself,hope indonesia invade sabah n sarawak, then thailand n singapore invade peninsular malaysia, malaysia need to be broken's a fail state.

Anonymous said...

The correct way to say this colloquial here in Sabah is "Buli ba, kalau kau".

Anonymous said...


"the difference with Malaysia is that if you are a Chinese or Indian Malaysian you are a second class citizen as compared to Malay"

This is their country, and you are an immigrant. So what? You want to be king in their country? Are u nuts?

Get a life. Oh yeah, please call Brown if he is accepting any new Briton.

Hantu Laut said...

Narak Chaturdashi Parva,

Thanks.You are right, that's the correct way.

Anonymous said...

Hl, very obvious that you are biased and not knowing the full facts and background to the leadership problem haunting PKR Sabah. No purpose served in pointing your finger at any leader in PKR. PKR leaders at both state and central level must do some soul searching as to what went wrong. It is not correct that only west malaysians are appointed as sabah chief. Before Azmin ali and Anwar, not less than 5 sabahan leaders were appointed to head PKR Sabah including Ansari. Sabahan leaders must ask themself honestly why these sabahan leaders came and went away. If you asked me, it was due to infighting and internal squabbles amongst them. Donot get me wrong, most sabahan leaders are decent people except for a very few who were the mastermind behaind the downfall of most of these past PKR sabahan chiefs. Based on the past scenario, these very few spoilers will continue to do the same, that is, engineering downfall of pkr sabah chiefs, until and unless he or his master is appointed as the PKR sabah chief. That might be the reason why Anwar decided to appoint outsider purportedly to be neutral to resolve Sabah leadership crisis until such time a sabahan can take over from him. What is there to gain or the political mileage for Anwar or Azmin to be Sabah chief? Nothing. The big question is: Can the sabah pkr leaders decide for themself who shall be sabah chief? It is entirely up to them to work it out and propose to Anwar. I donot think until today, sabah leaders have done so. They were consistently troubled by these very few spoilers in steering up fractions, infighting and interference with divisional leadership, character assination and at all costs to topple the existing sabah chiefs. On the other hand, central leadership must consult with state leadership which, for obvious reasons, doesnt mean just Jeffrey, Ansari and christina only. Caution here, the central leadership must not think they know best. There must be constant consultation between the central and state pkr giving sabahan leaders all due respect in sincerity. Sabahan politicians are politically seasoned and smart. After all, they have gone through many turbulent times some of which have only now happened in the west such as perak state. They may be quiet but they know exactly how are they being treated. Donot take their silence for granted. When they shout at you and that is the end of it. West malaysians must realize that Sabahans by nature are not aggressive people and tend to be polite. But political history has shown that USNO and Berjaya governments had paid a very high price for ignoring their feeling. There is a limit to their tolerance, which is reaching valnerable point. And to make thing worst, these very few spoilers are expoiting the issue to their advantage. PKR MUST ACT NOW AND BE FIRM to root out the main culprits once and for all in order to move on to form a respectable political force. Until PKR has ironed out these obstacles, there in no way of moving forward, let alone winning any election in sabah. So, HL, be impartial and constructive without any selfish agenda on your part, which I hope you will.

youarewrong said...

you are wrong. we are just Malaysians to everyone else in the World.

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

I understand what you are saying BUT we are talking about average Malaysians here, not Millionaires. The average Non-Bumiputra Malaysian has the same problems just like any of the average Bumiputra Malaysian.
Why can't the BN see that? Switch from a Race-based system to a Need-based system you will really see what 1-Malaysia is all about...ALL (well most anyway) Malaysians will flock to join the BN!
Just look at that retard Anonymous' (2:35am) comments...! Now you see why the Non-Malays are cheezed off with these bodoh UMNO "Immigrant-calling" mentality?!
My ansestors came to Malaysia in the 1500's!!!!! How many of you can say the same? I bet Mr. Anonymous' father or grandfather came from Indonesia a few years ago...& he's calling me an Immigrant?

SM said...

Bro HL / Bro Eddy,

By the way, I was "quite" impressed with KJ's speech & general behaviour during his "maiden" speech during this UMNO AGM.
I guess as the "old man" TDM said after Najib's speech, it's time to "walk the talk"! Malaysians are watching.

Hantu Laut said...


Thanks.That what writing is all about, for people to understand.

Hantu Laut said...

Hussein Onn was right.What's the point of ketuanan Melayu if you are poor, better being 3rd class citizen and filty rich.But than again if you are 3rd class citizen and the Malays truly discriminate the Chinese and Indians, how can a Chinese or Indian can become a millionaire.Think about it!

Hantu Laut said...


Certainly not.I am giving you the straight and narrow, Anwar do looked down on Sabahans and it is my earnest hope that he wouldn't be PM of this nation.If one Sabahan can't, there are many more can.West Malaysians are no smarter than Sabahans and how could people like Azmin Ali know Sabah politics better than Christina Liew, Ansari or Jeffery.The infighting was just an excuse and a big lie.He did the same thing in Sarawak.

observer said...


I beg to differ from you. Having verified the story with some PKR leaders, I incline to agree more with Anonymous on his rather objective analysis of the problem troubling PKR Sabah. By the way, HL, you had indicated clearly enough of your personal stand - biased and not objective. Because unless you are Jeffrey or Ansari or Christina or his or her proxy, you would not know for sure. But you have taken a very firmed stand in this issue in PKR Sabah. Come on, no one said sabahans are not smart. The real cause of concern has been and still is: who are the main players causing rift within PKR Sabah? If Sabah leaders are united, no one from outside such as Anwar or Azmin could destablize or dominate them. HL, you appeared to be very protective of certain individual.

yourghost said...


You are not being fair lah.....

eddy said...

Bro HL, touche, I agree. If there are any discriminations, I personally encountered a few on my person in my career as a Civil Engineer but not by the Malays or Indians though. Hmm, sad but in truth in the Malaysian commercial world its a China man's world, they basically do what ever they want to do. However I have no animosity towards them it just makes me more determined to be a better professional, hired on merit and my expertise not based on my race and that is what I always drum into the young Engineers under my supervision.

Bro SM, I agree that not all Chinese are rich and millionaires like the late Tan Sri Lee Yan Lian or the majority of the top 100 of Malaysia's rich and famous but the Government policies are based on average statistics. The Malaysian Chinese also holds almost 50% of all commercial land in Malaysia. Together on the average the poor who are mostly Malays/Bumis and many Indians definitely need more help from the Government. Why I say Government? Its because any Government of the day whether its ruled by BN or god forbid the Electoral pact of PKR,PAS,DAP will have to concentrate on helping the poor who are majority Malays/Bumis and many Indians. Of course the BN delivery system in all its good faith to serve the Rakyat, does have people manipulating the delivery system and got rich but these manipulators are not just Malays, they are also Chinese and Indians as well. In Malaysia if PR accuse BN guilty of all these manipulations, I say mereka dua kali lima sahja...they will do the same things when they are in power I predict they do worse.

So just like I say that many millionaires are Chinese and you and I can accept that situation. So if there are only a few guilty manipulators in the BN delivery system, why the need to change the BN Government completely because of these few manipulators. I say BN is working to change all these, albeit slowly but surely. UMNO is working to change and eradicate money politics by having 140 thousand odd members to vote in direct election for its leadership from the previous 2,700 delegates. That's a big sacrifice by PM Najib but all in the name of improvements to the BN delivery system. Can the secretive DAP, PAS or PKR follow the way of UMNO in its election for leadership? MCA,MIC and other BN components will follow otherwise they will become irrelevant under a mountain of leadership crisis and money politics.

Who knows with this 1Malaysia idea by PM Najib, UMNO will in time transform to a United Malaysian National Organisation embracing all Malaysians regardless of race to conform to the views of UMNO's First President and Founder member, Dato' Onn Jaafar, way back in 1950. I hope one day that time will come in the not too distant future.

Also do not bother too much about the 'pendatang' thinghy, as long as your birth certificate say you are born a Malaysian, then you are one. The birth certificate or the MYcard does not have any space to state that one is a pendatang or not. Anybody who says otherwise are just ill informed.

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

Thanks for your detailed explanation.
However, I still maintain that since the BN says they are for ALL Malaysians, then take care of ALL Malaysians.
I am Eurasian & Malaysian (& highly proud of both) but my dad & mum were considered poor, however they made sure that we had enough to eat & pushed us to excel in our studies. As a result, today I can take care of them. However, the Government did not lift a finger to help them because they were Non-Bumis. I do not resent that because seeing the hardship they went through made me so much more determined & much stronger. However, I am unwilling to see my son & one day his sons having to go through the discrimination I had to face. I do not want my son to leave Malaysia like so many of my friends & relatives but as it's going...!
I still maintain....give aid to ALL those in need...E.g. I don't see why a rich Bumi who's able to buy a RM 500K or RM Million house gets a 7% Bumi discount! It makes no sense!
When & if the BN (i.e. UMNO) starts to do this (i.e. help all those in need, without seeing his race or religion), they won't have to chase for the Non-Malay vote, they will get it automatically.

eddy said...

Sorry Bro HL tapi saya sudah menyimpang dari posting asal...

Anyway Bro SM, I agree with you discounts on houses for Bumis who can afford to buy a 500k house is ridiculous and does not benefit the needy.

I let you in on a little known secret though, Bumi lots are like a millstone around a Malay/Bumi person actually, because once bought it is very difficult to sell as you cannot simply sell it to a non Bumi and the real estate value do not appreciate as well as the non bumi lots.

Maybe the best policy would be for the Government to encourage developers to give 10% discount for all buyers so that there is no such thing as a Bumi and non bumi lot but to ensure a mixed community there should be minimum lots allocated for Malays/Bumis, Chinese and Indians. Just a thought.

Hopefully slowly but surely Government policies for the needy on housing, education, employment and transport would be addressed by the BN Government.The political tsunami in March 2008 is a great moment in our history which makes change for the better a must and not an option for BN. Our Malaysia is a great country bro,the food, the people, the scenery etc. we only realise it when we live or visit overseas.

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

I must say I enjoy discussing politics with you...1/ you are pro government & I'm pro opposition. IT makes for good debate 2/ at least we can discuss with clear simple & intelligent language without vulgarities.
To me it's pretty simple, Najib says 1-Malaysia & then he says can't have both bro! On the one hand you want to have a unified people & on the other hand you still give benefits to a particular just does not jive.
I maintain..."Need base not Race based". The day the BN goes that way, I will be one of the first to join the BN!