Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Can't Buy Me Love

Hantu Laut

Why pledge?

Why the need to pledge your loyalty? What happened to the rest of them, why weren't they taking their oaths of loyalty together with the 12? What about Anwar, his wife and his daughter?

There have been cases of lawmakers making pledge of loyalty, refuted that they are leaving the party yet still do.So, what the point of the pledge?

Short of finding other plausible explanation, Anwar blames offer of money from the opposite camp as the reason for the exit of PKR's lawmakers.

In the past, Sabah was famous of such politicians, pledge today, leave tomorrow.

Sabah was way ahead when it comes to buying and selling of politicians.It started off as far back as 40 years ago, during the reign of Mustapha Harun.Since then buying "pig in a poke" has become fashionable.Sometimes, you don't know what you are buying.Most of the time you know they are opportunists but you still have to buy.More often than not, what they did to their former party they do again to you when the money and position are not forthcoming.

Those days Peninsula politicians were different.Their sense of loyalty and sense of shame were far greater then.There were very little kataking (frogging) because at that time it was considered a shameful act and they haven't learned about money politics yet.Today, they have found the power of money politics.The root of all evil, in many, if not all cases, is money. Most politicians lock up their conscience and principles in the drawers when the root of all evil took over the better of them.

Anwar Ibrahim is learning a bitter lesson that it's no use winning elections without gaining a government.

Take a leaf from the Sabahan's book, that it doesn't pay to pay.You can't buy loyalty.

PKR leaders say the departure of Bagan Serai MP Mohsin Fadzhil would be the last of the exodus.

Believe me, some will claim 'force majeure' later when they need to find a reason to leave.


Y1 said...

Actually I would like to have all these 'independent' MPs & State Assembly Reps come out now so that we may know who to vote next election.

eddy said...

Only 12 of 28 PKR MPs came to pledge loyalty. What happened to the rest? Waiting for UMNO/BN to pay them first before making their next move ka, he,he,he.

OR, maybe the PKR top leaders or their policymakers instead of childishly disparaging those who have left but instead listen to their grouses and complaints, they might find the keys to the MP and Aduns exodus. That would be called Root Cause Failure Analysis. Some of PKR problems may have started when they took in people from outside like when they tried to merge with PRM, Syed Husssin Ali became automatic VP and UMNO reject like Zaid Ibrahim came in and was elevated to higher hierarchy within PKR same goes to Jui Meng. PKR members who fought hard during 2008 were wrongly passed over for promotion by outsiders who does not know about PKR's early struggle would have felt very hurt when brushed away by Anwar,Azizah and Azmin (PKR 3As).

PKR and especially Anwar is reaping what he sow now. Pakatan MP positions now:

DAP 28 seats
PKR 28 seats
PAS 24 seats

One more resignation will render PKR powerless as DAP will become the largest and strongest party in PR, and despite what Kit Siang like us all to believe, he WILL be defacto head of the opposition holding the strings to all of Anwar's movement as official (in name only) Leader. When that happens PR will be in further disarray with PAS is sixes and sevens not knowing where to go come 2013.

Anonymous said...

What happen in PKR now is the actual reflexation and manifestation of incompetency ,lack of matuarity and wisdom of its leader to resolve and overcome all the problems and issues devastating the party now.This points to only one thing-the quality of leadership in PKR is extremly and hopelessly bad.

Satu ketika dahulu saya anggap Anwar seorang pemimpin yg paling hebat, berkarisma,bijak dan berwibawa tetapi,setelah teruji,ternampaklah kemampuan beliau yg sebenar,iaitu cakap dan klintong saja pandai tapi keupayaan memimpin dalam keadaan kritikal dan mencabar adalah terlampau lemah dan gagal.

Askar Tua