Saturday, January 30, 2010

Infernal Rambling Over Projects

Hantu Laut

Cronyism,nepotism and corruptions are not exclusive to UMNO.The pot that called the kettle black is getting darker each passing day.

Pakatan as clean as a whistle image are slowly being stripped by the internal squabbles about who should get what contract.Would they be any better when they sit in Putrajaya?

All the sloganeering about wanting to replace the corrupt regime to clean up corruptions are just mere histrionics to hoodwink the people.A doom-laden unholy alliance destined for the history book.

The story here.


Y1 said...

Thank you for highlighting Corruption from whichever party.

Thank God that some politicians do stand by their principles.

Kudos to LGE for promising to deliver on Open Tender.

Hope the BN will do the same.

Anonymous said...

H - looks like the mainstream media's reports on PR is working on you.

Suggest you read kam raslan's talking edge week of feb 1 to restore a little balance!

Anonymous said...

sorry i dont get you hantu.

whats your beef about LGE? didnt he walk the talk?