Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mahathir's Antagonist 'Crock Of Shit'

Hantu Laut

The article here says former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad denies he is anti-Christian.

Does speaking his mind on the hypothesis that the WTC (World Trade Centre) was brought down by controlled demolition and the Bush's administration was complicit in the attacks makes him anti-Christians?

If you believe in Anwar's claim of trumped-up charges you would believe in anything.You would also believe George Bush is a saint and America is incapable of doing bad things and that Obama, as promised, would close down Guantanamo Bay and cease all hostilities against the Afghan and Iraqi people.

Guantanamo is still there and the war has not stopped but heightened.More US troops are going to Afghanistan to finish off the Talibans.Can they?

If I live under a coconut shell without windows to the world wouldn't I believe in anything shoved down my throat.Just like the poor helpless geese force fed just to make some frogs fulfill their discerning palate eating their foie gras.

Mahathir's antagonists have a field day reading between the lines making all kinds of negative assumptions of his statements.None of his statements have been lacking in scrutiny, every words he says, even in the righteous of sense would have negative connotation by his invidious antagonists.Then there are always those who have adapted to kissing America's arses come what may and have a basic fundmental disorder of thinking might is right and that the control demolition conspiracy theory is a crock of shit.

Where is Saddam's WMD (weapon of mass destruction) so claimed by George Bush and Tony Blair to justify the invasion of Iraq?

The control demolition conspiracy theory is not Mahathir's alone.There are considerable followings in the US that believe in the conspiracy.

Proponents, such as physicist Steven E.Jones, architect Richard Gage, software engineer Jim Hoffman, and theologian David Ray Griffin, argue that the aircraft impacts and resulting fires could not have weakened the buildings sufficiently to initiate a catastrophic collapse, and that the buildings would not have collapsed completely, nor at the speeds that they did, without additional energy involved to weaken their structures. Jones has presented the hypothesis that thermite or super-thermite was used to demolish the buildings. Read the full text here.

Anyone, other than willing victims of America's propaganda would have come to the same conclusion.How come three buildings collapsed in exactly same manner?

Watch the short video

Watch or download the full length video here.

The same group of people who believe in Anwar's claim of trumped-up charges believe that America is incapable of such heinous crime and that Mahathir is a racist,anti Jews and anti Christian also believe that Anwar is infallible.

They are never wrong.Only those not with them are wrong.


eddy said...

Bro the 9-11 conspiracy seems plausible. I saw life on TV that fateful day when the 2nd plane struck the second tower. it seems so surreal. What took me by surprise was the speed of the collapse of the towers one after the other and remembered telling my wife two things 1. that it is now official that our Petronas twin towers is the highest twin towers and 2.the collapse look so much like the controlled demolition American Contractors are so famous for that we often see in the Nat Geo or Discovery Channel.

Anyway besides the DVD and the relevant books there is a good website on the 9-11 conspiracy theory for the technically minded or even a layman at:
pretty good read for an old Engineer like myself.

Certainly Dr Mahathir cannot be labelled an anti Christian or even anti jew or anti whatever for voicing out his opinions. When he gave a hard hitting speech against UMNO is he then anti UMNO? The Muaz fella is a typical young and wet in the ear opposition minded writer who creates the labelling and then proceed to breakdown the label that he gives to anybody who are not on the same wavelength as he is.

Dr Mahathir is a pragmatic politician with the tasks of governing the nation well, in his time as PM his decisions were based on many advisers who are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus as well as Jews. Good advise he takes, bad advise he ignores.

What is difficult to ignore is that the USA under President Bush really squandered the global sympathy caused by the 9-11 tragedy and instead of building a better more peaceful world, George Bush created mayhem by unleashing a war on terror, invading Iraq in 2003 on the pretext that it had WMD when Iraq had none. Invading Afghanistan to look for Osama Ben laden and they are still there in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting a war against terror against unseen enemies, a war which they will never ever win. Pity Obama as he will be left standing holding a candle when the musical chair music stops.

SM said...


It's noting to do with being anti-this or anti-that. Neither is it to do with suporting Anwar (why is it that everytime you guys want to "support" UMNO & its have to bring up Anwar? much hate!).
Mahatir is anti-sematic...that at least we can be sure of (everytime he talks about the Jews, he condemns them. Face it...Just read what he says about the Jews everytime he opens his mouth about them).
Yes, Bush used some pretty "crappy" lies to go after Sadam but please, just because Mahatir comes up with something like support him blindly?! I'm pretty disappointed bros.

SM said...


By the way...should you forget, Osama Bin Laden & the Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the 9-11 attacks (or am I wrong there?).
Or maybe the Jews, Bush & Osama collaborated it all to help Bush?! Wow! Talk about conspiracy theories!

Anonymous said...

You guys remember the story of Abraham with 2 sons. one guy with good heart and the other with envy and jealous heart.
it is very interesting to study and compare faces . The chinese got this skill in face reading.
if you have time compare among them like Bush, Obama, Clinton , Gordon Brown versus Hussein, Ahmadnejah, Mullah Omar, Osama, khomeni.
Any conclusion??

Anonymous said...

It is very unbecoming of him to unleash such comment. As a former PM and a Tun, many should look up to him. One would most certainly expected him to speak more cautiously about a subject he knows little about.
Then again, history has proved that such is not the case. USA has always been his favourite punching bag and he'll take a swing at them if there is a chance.
He also talked about how Malay....sians should own their own enterprises instead of working for foreign companies. Maybe he should inconveniently mention how Proton had given all Malaysians a lot of chances to showcase our engineering in...capabilities and deep aversion to passenger safety.
Anyone remember buying their first piece of crap?

Anonymous said...

if only tun and yourself were in the WTC, the world would be a happier place.

Anonymous said...


whats the final solution to mamakism?

eddy, you probably have the answer.

goodness, i am just a human as frail as anybody. where's our humanity? do we need a final solution to a particular race?