Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ciao Nizar

Hantu Laut

Only the dreamers in Pakatan Rakyat including the incorrigible ex menteri besar think they could manipulate the state constitution to their benefits.

My stand have all along been that the Sultan and former Lord President knows more about the constitution than those greedy 'no class' politicians and half-past-six lawyers that gave them false hope that the sultan have erred.

Their dirty campaign against the judiciary have tarnished the reputation and good standing of our judges and brought the nation into disrepute.This bunch of hooligans will never get to see Putrajaya because Malaysians are slowly waking up to seeing their incompetence, greed and amateurism.

What happening in PKR is a reflection of Anwar style of leadership.The Malays are slowly but surely abandoning him and leave him to his own device.

Now, that the highest court in the country has made its final judgment, will the detractors in Pakatan Rakyat continue to disparage the judiciary?Those who did should face the music.

The court should not take anymore nonsense and should slap contempt of court on anyone, bloggers included, who questioned and belittled the court's decision.

Ciao Nizar.Find another job.


Y1 said...

Wow, does that mean no one can ever disagree with a court's decision?

That would make them infallible. This is frightening.

Any human and religious institutions that make themselves above reproach will make them an instrument of dictatorship.

Sad state of affairs that the Perak political situation is, the next election will show the people's real sentiment.

Justice, it seems would have to be made to wait. Ultimately it is the people's wishes that have been robbed.

As I have said before, the best solution is to call for another election, but it is not to be for the time being. If the BN is so certain of regaining the state, why not let the people decide?

donplaypuks® said...

Don't gloat or pontificate.

The Fed Court also makes MEGA mistakes. In the recent Adorna Properties case, the Fed court reviewed its own 2001 decision (given by that infamous ex CJ Eosoff Chin). In overturning Chin's earlier pathetic decision, current CJ Zaki desrcribed it as "blatant and obvious!!"

Remember too that this is a case where the justices have completely ignored the law that says no proceedings in a State Assembly may be reviewed by any court. Can anything be more blatant and obvious?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Hantu Laut said...


It's not about gloating or pontificating, it's about accepting the truth.You guys should stop being sore loser and stop demonising the court.

Hantu Laut said...


As aggrieved party you can appeal your case but to question and insult the decision of a judge is a contempt of court otherwise the justice system would become a mockery.

The Federal court is the apex court, there would be no more appeal.

To say the executive influence the judges' decision is an insult to the court and should be considered contempt.

I think it high time the government throw some of these people in jail for contempt.

dev said...


A State Government depends on five Judges vote instead of the vote of the whole population of the state.

And my fren Hantu Laut had the guts to defend and glorify this kind of justice system.

Bravo HL,

donplaypuks® said...

"The court should not take anymore nonsense and should slap contempt of court on anyone, bloggers included, who questioned and belittled the court's decision....As aggrieved party you can appeal your case but to question and insult the decision of a judge is a contempt of court otherwise the justice system would become a mockery."

I'm no lawyer but it cannot be contempt to question or criticize a judge's decision. This is basically what happens when a party appeals a decision claiming the judge erred in his interpretation of the law or did not give sufficient weight to all the evidence!!

I do agree insulting a judge with vulgar language or calling one a moron etc., may constitute contempt.

If by law or fiat we have to accept every court decision in silence, then that will be the end of democracy and the beginnning of totalitarianism in M'sia.

In most cases that I know of, contempt will arise when a case is ongoing or where an appeal is underway. But not after a judge has delivered his verdict and closed proceedings.

It was repeated criticism by almost the entire legal fraternity that ex-CJ Eusoff Chin's strange verdict in the Adorna Properties case was finally reviewed and reversed by the Fed Court!!

If UMNO did not think the High Court judge had erred in proclaiming Nizar as the legal MB, would they have appealed. Many in IMNO criticized the judge's decision. Does that constitute contempt? I don't think so.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

eddy said...

Its a bright day for justice today. The Federal Court judges has affirmed the wisdom of the DYMM Sultan Perak in deciding that Nizar has lost majority support and has to resign his MB post. The crux of the matter is Nizar has lost majority support when 2 PKR and 1 DAP Adun became independents supporting the BN and Nizar and his DAP Aduns refused to accept that they were outwitted and out maneuvered by the BN.

So with this 5-0 Federal Court knockout judgement, the loose Pakatan coalition should just swallow their pride and become good opposition. Heed the good sound advise of the Kedah MB. Anything else will just be a nuisance to the Perak folks.

Despite what the DAP,PKR and PAS coalition would like people to think, I believed even if a statewide election is called now or later in 2012/2013, the BN will win with at least 8 seats majority as many who abandoned UMNO and BN in GE12 have come back seeing how unbelievably bad Nizar and his DAP group have behaved against the Sultan's decision since they lost power.

I hope MB Zambry will hold on to his promise that the BN Government will take care of everybody in the state. Good Luck and God Bless.

For Nizar and Pakatan, tough luck, you failed yourself and do not be cry babies and blame it on the judiciary or the BN. If you still insist that you have support then all PAS,PKR and DAP Aduns should resign and lets have a byelection to see whether you can be relected to those seats. DAP may win all, but question mark on PAS and PKR. And yes, Ciao, Chalo Nizar...Goodbye( Yes I am in the gloating mode tonite Bro dpp )

Hantu Laut said...


You can't reason with this bunch.Their dead in the water mind have made them irrational.Just look at the senile former judge who thinks he is smarter than 8 judges (5 Federal and 3 Appeal Court)who presided over the case and come to a unanimous conclusion that Zambri is the rightful MB.He thinks the sole High Court judge who made the sham judgement was right.

Being a former judge he can't be that stupid, he just playing politics and Malaysians are conned into believeing his interpretation of the law.

I fully understand this country needs many changes including the government, until I see some semblance of probity among politicians in the opposing camp, I would rather stay with the devil I know.

Anwar and Pakatan would never be my choice.Anwar is not a leader,I have said this from the very beginning even when he was in UMNO.

Just look how he managed a small party like PKR, do you expect him to run this nation?

eddy said...

100% agree with you Bro, but we just have to agree to disagree with them haven't we.

Bro you know what Anwar is not a leader at all, an ex PKR youth leader described him as a power broker. Sounds apt, that is why he cannot control the implosion in PKR happening right before his eyes now

SM said...

Brothers HL / Eddy,

I guess continue to support this corrupted & racist regime lah. Let's see where it gets Malaysia. Vision 2020...hahaha...ya rite...by 2020 we will be so far behind countries like Thailand & Indonesia (don't even do a comparison with Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan & Korea) that we will be starting from scratch.
I guess since us Opposition Supporters have all (quote) "dead in the water minds", we should just shut up or immigrate away!

Hantu Laut said...


Read my lip, what did I say, "to question and insult". You conveniently pick only one.

You are in contempt if you refused to obey a court order and insult the judge's judgement.There are direct and indirect contempt.

If Nizar refused to vacate his MB office after the Court of Appeal's decision he could be cited for contempt.Fortunately, he was evicted earlier before the case goes to court.This would be what I called indirect contempt.

Direct contempt happened during court proceedings.

Citing contempt for insulting and belittling judges is my idea and I think the court should do it.

Simply saying judges are corrupt and listen to the executive to me is contempt of the highest order.That's my opinion.I don't have herd instinct and don't go with the herd of cattle.

eddy said...

Bro SM, immigrate away? migrate away? But why? this country belongs to all of us just because you label the current government as corrupt and racist you think a Pakatan Government can be incorruptible and colour blind.

Lets see, DAP is a chinese chauvinist party who serves largely the Chinese community with their leader having very high dictatorial tendencies their people are being investigated by the MACC in Selangor as well.

PAS talks about Islam for all but exclusively take up issues related to Malay Muslims.

and PKR, well PKR I give up they have no bearing whatsoever everybody is a leader who speaks and do whatever they like. So macam mana? I think BN has proven over the years that they have helped everybody of all races to prosper, and poverty levels has been reduced when at Merdeka the level were over 50% now its below 4%, hell its a big country everyone's turn will come in time. Have some faith in your own countrylah, I've been for business trips to Indonesia, Thailand even India and Pakistan, I tell you Malaysia is a hell lot better economically,socially and in stability then these countries.You know Bro, even in the economic juggernaut the People's Republic China not all are prospering and it is estimated by the world bank that there are 300million poor chinese citizen.http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/13/world/asia/13iht-poverty.1.9172195.html

No need to bring Singapore or Brunei in the equation lah, its easy to Govern a almost homogenous city state which have already prospered under British rule from far back in time, easier still when they have an autocrat governing the city states.

Its not easy governing a multiracial, multiethnic and multireligious country like Malaysia. The BN Government whom you like to call racist and corrupt have done many good things for Malaysia under the circumstances, give credit where credit is duelah.

As the Pakatan of DAP, PKR and PAS, they will never ever agree enough among themselves to do even 1/20th of what BN had done. If Pakatan takes over, God forbid definitely Malaysia will be going in all directions and become very unstable....everything will suffer, race relationship, the economy etc by then its not you but I will decide to migrate.TQ.