Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Those Awful Aussies

Hantu Laut

After reading Pasquale's take on the bunch of nosey Aussie lawmakers demanding Malaysia to drop the sodomy case against Anwar Ibrahim, it kind of intrigues me as to the reason for such interference. If the proverbial "birds of a feather flock together" is any true than among the 50 or so Australian lawmakers there must be faggots and homophile who wanted to impose their will on another sovereign nation where such sexual anomaly is a criminal offence.

Homosexuality, sodomy and zoophilia may be accepted in Australia but it is not in Malaysia and is considered a criminal act.

Michael Danby the spokesman of the group said "A lot of people know Anwar Ibrahim, a lot of people have been to Malaysia, and a lot of Australian parliamentarians think it's a shame that this is happening for the second time to the leader of the opposition in what is a developing democracy,"

Wonder whether Mr Danby and his colleagues knew what Anwar does behind closed doors and on what basis they made their own judgement of his innocent?

According to Pasquale here the Australians must first stop the mass murder of Aboriginal people and foreign students before interfering in other people's business.

Are they still killing Aborigines?

I am not sure of that but killing Indian students seem to be a new past time for Australian new bush rangers.A few Indian students have been bludgeoned to death in apparent racist attack.Some Indians could have been mistaken for Abos.

These rich Indian kids came to Australia to study and being rich they also brought with them some bad habits, their affluent lifestyle the Indian way.Expensive clothes,posh cars and extravagance lifestyle which the low-life Aussie couldn't understand and tolerate.

Black people are supposed to be poor and lead the low-life.The low-life Aussies have no clue where those goddam black asses came from (because low-life Aussies have no concept of the outside world), thought those Indians had made it good robbing and stealing from white men.

This reminded me of the early days when Britain exported its convicts to Australia hoping to make it the biggest penal colony on the face of the earth.It didn't turned out that way.The country is just too beautiful to give it to the scums of the earth.Today, Australia is an extension of the British Empire.

In 1788 six shiploads of convicts arrived Port Jackson in Australia.The Abos were not pleased to see the British convicts land on their soil.They thought they are bad news....and they were right!

It's the beginning of terrifying times for the Abos.

In 1802 when the Brits landed in Tasmania there were 20,000 Abos living on the island for almost 12000 years,undisturbed,unperturbed and completely cut off from the mainland.Eighty years later there were none.They were wiped out by the great British past time......sport hunting and white man's diseases.

Those hardened criminals dumped on Tasmania took care of the Abos.They see the Abos as wild game and to be hunted down.Tied them to trees and used them for target practice.They shot more Abos than the Tasmanian tigers then.One brutal bush ranger (what they called this wandering criminals those days) said "I shoot an Abos as easily as I shoot a sparrow and I get a lot of fun from this sort of sport"

Another even more brutal bush ranger killed an Abo man, seized the dead man's wife, cut off his head and fastened it round the wife's neck and drove the weeping woman to his farm to be his slave.

Wherever the Brits and other Europeans landed the first thing they do is to enslave the natives, if they resisted, decimate them, it's a good holistic approach.It happened in Africa, America and almost in India but there were too many Indians and the Brits didn't have enough bullets to shoot them all.

Malaysians and Singaporeans were lucky, they didn't have to cut our heads or penises to get compliance, they have begun to be civilised.We were spared the terror that befell the Red Indians,African and the Abos.

The 50 Aussie lawmakers must have forgotten to read the Bible, the impenitent sins of the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah and divine retribution.

Today, God's mill have come to a grinding halt, we need human laws to take care of such indiscretion and Malaysia is doing exactly that.

Is Anwar Ibrahim innocent?

It is for the Malaysian court to decide not you 50 bumptious Aussie lawmakers.

So, shut up and mind your own business.


Anonymous said...

I welcome the Aussies in this interference. Nothing wrong with it in this globalized world especially when the systems in the country like Malaysia failed and does not work.

No need to talk about the past. Talk about the present. Look at how the original people in Malaysia got mistreated by the government.


Anonymous said...

ya, awful aussies.

better dont send any MARA students there else they learn their bad habits including sanctioning sodomy.
oh, before you forget, no more students to US and Europe. All these liberal countries gonna infect the mind with dirty unnatural sex.
Best place for them to study is Afg.oops, thats before those damn Americans poke their nose by invading and driving out the one-eye puritanical warlord. Darn Americans, Europeans and Aussies.

eddy said...

Ya Bro, those 50 Aussie MPs should just butt out of Malaysia's affair. They should spend their time to find the racist murderers running wild on Australia's streets stabbing Indian Nationals to death. And that ignoramus Danby ought to listen to what Kevin Rudd described Malaysia "as a vibrant and flourishing democracy" not listen to Anwar Ibrahim who have this awful habit of running down his own country and project himself as Malaysia's savior. Ya, saviour my foot.

Hell its true, where in this world can you find a case where the alleged sexual offender can delay a trial for almost one and a half years and when the trial got going the alleged offender had the temerity to ask the presiding high court judge to step down further delaying the trial, if that is not democracy I do not know what is.

Only a democracy like Malaysia that you can have its politicians going inside and outside the country disparaging the country and inviting foreigners to whack the country all in the name of freedom of speech.

Aussies can allow butt f--k--g between men and men, that is your bloody business its your country but do not impose your values on other people who have different moral values then you. Fair mate?

SM said...


You are making an awful lot of assumptions about Australians being Racists.
Ok, let's say they are killing Aboroginies & rich "blackY" Indians over there. Over in Msia they are killing Indians in the PDRM jails too! Just look at the statistics of how many Indians have been found dead in our jails!
It's true what Anonymous 10:24PM said. Yes, Msia better stop sending all those MARA & Government Scholarship holders to Australia, USA & all those European Countries where Sodomy & Homosexuality are "OK". These students may end being "open minded" & come back to Msia as pro-Sodomites! Better keep them in our local Universities (save the Tax Payers money bah!) where they can join the National Students Unions & burn effigies of the Opposition Politicinas!
And since we are asking the nosey Aussies to butt-out (no pun intended!), let's not stick our noses in places like Lebanon, South Thailand & South Philippines too!

Hantu Laut said...

Not that I think they deserved to die, all human life are just as precious.The Indians under Malaysian police custody were criminals and the Indians killed in Australia were innocent students.

Racism exists in every race and culture.The white men are more sophisticated, they deliver racism with anecdotal subtleness, so you don't feel it.The Asians are more crude when dealing with racism.

History is factual past that we can't denied, so there is nothing wrong talking or writing about it.

SM said...


Yes, there is nothing worng talking about it. It generates "good" debate.
You said teh Indians under our Police custody were criminals...2 issues 1/ A lot of them did not get a fair trial to be branded as criminals...some may have been innocent 2/ Let's asy, they were criminals...so? Does that give anyone the right to "dispose" of them?
Yes, most while Aussies are desendants of Criminals sent to Australia for punishment however, as you said most races & cultures have racists.
This issue is more about "being a busybody" isn't it & sticking your nsoe in where it does not belong?
If we are looking at becoming a Developed Nation, then we have to think & act like a Developed Nation.
Old archaic laws do not fit-in at all. If we still want these old archaic laws then we should not say we want to have Vision 20-20 & become a Develpoed Nation.
I think what the Aussie MPs are saying is "don't use your laws to get at your Opposition Leader". Just as in the Sodomy 1 trial, the Malaysian PDRM, Juiciary, Prosecution & Government will try ANY thing to make the verdict stick.
It's innocent until proven guilty bro & not the other was around.

Anonymous said...

you are real rich, hantu.

the indians under PDRM custody were criminals?

was Kugan a criminal? were the thousands that died in custody criminals? Was frnacis who had his head decapitated a criminal? at most they were suspects. I hope your kid wont suffer the same fate as Kugan and Francis. Coz I wouldnt want you to suffer the same pain as a parent to watch them die in the hands of the police. the same goes with you, eddy.

Anonymous said...


your comments that the indians under PDRM custody were criminals just revealed your inner self. You are a damn racist, nothing more nothing less.

Kugan, a criminal? Francis a criminal? and thousands that died in the hands of PDRM while under custody criminals?

Damn, I wish your kid suffers the same fate coz thats the only way for racist like you to feel whats like to lose a son.

Purple Haze said...


Asking the judge to step down is not democracy. It is part of the due process of the law where the defendants should be given a fair trial. If the defendants feel that they are not given a fair trial, they may seek to remove the judge but of course, they must state the grounds for such a request. There have been occasions where some Malaysian judges have done just that - recused themselves if there was a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, these judges belong to the "old school" of the judiciary and most of them have retired. It would be good if the present lot of judges can act fairly if they feel that they have erred or are have conflicts of interest.

You should bear this in mind in the event that the current govt leaders find themselves removed from power and have to go to court one day to face charges. You might be surprised that they will use the same tactics.

Of course, you have every right to complain about the tactics used by the defence lawyers ... such is democracy. Just don't get flustered when the tables are turned.

But I do agree that foreign elements should keep out of Malaysian affairs. You should also direct your ire at some Indonesians for inciting hatred against us for implying that we copied Rasa Sayang. How dare they ! We should also protest at the Indonesian embassy but hold on ... many of Malaysian households employ Indonesian maids, so better back off in case they rebel.

The Aussies are easier to tembak.

eddy said...

God forbid anon; I paid for my son's education until tertiary level and god willing he will find a good job get married and lead a good life. He probably get a ticket sometimes for speeding, that would not be bad enough for him to be in custody suspected of being a carjacker though.

eddy said...

Anon, since you are way of tangent in this post you might want to read about the late Kugan here:


eddy said...

Bro purple Haze, got your point, lets just agree to disagree and as expected the learned Judge today decided not to recuse himself based on such flimsy accusation by Anwar's defense and of course the learned judge decision will be appealed to the Higher Courts and hellelujah the case is now postponed to March 25. Seems to me the expensive and senior defense lawyers for Anwar are only good at looking out for excuses to delay the sodomy trial further.

Rather ironic isn't it that on one hand Anwar is labelling his trial as blatant lies and a conspiracy against him, but on the other hand if you are innocent you would want the trial to proceed as smoothly as possible so that the Prosecution evidence can be rebutted by his battery of senior lawyers as soon as possible.

After all, the root issue is Saiful the complainant against Anwar the alleged sex offender. Why does Anwar need to drag the entire nation and other nations as well (Australia, Turkey, USA) through this muck by delaying the trial at every turn and in between disparaging the courts, the prosecution and the leaders of this country? Why does he conduct his own trial proclaiming his innocence outside a court of law where what he says cannot be rebutted by the prosecutors?

Anyway btw, about the Indonesians, that's very mischevious of you..tsk tsk. Indonesia supplies Malaysia with good loyal labour and we are like abang-adik ma and we can learn a thing or two from the Indonesians. I am also ashamed that that there are some Malaysians here who whack and harm their maids and treat them worse than animals. Buat malu sahja kalau kita pergi ke kedutaan Indonesia untuk protes mengenai apa-apa perkara pun.TQ.