Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shit-Stirring In Sabah

Hantu Laut

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is in town to do his rabble-rousing particularly with the Kadazan community.He even attended UPKO Chinese New Year open house and met Bernard Dompok who has long wanted to do what Yong Teck Lee did.Leave the BN and sit on the fence.But for the moment the cosy position is keeping him comfortable in BN.Others present were Donald Mojuntin,Yong Teck Lee and Edward Khoo.

Lim also claimed he had dinner with Kadazan leaders from DAP and PKR.Visibly missing was Jeffery Kitingan and other PKR leaders.

Lim also met up with Sabah political bloggers and have coined a new word ...deavatarise, whatever that mean.Maybe, James Cameron should check whether he has committed copyright infringement.

Visited Kota Belud and had lukewarm reception.Picture says a thousand words.

Quoted Chinese prostitutes and Indian beggars as scourge of Najib's administration.Reminded the Kadazan of BN failure keeping its promise......keeping the rotation of chief minister alive.Says Kadazan got only 9 months, Chinese 4 years and Malay 11 years.Visited 'Double Six' Mausoleum to stir up more Kadazan sentiments.Says it is time Kadazan reflect what went wrong that the rights of Kadazan have been trampled on and the people marginalised.

Who is stirring racial sentiments, Mr Lim? You or UMNO?

Asking Sabahans whether they have been granted full citizenship rights as Malaysians.Not sure what he meant by that.Only stupid Sabahans would react to such shit-stirring.We are happy to be part of Malaysia.Certainly, far better than being part of the Philippines.

Says Sabah is poorest state in Malaysia.Parroting what Sabah leaders are saying to get more Federal funds.We can't say we are rich and expect Federal to give us more money.Sabah politicians are much smarter than you Mr Lim, they keep harping of being poor to get more money from the Federal government.We are certainly much better and richer than tiny Malacca and your son's kingdom, Penang.The last time I was there this so called 'Pearl of the Orient' has become the 'Dumps of the Orient'.Bad roads,bad traffic jam and rubbish everywhere.

Says very impressed with wannabe Raja Petra type blogger Ronnie Klessen.This former purveyor of fun fairs and member of PKR is very active political blogger in Sabah.

Mr Lim, Sabahans are simple people, the true 1 Malaysia.Why bring your dirty shit stirring politics here.

You accused UMNO of being racist.Look at you stirring selected community hoping to raise racial issues for your selfish agenda.


Anonymous said...

The Star Cosy Relationship with Convicted Criminals
I am one of the many victims of Ooi Boon Leong, the former director of MEMS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD who was convicted with
his CFO, both who were convicted at the Sessions Court on 25th February. The funny thing is that wholse there was a Str Online article
on the conviction, the same article NEVER made in to the Star proper !

There is a pattern here. In April 2009, the same 2 directors were reported be charged and reported
in the Star Online and amazing enough, it also was not published in the Star proper.

One wonders whether the editors at the Star were persuaded not to do so with an incentive.
BTW, I had alerted Datuk Wong Chun Wai via his New Malaysia Blog but he chose
not to publish this alert of mine. Hmm.. Wond Chui Wai is a Penang Lang and so is OBL

Please read the following Star Online article as follows :-
Former directors fined RM300,000 each for overstating revenue (Updated)

KUALA LUMPUR: Two former directors of a public-listed company were fined RM300,000 each by a Sessions Court here on Thursday after they admitted to overstating RM30mil in their investment holding company’s revenue.

Ooi Boon Leong, 49, was a director and an audit committee member of MEMS Technology Bhd while Tan Yeow Teck, 49, was its chief financial officer and an executive director.

In sentencing, Sessions Court judge Asmadi Hussin ordered each accused to pay his fine or serve two years in jail.

The two were said to have knowingly authorised the furnishing of a misleading statement to Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd in Bukit Kewangan on Sept 27, 2007.

The misleading statement is contained in the report “MEMS Technology Berhad Condensed Consolidated Income Statements for the 12-month period ended July 31, 2007.”

Upon hearing their verdict, the two, who had resigned from their posts, were composed.

Pleading for leniency, their lawyer Francis Ng Aik Guan asked the court to consider that his clients had already been publicly reprimanded and fined by Bursa Malaysia for overlapping breaches pertaining to the same unaudited accounts for that financial year.

Ng said Ooi had been fined RM89,000 while Tan had been fined RM197,500 in October 2008.

He said both would be disqualified from holding directors’ positions upon their conviction, which would also affect their livelihood.

He said his clients were remorseful over their actions and had sincerely recorded their plea of guilt.

He asked the court to consider that his clients had contributed for the growth of the nation and to transfer of technology through their roles in the company.

In pressing for a deterrent sentence, prosecuting officer Shanti Geoffrey asked the court to consider public interest and the seriousness of the offence.

“Investors were misled with a statement issued to Bursa Malaysia on Sept 27, 2007, which was approved by both accused.

“In the false statement, out of RM73,416mil recorded for revenue, RM30,169mil worth of sales did not take place. The false sales comprised 41% of the overall revenue,” she said.

Geoffrey said investors were misled and suffered losses due to the false information, while both accused enjoyed revenue from their wrongful actions.

She said that Ooi was a substantial shareholder in MEMS Technology with over 38 million shares while Tan held 270,800 shares.

She said it was a planned crime where both accused had took about a year to generate and insert false sales in the accounts of its subsidiary company.

“Both are qualified accountants, they knew very well what they were doing,”she said, adding that elements of forgery and cheating were involved in committing the offence.

She said both accused had also failed to carry out their duty to shareholders and that their actions had affected the confidence of investors in the company.

See also

HT Tan, Penang

Tpg2Sg said...

Mr Hantu Laut,

Sabahan is simple people, that's why they are screwed by BN,read this link for some of the " screwing" :


Hantu Laut said...

That's your opinion.Simple minded doesn't mean you are stupid.

Tpg2Sg said...

Hantu laur;

Siapa makan cilli, dialah rasa pedas!

Anonymous said...

sabah will drop. the implosion in umno awaits. first will be sarawak, then the simple minded folk will get the message. this bn ship is going down and will sink worse than the titanic

eddy said...

1. Lim Kit Siang excels when he talks race politics, the fact that even Jeffrey Kitingan is not there to welcome him showed that DAP putrid devisive race politics cannot survive and is not welcome in Sabah.

Bro, its a crying shame that Pakatan fanboys used the words "simple minded people" to describe brother Sabahans as a form of derogatory expression which smacks of arrogant superiority which to me is severely misplaced.

I think Sabahan will know who to vote for, who respects them the way they are, who have been their friend through thick and thin and who value and appreciate their votes most.

2. Anon7:28pm..YB Tan Tee Beng just resigned from PKR this morning 1 March 2010. Before this YB Zahrain resign also, now PKR is left with 29 MPs only one seat more than DAP's 28 MP seats. Soon more YBs will leave PKR sinking ship this year of tiger. Lets see who is imploding and sink first, UMNO or PKR..he,he.