Saturday, April 17, 2010

Razaleigh's Can Of Worms

Hantu Laut

Tengku Razaleigh has, unintentionally, opened a can of worms during his visit to Sabah.Politicians and bloggers bankrupted of more important issues took the opportunity to wake up the deaths.

Families of the deceased persons were not happy and have expressed their wishes to be left alone and asked that the case be put to rest and not raised again.

There are some people who think otherwise, for their own political agenda.

Relating his story on the oil issue and events leading to the 'Double Six' tragedy has invited subsequent unwanted dig from the past.The politicising of the air-crash tragedy on 6 June 1976 in Sabah by irresponsible politicians and bloggers out to make an issue out of something they haven't got a clue about.

New names that implicates past leaders and new eye witness account (reliable according to the writer) that have not been heard of before have been mentioned in a blog that carry a story of conspiracy and assassination.

Former Chief Minister Harris Salleh relationship with a man named Lee Kang Yu whom the writer inferred as the likely culprit that caused the tragedy was also mentioned by the writer.

How Harris and the family of the late Lee Kang Yu are going to take this new revelation I am not sure.

Harris has been known to take no nonsense against anyone slandering him.

The full story here.

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