Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who Pays Kickdefella To Blog?

Hantu Laut

Are they any better than the one they wanted to get rid off? PAS in now caught with its pants down, embroiled in nepotism, and even worse, the very thing they accused UMNO of..... arrogance, authoritarian and corruptions.

Nik Aziz, at the behest of his son-in-law, agrees with the sacking of blogger 'Kickdefella' who is part of the PAS/Pakatan propaganda machine. Syed Azidi (Kickdefella) is purportedly a paid PAS's blogger.The story here and here.

Who pays Kickdefella, is it from PAS own funds or is he being paid by the state company? Whether his job as corporate liaison officer entails mainly blogging for PAS?

Whether, there is corruption or not, is not the issue here, the mere fact that he allowed his son-in-law to be employed by a state company where he has direct control and influence as menteri besar is not only morally wrong, it is against convention and may even be illegal.


FMZam said...


As usual, your tongue slips again and this time your tongue slips worse than ever for just to portray that chickenfeed thing of that Kickdefella and PAS have done any wrong whatsoever, it is too small a thing to compare to what UMNO and BN had been doing in greater scale.

Your beautiful phrase should have been used to describe your UMNO masters in much better way if I may use it to say this:

"Whether, there is corruption or not, is not the issue here, the mere fact that MAHATHIR, PAK LAH AND OTHER UMNO LEADERS who allowed his sons, son-in-laws and any of their siblings and family members to be involved in business that have anything to do with this government, where they have direct control and influence as Prime Minister or Minister or Menteri Besar, or IGP or Military Generals, IS NOT ONLY MORALLY WRONG, IT IS AGAINST CONVENTION AND MAY EVEN BE ILLEGAL."

You sure can see those mosquitoes from across the ocean, but you turn blind eyes on the elephant before you, hah?

Wake up Hantu Laut!

Hantu Laut said...


I don't see mosquitoes,nor elephants, I can only see hypocrites.

Hantu Laut said...

I have no master.My master is my God and I don't have to be paid to write what I like, nor do I need to beg on the internet to carry on blogging.

Antus said...

i do agree with u,we only consider those who say there are right but have done the other way as Munafiq...dont they are like that...ask people to behave good but they are those fanatics either Umno/BN or Pas/PKR/Dap, bad things done plz dont support blindly...wrong is wrong okies FMZam...

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that whenever misdeeds or abuse of power/money are brought forth the defence is "UMNO buat lagi teruk" or "UMNO buat macam tu juga".

Doesn't it shows the level of intelligence with such justifications?

Be afraid; be really, really afraid when these beruk get to the seat of power. These are just the prelude.

Anonymous said...

mengata dulang paku serpih...

haramkan PAS