Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sabotaging The Economy

Hantu Laut

As his sodomy case looms near Anwar in desperate attempt to seek foreign sympathy is prepared to cast the Malaysian government as Islamic extremism.Read what he says in the Wall Street Journal here.

Anwar cooking the goose is nothing new.His overseas campaigns are with the intention of killing the nation's economy by scaring off foreign investors. It would have more dire consequences than merely trying to kill the government of the day.A collapsed economy would eventually bring hardship to the common people.

It is not the rich that would suffer and Anwar knew fully well it is the middle and lower income groups that would suffer the most from an ailing economy.They formed majority of voters in this country.He is using them to unleash the people's anger against the government that would translate into people's power and would hopefully demolish the BN in the next general elections.

Sabotaging the economy is one of the most effective ways to bring down a government.Corruption is another form of economic sabotage.

Those in government are not entirely blameless for sabotaging the economy too.Massive and endemic corruptions have shattered business confidence. It has become ammunition for Anwar and his gang to convince the people that they have a government with a dreadful and incurable disease.This campaign (not entirely untrue) has been very effective in magnetising majority of youths to the oppositions.I would estimate out of 10 politically conscious Malaysian that surf the Internet at least 7 supported the oppositions.

Most urban areas are likely to fall to the oppositions in the next general elections unless the BN has a magic formula to bring back the shine of its past glory

Anwar, with the help of his Western allies and media propagandists unfriendly to Malaysia and the 'Allah' controversy seems to have succeeded in portraying Malaysia in a bad light and a government bend in doing bad things.

The latest episode in the 'Allah' controversy is most shocking, the dumping of pig heads at two mosques in Petaling Jaya.

Unable, to incite the anger of Christians with the burning of their churches this group of mischief makers has now turned to inciting Muslim's anger by desecrating mosques.

Pork is the most tabooed in Islam. I wouldn't like to speculate who were behind these most despicable acts but the police should leave no stone unturned to nap them and must expose their identities to the public.

A fair,non-political and true comment of the same issue by Prime Minister Najib Razak here.


Anonymous said...

BN has the whole government machinery behind their back to execute any efforts to strengthen the economy but all they did was choosing to engage the opposition and play up ketuanan melayu and islam.

You do not need any Kaynes to tell our ministers that such public haggling of issues are bad for business. Further more, if our ministers are doing their work professionally rather than playing up political sentiments to divert attention from their incompetence, we might have been doing better. With all the oil money and the momentum of a strong economy 7 years ago, what did we do? 'Spreading sand on own rice bowl' as they say... Who's fault is it? Oppositions?

eddy said...

The way I see it Najib had made full use of the space allowed by the WSJ to convey a message of hope for all Malaysians in particular and the International Community in General.

Anwar on the other hand true to form disparaged everything about the country basically writing down what he is saying in his ceramahs, if Anwar is to be believed then everybody should just stock up their ration and stay at home as it is no more safe outside.

The two opposing articles showed Najib as a true leader of Malaysia and showed Anwar as a desperado political has been willing to disparage his own country and countrymen just to score political points.

SM said...


Once again the woes faced by Malaysia is due to DSAI & the Opposition!

Put a stop to the rampant corruption practiced by the BN & no matter what DSAI & the Opposition says will make no difference.

However, I guess UMNO will have to wait for someone else to take the reins from Mr. Powerless before that can be done!

Who knows maybe even KJ may one day take over (I've watched him ever since he took over UMNO Youth & he has not said or done one thing that's wrong. In fact he has been very "politically correct" but the MSM has been shunning him so I guess we know that Mahatir is still very much in charge).

Borther Eddy,

I gave up on Najib when he said he was powerless to stop the "Protests at the Mosques" after the High Court ruled in favour of allowing the Christians to use the word Allah. can't blame DSAI or the Opposition for that one!

Anonymous said...

Salam Hantulaut,

Anwar is an evil men.He is a devil in human form.As such he will do anything,even to the extent of destroying his country and religion,making millions of innocent people suffer the pain of hunger and humuliation,to achieve his political ambition.

It is pity that so many people,including intelectuals and academicians who seemed to be convinced by his lies and smooth-talking to follow him blindly without giving a slightest thought to the outcomes and implications of all those treachery ,cheats and mischiefs he cunningly and cleverly created.
PM Najib needs to be brave and strong ,and must be able to take drastic ,swift and decidecive action when necessary.He must be very positif and go all out to strengthen UMNO/BN with immediate effect and be ready to counter any attack and onslought from the opposition.

Askar Tua

eddy said...

Bro SM,

1. Yes Najib is powerless to stop the demonstration "in" the mosque compound, so is the police. However, they would of course immediately stop the demonstration if the demonstrators goes out of the compound. However, Najib's action and the Police at that time was smart and savvy considering the amount of anger of Malaysian Malay Muslims in regards to the controversy.

2. KJ is poison to UMNO he will be thrown out come the next UMNO youth elections and the next GE. He squandered big time the opportunity and influence he had when he was Son in Law of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

Srry I don't agree the PM should be "powerless"...can you imagine Mahatir ever saying such a thing when he was PM?! No matter what the situation. By saying he was powerless he opened the "flood-gates" & thus churches & now mosques attacked!
Enlighten me please? Why is KJ poison to UMNO?
Yes, he used his Father-in-law to get where he is today in why is that poison?
If that reasoning shows he is poison then Najib (son of Razak) Hishamuddin (son of Hussein Onn & cousin of Najib), Mukhriz (son of Mahatir), etc, should all be considered as poison too kan?
From what I see KJ has been behaving is that poison? Does he have to behave like an uncouth UMNO Politician to be good for UMNO?
Geeeze...a year ago I would never have thought I would be "backing" KJ!