Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anwar's Dilemma

Hantu Laut

In my article here I predicted more departure of PKR's MP.

Malaysian Insider today reported that 5 more PKR's MPs are expected to leave the party.

Loss of confidence in Anwar Ibrahim's leadership and him sucking up to Lim Guan Eng's political antics has been the main reason for the dissatisfaction among PKR elected representatives.

A defining moment for PKR.The turmoil would continue and depletion of its lawmakers is expected in the coming months.Total of 10-12 MPs are expected to leave the party.

These are people hurriedly picked to contest in the March 2008 General Elections without vetting their credentials to determine suitibility to the job. A good number have no political experience and were the results of indiscriminate selections.

Leadership develops over time.Those accidentally thrown into the limelight without any trait of leadership in them will find themselves in a quandary, not knowing what to do.

Desperate to cling to the coalition and not wanting to upset the other coalition partners Anwar has allowed people like Lim Guan Eng free rein and ignored his own MP's dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Leadership not salesmanship is what a good leader needs.

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johan5150 said...

dsai's dilemma is to deal with A vs
B and decide how to MOVE NEXT:

A.ppp gone,gerakan gone,mic gone,
mca lagi gone.umno? err..zahid
hamidi and muhyiddin vs najib
and hisham,hisham eyeing for
muhyiddin job and mukhriz has
more chance if muhyiddin is pm.
mahathir wants mukhriz to be
pm instead of hisham,so errr
BN gone...

B.pakatan got nik aziz visiting
burnt church,limkitsiang going
to mosque,pkr getting rid of
all yang selfish and gelojoh,
Pakatan tuning and getting
Chinese and east malaysia support


eddy said...

Bro, judging from many of PKR leader's and Pakatan supporters comments I think they are in a state of serious denial, the PKR ship is steadily sinking.

MPs and Aduns leaving PKR is spun to be spring cleaning and clearing the deadwoods. In truth they left because they have lost confidence in PKR's political struggle and also their unhappiness about DAP's domineering and aggressive ways in Pakatan to promote their own DAP agenda.

While MPs and Aduns are leaving PKR, who have been coming in to replace them? Zaid Ibrahim? Chua Jui Meng? just disgruntled ex BN ministers and political has been who are even ignored by their previous parties.

Anwar has never been a good leader,he cannot make a tough decision when it matters, he is a good power broker and salesman that is all. Once he has outlived his usefulness as a power broker the DAP and PAS will soon leave him out in the cold.

For johan5150, let's see, despite the troubles in MIC,MCA and PPP do you think that BN will have MPs and Aduns jumping all over each other at the smallest opportunity and leaving the BN? No? Not really? that's because BN is a stable entity under the leadership of UMNO led by Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin. This country needs first a stable, moderate political entity like Barisan Nasional to be Government. An entity like Pakatan made of DAP,PKR and PAS with completely different polical objectives will never become an entity stable enough to rule Malaysia.

An unstable political entity be it Pakatan or BN will bring unmitigated disaster to a multiracial and multireligious Malaysia socially and economically.

Perhaps, if Pakatan jettison the DAP as advocated by YB Zul then maybe Pakatan can become a stable political entity strong enough to compete with the BN, big maybe lah.

Definitely, Malaysians will be the judge in the next GE.

Hantu Laut said...

Nothing far from the truth,living in a state of denial.

Look what Khalid Ibrahim says, let them go.He is saying it because his state is not yet affected by the anticipated exodus. Can he defend his position as MB if many of them in Selangor leave, which is not unlikely, looking at his style of management.

Don't forget BN has 20 seats in the selangor state assembly.

eddy said...

Bro, soon if the soothsayers prediction is correct PKR which are now left with 30 MPs, and if say 4 more MPs leave then PKR will be left with only 26 MPs. The Opposition pact in Parliament could be:

28 DAP MPs
26 PKR MPs
24 PAS MPs

If that is the count then PKR with a reduced MP count will have to relinquish their office as Opposition Leader and guess who is going to be the next Opposition Leader being the biggest party after PKR MPs start leaving en- mass.

Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy isn't it if the very party that some PKR MPs are against of become opposition leader when they leave. Pakatan with a domineering DAP determined to have it their way or no way, will soon break up even before the next GE. That's my prediction lah. Khalid Ibrahim and Tian Chua ought to think first before they talk.

SM said...


Actually that's good. Let's get rid of the scum that's in PKR! The DAP & PAS are pretty "matured" Parties unlike the PKR which is still in its growing pains stage (as far as Political Parties are concerned). Yes, the BN (Read: UMNO) Leaders are right, the Pakatan Rakyat was a marriage of convenience (& what do you think the BN was when it was first formed?). However, now that the PR has formed, the good thing is that this is happening now. Better now than just before the 13th GE.
DSAI has no time to see to everything, remember that he has to get throught the sham of the Sodomy 2 Trial first.
But then again, like I said before, when it comes to UMNO & Najib you have one set of rules & that is everything is not their fault but someone elses & poor Najib his people are not following his lovely footsteps (maybe they are following Rosmah's then?). But when it comes to PR, anything that goes wrong is DSAI's fault! And yet, I agree (the buck stops at the boss!)...however, use the same "morals" when judging Najib also!

dev said...

hello my fren,

do you allow a RM 2.00 company to run a million ringgit club???

only BN will allow such nonsence.

thats why Pakatan leaders are so relieved to let go this kind of character.( 2RM com )

Shit, why dont they use a bit of brain cells and shore up the capital in the first place before asking for the contract.