Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Grand Mufti Of Malaysia?

Hantu Laut

Finally, they got him.My favourite mufti.The man, I think should be made the 'Grand Mufti' of Malaysia and put all the state muftis under him.Not a bad idea to have uniformity of the sharia.

The man was charged in the Selangor Sharia Court for teaching without a permit and could be fined RM3,000. or imprisoned two years.He pleaded not guilty.

Are all the other muftis felt threatened by this man true interpretations of Islam or was it just the political agenda of the Pakatan government in Selangor to make his entrance into politics more difficult.

JAIS, is under the administration and control of the Selangor state government and what happened to Dr Asri was definitely politics rather than religion.They can't simply blamed one person, the man they accused of collaborating with UMNO (typical Pakatan lamed-excuses when they can't give plausible explanation) for the action to humiliate Asri. It's a collective responsibility. Khalid Ibrahim should carry greater part of the shame for the sham and hypocrisy.

If the Pakatan's man from PAS who control JAIS is that powerful than Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim should resign his position and hand over his post to this man.The appointment of Anwar Ibrahim as economic adviser is already a big slap on his face.It can only mean that Anwar has no confidence in him being able to run the state smoothly and defend it from the onslaught of UMNO's move to retake the state.There are some who speculated that Anwar is paving the way for his blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali to take over the MB post.

If I am not wrong Islam in every state is under the jurisdiction of the Sultans or Head of States in the case of Sabah, Sarawak,Penang and Malacca. What I am not sure is, does the Sultan have the power to intervene if he sees something unfair or not in accordance with the teachings of Islam?

Should the Mufti of a state be made so powerful as to remain unchallenged.

Should the Federal government consider centralising the sharia court?

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