Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bacon,Ham And Bah Kut Teh, Who Moved My Cheese?

Hantu Laut

When I was young and stupid, every time I passed a Chinese eatery selling 'bah kut teh' I always thought it was some kind of tea but didn't really bother to find out what it is until in my later teens when I learned what it really is from a Chinese girlfriend .Literally, translated into English it means "Pork Rib Tea Soup" or "Pork Bone Tea Soup." In Malay, it would repulsively be called "Sup Tulang Babi"

Now, some smart guy have decided that Muslims should also enjoy this succulent hawker's fare by substituting the pork with some halal ingredients but keeping the same name.

As usual Muslims can’t be left to think for themselves.We are so stupid we can’t tell the difference between the negative and positive pole.

Below is a statement from Jakim.

“Walaupun mereka mungkin akan membuat permohonan, Jakim tidak akan meluluskan makanan bak kut teh halal itu kerana sudah jelas ia tidak mengikut hukum yang telah ditetapkan di dalam Islam,” katanya.(Jakim will not issue the halal certificate to those who apply as we deemed they have not complied with the rules set out under Islam)

Tegas beliau Jakim bimbang masyarakat Islam akan salah faham dengan membuat tanggapan bahawa makanan itu sudah halal dimakan jika Jakim memberi pengiktirafan halal.(Jakim is worried that Muslims may be misled that the food is halal if Jakim issued the certificate)

The questions I would like to ask.What about turkey ham and beef bacon served at every breakfast in every luxury hotels in this country some of which are owned by the government. Is it not the same, against Islam too, to give halal labels to haram names. Ham and bacon are exclusively made from pork meat, the same as 'bah kut teh'.

Than what about hamburgers used by MacDonald and other burger chains in this country. Why are they given the halal label? What about hot dogs? Is it not against Islam to think one is eating dog meat even if it is not dog meat?Shouldn't the name hotdog be banned from being used in this country?

In Islam, which is haram the animal, the name or both?

Can someone tell me?

Who moved my cheese?


Pok Kam said...

Dear Friend,

The year 2009, God willing, will be coming to an end in a few days time and thereafter, we'll be ushering in the new year 2010.

And prior to all that, our Christian friends and relatives will also be celebrating their Christmas.

Till then, I will be adhering to a good advice that is to ignore "stupidities" that somehow will put a spoil and dampens to what is supposed to be a celebrative mood.

SM said...


What do you expect from "Jakim"?! These people can't see past their noses!
I guess they must be of some use or not why are they still in existence? For the life of me all I've ever heard about them has been bad. Maybe they have done some good but I've yet to hear or read anything good.
Maybe you or Eddy can enlighten me?

Hantu Laut said...

It's about consistency.If beef bacon and turkey ham can.What's wrong with bah kut teh keeping its original name and with the word halal.Muslims are not stupid, we can think for ourselves.

Pettiness.This is the kind of thing that kills Najib's 1 Malaysia concept.

KS Cheah said...

I think the one we must doubt is not Jakim but those who follow Jakim "edicts" without questioning like you did.

Chick-kut-teh anyone?


eddy said...

Yeah Bros, at first it seemed a strange call by JAKIM. As far as I know halal or haram is in the "animal" or "object" or the "action" but in the "name"? I think JAKIM people should know that Muslims are a lot more educated lot than they would like to think and would surely know the difference.

Still if you think about it further, if you literally translate "Bak Kut Teh" it means "Pork bone Tea Soup" so if JAKIM allows "Bak Kut Teh Halal" then it literally means "Pork Bone tea Soup Halal", alas, some idiots may draw conclusion that Pork Bone is Halal, I think JAKIM will be in serious trouble with many devout Muslims in Malaysia don't you think, hence the predicament in JAKIM.

Anonymous said...

Actually the word "bak kut" simply mean "meat n bone", it can be any meat and bones. It is NOT pork meat and bone.

Unless the word "meat and bone" is non-halal?