Monday, October 12, 2009

Isa's Win, UMNO's Losses ? Says Who?

Hantu Laut

Are Malaysians returning to their senses? Isa Samad's victory is not anyone's call , unexpected, is the huge majority.

Isa polled 8013 votes giving him a thumping majority of 5435 votes, a landslide victory, setting back Pakatan Rakyat winning streak in the Peninsula.Indications showed that the Indians voted for the BN this time.It was purely Najib's efforts to bring the Indians back to the fold.Hope Samy Velu realised, it's him and MIC the problems, not the Indians or UMNO.

To say Isa's win will be UMNO's losses, the parlance of a few has-beens in the party, is like the classic Aesop's fable of 'The Fox and the Grapes'. I can't get it, so it must be sour.Even the good old Ku Li says better for UMNO to lose, just wanting to prove a point.

Don't be fooled that the oppositions didn't use money, maybe, not as much as the BN, but it's still money.

Where does Pakatan's war chest come from? Without spending money they wouldn't have seen the light of day.It was reported that Anwar has a huge war chest of RM3 billion.Surely, with that kind of money one can dabble in politics, it's worth the risk.

The government should consider, with certain limitations, legalising money politics for all political parties, maybe, modelled after the US or UK.

A pick from Malaysiakini, the sanctimonious ones:

'Umno has legitimised corruption'

'With the win in Bagan Piyour sayang, Umno has officially legitimised corruption as an acceptable credo amongst themselves. The smirks on their faces say it all. Woe betide our dear Malaysia.' Read more....


vinnan said...

Say Mahashithead, No.1 corrupter of the nation.

SM said...


First off let me say that I was pretty depressed that Isa won (please note I did not say UMNO!). Bagan Pinanag (or shoud I say the army & police's postal votes!!!) voted for Isa. I knew he would win but I did not expect that it would be with a larger majority.
But, being the ever optimist that I am...I guess I have to say it's for the best!
Your article says it very well actually...& that is UMNO will now deem this win to show that they are once again the popular choice of Malaysians & therefore they will let their guard down (notice that Najib has been doing everything politically correct ever since he bacame PM however, due to sheer desperation, he made the mistake & I'm sure it was a saying that Money Politics was a Technical Matter!).
He has however put his guard back up again by saying they will have a post mortem to see why they won (a very, very clever man...Najib is!).
However his deputy is boasting that the tide has turned (one win & the tide has turned?). Better still Semi Value's deputy is saying that the Indians voted for Isa because they once again support the MIC & BN! I love this!
Just watch, UMNO & its BN component parties, they will once again start their arrogant ways (I'm not saying they ever stopped though they sort of toned down for a while there).
Maybe Muhyiddin should ask his boss to call for the next GE soon, seeing how the tide has turned?!

Chaste in the Dust said...

Just wanna confirm that Our Man in Australia is actually related to Pak Lah's late wife. So I wonder if he is working for KJ's return. Any news from your end?

Hantu Laut said...

Chaste in the Dust,

Sorry, I only bring to light the unethical writing, not in my nature to delve into other people's background.

eddy said...

Bro, whatever the PR electoral pact supporters would say, I just want to savour this by-election victory at Bagan Pinang.

It may not be a turn of the tide event but the thumping majority that BN obtained burying PAS and the PR pact under a mountain of votes in the process showed that with the right candidate who is generally acceptable by all in the constituent makes for a united campaign election machinery which will in turn produce the right election result for BN.

PR leaders and supporters can yell and scream to high heaven about BN tainted candidates tetapi mereka cakap tak serupa bikin having allowed ex-convicts guilty of corruption and abuse of power and sedition to represent them in the DUN and Parliament themselves. The more they talk about tainted candidates the more they are spitting into the air to have spit splattered all over their shameless faces.

Much work remains to be done in UMNO,MCA and alas the MIC to prepare for the next GE to regain lost ground in the last GE, but again let's savour this moment while the PR leaders intolerant as usual, blame their huge loss on the voters, the postal votes, the EC, everything and anything that moves but refusing to take the blame themselves like matured people do.

Hidup BN, Hidup BN, Hidup Makkal Sakhti.

SM said...


The Makkal Sakti "cry" was originally used by HINDRAF! The new Malaysian Makkal Sakhti party opened by Najib just copied that cry from HINDRAF.
I guess they think they can "hood wink" the Malaysian Indians?